who am I ? (completed)

Hi im Darcy Summer a regular girl, 18, my birthday is the birthday as Harry Styles,1st February, wooo (btw im making everything up, ths isnt true information just saying :D ) I am from Leeds, for my birthday I got some One Direction tickets, for March, read on to find how this and a note or a few, changed my life, forever :) hope you like it, its my first story, so please no hate, feel free to comment critism or good things though :)


7. meeting them

I set the alarm for 7:30 am so I can have a shower, all night I heard loads of lads screaming and banging, I heard them play argue that was funny to hear though, at 2:00 am I finally settled down to sleep.

*cant believe your, packing your bags, trying so hard not to cry* that was my alarm so, I woke up to it, got up out of bed, took a second to adjust my eyes to the sunlight and then suddely realized what was happening so I leapeed out of bed, got my things ready and  hopped in the shower, after my shower I dried my hair and brushed my curly locks, put loads of perfume on and by 8:30 am I was ready, I gathered my money, I only had £30 left so I decided to go to the cash machine and draw some out, so I gathered my phone, and everything else that  had like gifts coz I had only booked the hotel for a night.

I went to the cash machine drew £100 out and went to the alley around 8:55, 3 minutes later I heard voices, my heart was racing a milion miles an hour, "is that her" I heard one of them whisper, it was Niall, "hello, are you here for the note thing" Louis shouted, "yeah" I shouted back, they woooed and ran to me, "its you" Liam said grinning "its you they add upto, im in love with all of you, and all these little things" I sang, all of them giggled, "I remember yo, your the Harry twin" Zayn joked, "yes if you want to call me that and if Harry doesnt mind then yes haha" I giggled, "not at all, I really dont mind, by the way your beautiful" Harry said, I blushed, "your not so bad yourself" I joked, everyone laughed, "well we better get a move on, have you brought or bringing a friend" Liam asked, "well I have a friend that would love to come, but her grandads sick so she cant" I said sadly "awww, tell her we hope he gets better soon and she can come during the experience if she would like, is it the girl you was with before" Louis grinned, I nodded.

"so where are we going" I asked, "first we are going in our limo to a hotel in London,with its own inside pool, and does your mum not mind" Liam asked, I hung my head down "I dont know who my mum is" all of them gasped, "your dad" Harry asked, I shook my head,"I don know who I am" they gasped more "im so sorry" Liam said sadly, I looked at him and said, "dont be" I smiled, he smiled back, "aww your so sweet" he said, "so where are you staying" Niall asked, as we walked to their limo, "well I live in leeds on my own im 18 now so yea" I giggled, we finally got to the limo, Paul held the door open for me, I thanked him and he smiled.

"awwwww, so you can come with us anywhere then" Zayn asked, "yeahh" I said excitedly, "if you want me of course" I added, "of course we do, your a very lovely, pretty, caring, kind young woman" Harry said, Niall hit him "Harry, she looks like you, it will be weird if you got with her",I giggled, Harry did a little grin and we all started talking,  "Niall you have Demi, and Zayn you have Perrie so none of you get any ideas" Harry said, "guys now now chill" I giggled, "what happened to Eleanor and Danielle then" I asked, Liam and Louis lowered their heads, "im sorry I shouldnt have asked, Im really sorry" I apologised, they all laughed, "its fine, Danielle had another guy on her mind and Eleanor couldn't cope with the hate" Louis said, "Im so sorry" I said sympathetically

"anyway, enough about us, whats yor name anyway" Louis asked, "well my name is Darcy, Darcy Summer" I replied with a smile, "I love the first name, I love all of it, its so cute" Niall said, "whens your birthday" Liam asked, "same as Harry's believe it or not" I giggled, "awww, you are twins" Zayn joked, we all laughed, "favourite colour" Zayn asked, "blue" I replied, "theres the difference" Harry said,  "mines..." I cut him off  "orange" I giggled, "yes, guys she's a directioner" Paul reminded them, everyone laughed, "boyfriend" Louis asked, Niall hit him "you dont ask her that" "owww, im sorry love" Louis said, "its fine, no big secret, im single" I said, "and your same age as Harry right" Liam asked, I nodded "you are so alike" Louis said, we all laughed, the whole way there we just talked about each other

5 hours later

"we've arrived" Paul announced, "im sorry dear, but you will have to share a room with the boys, is that ok" Paul said, "yes thank you sir" everyone giggled, "call me Paul please" he said, I nodded and we all signed in we was in room 454 so we went up there, the boys obviously got mobbed when we got there, after about 10 minutes we went to the room , Paul was across the hall in another room with Preston and the rest of the security guards, when we went in the room there was 3 beds, "uhhhh guys, thers only 5, Paul asked for 6" Niall stated, "Paul" Louis yelled, as he knocked on his door, "yes Louis" Paul sighed, "theres only 3 beds" he said, coz we was stood at the door, "are you serious" he said and walked to the room, he looked, "ok, right hmmmm its to much hassel to move rooms it take 24 hours to sort it out, "right two of you will have share each bed, Liam share with Darcy, I dont trust the others" Paul laughed, the others mouths dropped, me and Liam laughed, and so Paul left. leaving the rest of them to sort ot were they are sleeping.

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