who am I ? (completed)

Hi im Darcy Summer a regular girl, 18, my birthday is the birthday as Harry Styles,1st February, wooo (btw im making everything up, ths isnt true information just saying :D ) I am from Leeds, for my birthday I got some One Direction tickets, for March, read on to find how this and a note or a few, changed my life, forever :) hope you like it, its my first story, so please no hate, feel free to comment critism or good things though :)


76. last night in the hotel room

Darcy's point of view

im so glad ive got the all clear, i really thought there was something really wrong, im so glad though, and as soon as I got through I was gunna be sick again, I hope this goes away soon, its rather embarrassing especially around Liam, the one i love, so I ran to the toilet and was sick, hair in my face and everything, I felt awful, I heard footsteps coming out closer, i suddenly felt two hands brush my hair out of my face as I was being sick, I knew it was Liam, i could tell the way he breathed, softly and slowly. he then rubbed his hands up and down my back to comfort me, why is he so sweet.

once I had finished being sick I lifted up, "thanks" I sighed to Liam, "no problem, just concentrate on getting better" he soothed, "thanks again" I replied, I lifted up and saw his lovely face looking really concerned, he stood there with a cup of water, "here, drink this, it should settle your stomach a bit" he said, "thanks again Liam, you dont have to do any of this you know" I replied taking the cup of water, "I do, your a friend, id do it for anyone" he smiled, "thanks again" I chuckled, "im going to have a shower now" I added, "alright then, ill just be in the front room" Liam said, I nodded and had a shower.

once I had the shower, i got straight into my PJ's it was 9:30 pm after all, its the last night in this hotel room, we go back to our own houses, and then the day after, the boys go back to the studios to write and record some new songs, so I went in the front room, it was dark, all you could see was the TV light flicker, The Lion King was on, I looked around and saw Liam lied on the bed with the quilt round him, "hey" I greeted, "hey, you had a good shower" he asked, "yeah thanks, feel fresher now" I replied, "good good" he said, I walked over to the bed, it was a double one, and the only bed here. I was just going to get in it then Liam said, "hold on, let me get a shirt on, I haven't got one on" he replied, "no, just stay there, im sure I can cope, Ive seen more" I chuckled, he laughed and got back in the quilt.

"are you sure" he asked, "yea" I replied, i looked into his lovely chocolate brown sparkly eyes, he was also looking in mine, we stopped and stared for a while, we suddenly started moving closer and closer, inches apart, then......knock knock knock, we jumped a little and then moved apart, "ill get it" Liam said, I nodded and he went, did that really just nearly happen, no, it didnt he dont like me, so yeah, I was the one moving closer, we would've moved back if I went a little further, so no we didnt nearly kiss, but imagine, if the door didnt knock, I would've kissed him, I was in shock, heart beating a million times a minute, "hello....oh guys.......really.....what.....come in" I heard Liam say, what did the boys want I wondered.

so 4 figures came in, "hey Darcy" they all said in unison, "hey guys" I replied, "cosy isn't it, what have you  two been upto" Harry winked at me, "shut up bro, we was upto nothing, ive just been in the shower and Liam was watching The Lion King, and ive just come in here" I replied, Liam wasn't in the room, where is he I wondered  "whats up"I added,

"well, we've been trying to get in touch with you guys all day, but anyway, we saw in the newspapers, picture of you and Liam, drunk, and going towards your hotel room, and they had titles like, 'Darcy, Liam Payne's girlfriend pregnant after this' and 'Liam and Darcy really did Live While Their Young' and things like that" Niall explained, I couldn't believe what I was hearing, "your not pregnant are you" Louis added, and just then Liam came in the room.

"are you pregnant" Niall repeated, "well......" I started, "you are arnt you, oh no, but ahhhhh, im gunna be an uncle" Zayn started, "wow hold your horses, I didnt say anything" I chuckled, Liam also laughed, "so your not" Niall asked, "no, at first we thought she was, but she took a pregnancy test and it came out negative, she was worried about why she was being sick, coz at first we though it was the morning sickness thing, so I took her the hospital, that's why you couldn't get in touch, and it turns out she has something that's only slightly worse than the flu, but they said in a few days she should be back to normal" Liam spoke up, "ohhhh right, awwww" Louis said, 

"so I aint gunna be an uncle" Harry spoke up, "no" I laughed, "awwww darn it" he added, everyone laughed, "so you can confirm that your not" Louis asked, "yep I can confirm I aint pregnant" I chuckled, "right, we'll tell the papers tomorrow" Zayn spoke up, "no one knows you two are twins still dont they" Liam asked, "no they dont, we've not talked about it publicly" Harry said smiling, "well anyway, we'll let you get on with what your doing then, come on guys" Zayn said, "no, stay for the night" I spoke up, I looked at Liam for confirmation to see if he was ok with it, he smiled and nodded.

"no, its fine, we dont wanna disturb a cute night" Harry winked, Liam and I sighed and rolled our eyes, "we're just friends" I said, "sure sure, whatever" Harry grinned, "are you staying or not" Liam spoke up, "only if you want us to" Louis asked, "yeah, we'd love you to, our last night before we all go to our own houses" I spoke up, "oh yeah, we all go back to our own houses tomorrow, and then the studios the day after, so yeah we'll stay" Niall said, "so longs you've got food" he added, everyone burst into laughter, "yeah, we've got food, so are you all staying" I asked,

"yeahhhhhh" they all screamed, Liam and I laughed, "if you want us to anyway" Harry asked, "yep" Liam and I said in unison, "woooooooo" they all screamed, "right, we'll get the beds sort out then" Liam said, and so we sorted out whos sleeping where, I still couldn't get the almost kiss out of my head, that would've been my first meaningful kiss with him, I doubt it though, he dont like so yeah, never mind, it would've just been my first meaningful kiss to him. I sighed while they got sorted.

there we go, sorry about that again, I had to re type this so, I hope you like it :)

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