who am I ? (completed)

Hi im Darcy Summer a regular girl, 18, my birthday is the birthday as Harry Styles,1st February, wooo (btw im making everything up, ths isnt true information just saying :D ) I am from Leeds, for my birthday I got some One Direction tickets, for March, read on to find how this and a note or a few, changed my life, forever :) hope you like it, its my first story, so please no hate, feel free to comment critism or good things though :)


12. interview

Darcy's point of view

we walked in the room and there was 5 seats all in a row, "oh hello boys and oh, we have company, sorry we only have 5 spare chairs" the interviewer said, "hi" all the boys said, he turned to me "hi, its alright i'll just stand up" I said shyly, he nodded, they went live, "alright guys we have a treat for all our one direction fans, the boys are here" the interviewer said into the mic, "wooooo" the boys yelled in the mic.

"so whos the guest we have here" he asked,"and I must add that she looks the spitting image of Harry, are you related" the inerviewer asked, "no were not related" Harry said  " and she's my girlfriend" Liam spoke up with a little smile, I blushed "awwwww, i bet all you girls are sad, but I hope you like her, speaking of that, which of you are single" he asked, Louis and Harry put their hands up, "Harry and Louis are currently single" he said "so your currently recording your thrid album is that right" the interviewer asked, "yes we are" Niall said, they continued asking questions, after about 15 minutes they said, "right im sorry our time has come to say goodbye to them, but they are going to be singing Kiss you accoustic first" he said, so the boys sung kiss you and said their goodbyes and left, there was a big croud gathered outside of Z100 and so they took pictures I stayed out of the way with Paul, he was talking to me and said "thank you for all that your doing, I ddint know we was going to be hated on" Paul said, "its fine, I didnt mean to cause so much trouble" I said, "no no no you werent I actually like you being here, its company for the boys and they seemed to like you to" Paul said, just then a fan said "Darcy come here" so I slowly did.

"can you and Liam kiss, after all Louis said, you would if we asked, you two are the cutest couple ever" I looked at Louis "I was only kidding dudette" he said to the fan, "awwwww please, all the fans want to see it" she said, I gave Louis evils, he actually looked sorry, I laughed, thenh he started laughing, I looked at Liam, "one minute" he said to the fans, then he whispered, "would you mind" "I told you this day would come anyway, so may aswel" I whispered back,he went back to the fans "fine" Liam said, the fans and the boys woooed, awwwwed and clapped, Paul looked shocked, I dont think he realized we would have to do this, so I joined him with the fans, he then looked down at me, I looked at him, he nodded, I then nodded, he then gave me a peck on the lips, "noooo, we want a real kiss" a fan said, one fan then came over to us and said, "you do know, you will either get snapped or caught kissing proper sometime so you may aswel get it over with" she replied giggling, we all laughed then,

he then did the unexpected, he cupped his hands around my face, he moved closer in and gently placed his lips on mine, he then deepened the kiss, my stomach went crazy, my heart beated faster than ever, to top it all of, I loved it, he was so gentle and sweet, the fans and even the boys along with Paul awwwwed and took pictures, after we parted, Liam and I looked at each other in shock, then smiled, the fans wooooed and they had pictures and the boys signed autographs with them.

after the fans had gone we got in the car, "wow, that I wasnt expecting" Harry said grinning, "Liam, Darcy you do know I was only joking when I sent that tweet" Louis said apologetically, I had to giggle, "mate, I know, but you were right, if we was going to act as a proper couple then we would have to do it one time anyway" Liam chuckled, "so your really not mad at me" Louis asked, "why would I be" he giggled, "I dont know" he laughed, "it was cute though" Niall added, "yea" the others agreed, i looked at Liam and he was blushing, I smiled, I never told them, but that was my first kiss, and it was perfect, no Darcy what are you saying, your just a fan and you liked it just coz it was him and you was fangirling, snap out of it.

when we got back to the hotel it was about 7:00pm we stopped of at mc donalds, so when we arrived at the hotel we went to the room and ate our mac donalds, I looked at twitter and saw people tweeting the picture of Liam and me kissing, most of the fans were so sweet, 'please follow me @Real_Liam_Payne @Louis_Tomlinson @NiallOfficial @Harry_Styles @zaynmalik or even @Darcy_Summers pleaseeeeeee :') ' I looked at it and decided to, I remembered when Liam and Danielle were going out, Danielle only tweeted the fans, I remember when I used to tweet her all the time to follow, it was so gutting when she didnt, so I did, 'followed :)' then i got loads of people asking for follows, I did a following spree and all the fans were happy, I tweeted some to. I then tweeted 'what a great day, have a good day/afternoon/night :) ' I didnt really tweet much before, i wanted to start doing it, I got 5,000 favourites and 4,000 RT's,the boys then started tweeting, so I logged off. after talking for a bit at 11:00pm we all went to sleep.

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