who am I ? (completed)

Hi im Darcy Summer a regular girl, 18, my birthday is the birthday as Harry Styles,1st February, wooo (btw im making everything up, ths isnt true information just saying :D ) I am from Leeds, for my birthday I got some One Direction tickets, for March, read on to find how this and a note or a few, changed my life, forever :) hope you like it, its my first story, so please no hate, feel free to comment critism or good things though :)


38. injured

Still Darcy's point of view

when we arrived at Harry's house, Liam picked me up again, his shirt was all bloody, he carried me indoors where the guys were still asleep, "oii everyone get up, we have a situation to clean up" Liam yelled, he placed me on the couch, there was groans from everyone, "get up, Darcy's hurt" he said, and with that they all jumped out of bed, "whats going on" Harry yelled, as everyone gathered around me, while Liam got the first aid kit, "Niall can you get some towels and put cold water on them please" Liam asked, "yes, im on it like a car bonnet" Niall said going upstairs I giggled, "what happened" Louis asked as he sat next to me, "some of our so called fans threw glass at her" Liam piped up as he came in from the kitchen, everyone gasped.

"what, how could they" Zayn said, "the stupid little, beep beep beep son of a beeping beep beeper" Louis said, I laughed so hard at this, "this has gone far enough now" Harry said and got his phone out, presumably to go on twitter. Niall came down and passed Liam a wet towel he had prepared, Liam got it of Niall and kneeled down, he started dabbing the towel on my wound, "owww" I yelled, it was so much pain, "sorry" Liam said, Liam kept dabbing until all the blood had gone, "now this will sting a little" he warned, oh no just then he sprayed something, "owwww" I screamed, "what was that" I yelled, "antiseptic spray, its to clean the cut" he said, as he wrapped a bandage round it "now for your arm" he said once he had done it.

"oh nooo" I sighed, I was in so much pain, and the glass was still in my arm, "Louis do me a favor and pull the glass out, gently" he said, "are you serious" Louis said worriedly, "yes, its either that or that glass wont come out" he said, "good point" he replied, I squinted my eyes, "what if I hurt her" Louis said, "im sure she cant be in more pain than she already is" Liam replied, "get another wet towel" Liam asked Niall, "already done, here" Niall said, "now Louis" Liam said, Louis shrugged, mimed the words "sorry" and then slowly pulled the glass out, I yelled in pain as he did this, when it was out Liam put the towel on it, again he dabbed the blood.

once he had done this, he put the antiseptic spray on again and wrapped a bandage round it, thank heavens its over, "thank you Liam" I said smiling, "your welcome" he smiled back, all the guys hugged me gently, they told me to relax as they started cooking tea, I decided to go on twitter, plenty of people were talking about the incident, I decided to look at Harry;s twitter to see what he tweeted earlier, I saw it, 'right this is disgusting, those girls who threw glass at Darcy earlier is beyond sick, you do not just attack someone' that was his first tweet, 'for being with someone else, except Liam is with Darcy, if you dont like it, dont hate on her, just keep it to yourself, she is seriously injured' second 'and it could have been worst if they would have carried, on, please dont do it anymore, otherwise we wont be able to come out and see you guys' and that was the last.

that is it, im through with this, im leaving and that's that, I get hurt, and when i get hurt they get hurt, all I've ever done since I got here was cause them pain, as much as I love Liam, i cant be dealing with being hurt anymore. "guys, I've decided to leave you guys, im still going to be your friends, and you can call me or even come round my house whenever you want, but I cant come with you anymore" I said starting to cry, they all gasped....... 

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