who am I ? (completed)

Hi im Darcy Summer a regular girl, 18, my birthday is the birthday as Harry Styles,1st February, wooo (btw im making everything up, ths isnt true information just saying :D ) I am from Leeds, for my birthday I got some One Direction tickets, for March, read on to find how this and a note or a few, changed my life, forever :) hope you like it, its my first story, so please no hate, feel free to comment critism or good things though :)


81. hospital and back home

Liam's point of view

I cant believe, although I know Danielle is an ex, i still care about her, I hope she's not hurt, I hope she recovers fast, plus, I cant imagine whats gonna happen to little Jodie if anything does happen, and I cant believe hey so called boyfriend, the one she cheated on me with, would be so violent, and in front of a kid to, but its a good job, otherwise Darcy would never have found her, and im so very glad she did, I was snapped out of day dreaming by a groan.

"Danielle" Harry, Zayn and I both said in unison, "Liam, Zayn, Harry, what are you two doing here" she asked, "well we phone the ambulance, and we didn't want to leave you alone" I replied, "wheres Jodie" she said assertive, then wincing in pain " take it easy, she's fine, she's with Niall, Louis and Darcy" Harry replied, "that's good, what happened" she asked, so we explained, " woow, you have to thank Darcy for me, she saved my life" she smiled, "we will" Harry, Zayn and me said in unison, "oh miss Peazer, your awake, good, could you boys step outside, id like to take some test" a nurse spoke up, we nodded and left.

an hour later a nurse came outside, "so how is she" Zayn asked, "well, we've ran some tests, and she's lucky she's not been left with some permanent damage, although her head did suffer a lot, it hasn't  damaged her too much, although she will be in a lot of pain" she explained, we all sighed in relief, I text Darcy the results and went back in Danielle's room, "im getting a newspaper and a drink, anyone want anything" I asked, they nodded and told me what i wanted.

so I went to the hospital shop, i got the guys, Danielle's and mines drink, and went to get the newspaper, the headline suddenly caught my eye, 'Liam cheating on Darcy with ex Danielle, in her house' and 'Liam's gone in the back direction' and 'can Liam and Danielle start it all over again' sigh, they had pictures, I thought they must've seen Danielle going to Darcy's house, they mustn't have seen Darcy open it, I hate the press, and this is why.

I text Darcy saying has she seen this, she replied, 'glad Danielle is great, phew and yes unfortunately, I did go on twitter and put it right, so im sure things will be alright :)' so I replied back 'thank you so much, your the best friend (girlfriend- in the press' eye) a guy could ever ask :) xx' and so she replied, 'no problem, didn't want you getting a bad name, and for something that is wrong aswel, and awww thank you Liam, you to :) xx' awwww oh how i wish i could call her mine, any guy who has her is so lucky.

so we text for a while and then i went back to the others, "where have you been" Zayn chuckled, "texting Darcy about what the stupid press has now said" I replied, "why what have they said now" Harry sighed, we all was sick of the press, but only if its bad, no they always have bad, never good, they never said that we saved Danielle, they say i so called was cheating though, stupid idiots, anyway, "well now i am apparently having an affair with Danielle and cheating on Darcy" I said, "the press are up their own arses sometimes i think they believe the fake stuff they right" Harry replied we all laughed.

"so whats happening about it then" Zayn asked, "Darcy said she has told twitter" I replied, "that's good of her" Danielle replied, "you really love her don't you" she added, I looked at Zayn and Harry,, who was smirking of course, they told me to go on, "yes i do" I smiled, "awww" Danielle said with a little sadness in her voice, whats up with her, I wondered, we talked for a while, and at 10 pm "right you can go now miss Peazer" the nurse announced, Danielle smiled, and got ready, we nodded to the nurse as she went, and we helped Danielle pack.

once packed we took her back to Darcy's. I knocked, no answer, and again no answer, Harry knocked, no answer, we was actually getting worried, we peered through the window, and saw the most cutest thing i've ever seen, Niall was sleeping on the couch, Louis was lying on him asleep, Darcy was sleeping on Louis, and Jodie was curled up and sleeping on Darcy, we all awwwwed, "oh remember this" Harry announced, and with that, he lifted the letter box up and took out a key, Darcy always did this "oh yea" Zayn and me said in unison as Harry opened the door quietly, we awwwed again.

Danielle slowly took Jodie from Darcy's grip, but she woke up, "Liam, Zayn, Harry, Danielle" she croaked, "yep" we all smiled, as she sat up, Jodie still fast asleep on her, she picked her up and passed her to Danielle, "thanks, and thank you so much Darcy for saving my life" Danielle smiled, "no problem, but I did nothing, Jodie really saved you" Darcy replied, she never likes taking credit.

"no, if you hadn't have used your voice thingy, he wouldn't have stopped" Danielle said, "well, no problem" Darcy chuckled, and so, we said goodbye, you could tell she was tired, otherwise we would've asked questions, anyway, so we said goodbye and she carried Jodie to her house.

I am so sorry guys I wont be updating tomorrow, im so sorry, I cant update tomorrow because im going the One Direction concert :D I cant wait, wish you all could come with me :), but yeah, i wont be updating tomorrow, I hope that you all don't mind, I am sorry for inconvenience and hope you enjoy this chapter :)

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