who am I ? (completed)

Hi im Darcy Summer a regular girl, 18, my birthday is the birthday as Harry Styles,1st February, wooo (btw im making everything up, ths isnt true information just saying :D ) I am from Leeds, for my birthday I got some One Direction tickets, for March, read on to find how this and a note or a few, changed my life, forever :) hope you like it, its my first story, so please no hate, feel free to comment critism or good things though :)


92. home

still Liam's point of view

"just one thing before you go Mr Payne" the nurse interrupted me as I signed some forms, I was being held up by Harry, he was stabilizing me coz I couldn't walk proper yet, anyway I looked at her in confusion, "you will have to get some rest, which means no moving out of the bed or couch, you will need help going to the bathroom and that's coz we don't want to over work your body, especially after the incident, so I would advise you to ask one of your mates could you move in with them, so they could care for you" she smiled, oh great, I have to rely on someone, which I hate coz I don't like people working like my slaves.

"so which one of you kind people will do it" the nurse asked, "ill be fine" I sighed, "no , Mr Payne, if you don't do as you are told, you will get worse" she warned, I rolled my eyes, "well none of us boys can do it, Paul made it clear we had to work, not including you" Louis stated, "what about your mum, dad or sisters" Niall asked, "mum and dads always working, sisters are always in Uni, plus there's Brit (Liam's family dog, if you didn't know)" I sighed, suddenly I saw everyone turning to Darcy, how fun, the girl I love, being like a slave, "ughh, guys why are you looking at me" she asked, "your the only one here that can do it, you've just finished uni its perfect timing" Harry spoke up, "me, looking after Liam" she said surprised, they nodded, "I can't look after myself let alone a friend" she said.

"please Darcy, your our only hope, otherwise he'll have to hire a private nurse to care, and there usually mean" Louis pleaded, oh I love how their guilt tripping her, sense the sarcasm there, "but...." she sighed, "ill do it, on one condition" she said, they all screamed, "and whats the condition" Niall asked, "that Liam agrees to it to, and actually wants me there" she said, so they all turned to me, "sure I don't mind, i just don't want you to be treated like a slave though" I sighed, "Liam, its not your fault" she soothed, I smiled, "so you'll do it" Harry asked, she nodded, they screamed.

so when we got in the house Harry carried me in, it was actually funny, and he never hurt me once, unusual, "where should we put his stuff" Zayn asked, "where-ever he wants to sleep" she replied, "what's that supposed to mean" Niall asked, "it means, its upto him where he sleeps, the couch, which is not recommended, I could make another bed, but it'd be on the floor, but could be harder getting up, or in my bed, which will include me in it, its upto him" she chuckled, "well Liam, you heard the lady, its your choice" Louis grinned, I laughed, "I don't know" I replied awkwardly, "fine ill make the decision, Liam, your sleeping in Darcy's bed" Harry jumped at the chance. "if its ok with you sis" he added, "sure if he wants to" she replied, "thanks"  smiled, "no problem" she smiled back.

so the lads took my stuff in Darcy's room and we all spent some of the night watching a film, then they went, I started yawing once they had gone, "you tired" she asked, "a little" I replied, "im not surprised, you've had a long few days, want me help you to bed?" she asked, "can I go on my own, I feel like im putting on you and you don't want to do this" I replied, "Liam, your a friend, you need help, of course I would help you, and your not, just let me help you to bed" she replied, i sighed and nodded, so she threw my arms around her neck, she picked me up like you would with a child, "your strong" I chuckled, "well, you know" she winked, so she carried me up the stairs, into her bedroom, and gently placed me on the bed.

"there" she sighed, "umm.... you know, I uhhh, do sleep  shirtless, I cant sleep with a t shirt on" I stuttered, "well take it of then, nothing i've not seen before" she winked, I laughed and gently removed my shirt and threw it on the floor, after all, i couldn't get up, I sighed and lied down at the side of her, "you sure your ok with this" I asked, "im fine" she chuckled, so I lied more comfortable, as I moved my leg I moved them both and they crashed together,

and hurt a lot, "owww" I screamed, "whats up, im not hurting you being next to her" she screeched worriedly, "no,no,no its fine, I hurt myself moving my legs" I chucked, she sighed, "good, but are you ok" she asked, "yea im fine" I replied, "hug me to prove your alright" she said, I smiled and opened my arms, and so we hugged, sparks flew again, "good" she whispered in my ear, I smiled, we said goodnight and we went to sleep.

im soooo sorry, my laptops broke, im actually on my mum and dads now to post this, so I maybe updating less, I dont know how long it will be when I get it back, so if I dont update, you know why, but ill try as much as I can, hopefully it will be soon, sorry guys :)

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