who am I ? (completed)

Hi im Darcy Summer a regular girl, 18, my birthday is the birthday as Harry Styles,1st February, wooo (btw im making everything up, ths isnt true information just saying :D ) I am from Leeds, for my birthday I got some One Direction tickets, for March, read on to find how this and a note or a few, changed my life, forever :) hope you like it, its my first story, so please no hate, feel free to comment critism or good things though :)


57. Glasgow day 2

Still harry's point of view

so its the next day, last nights concert went well, today is the day when my mum tells Gemma and me whats going on, i explained to Liam what my mum said so he knows now, I told Paul that my mum was comingand he nodded, he said so longs im at the arena for1 o clock he's not bothered, so I waited a while for my mum to come, I got up at 8 for her to come, she finally came at  10 o clock, "Harry" my mum yelled when I came through the door, the boys and Darcy had gone for a walk, so we could talk, "mum, Gemma" I yelled back. we hugged and then Gemma and I sat down as she started to explain.

well Harry when I was pregnant with you Harry, I only prepared for one baby, when it came closer to the time, I got a shock and got told, you was a twin" my mum explained, when she said this, Gemma and I looked at each other, "what, you mean, im a twin" I gasped, she nodded slightly,

"yea, anyway, when i had you bothyou needed extra help, you was cold, you wasnt breathing properly, the other baby was fine, I knew growing up, you two along with Gemma would be hard, your dad agreed, we had agreed that we would......give the baby that was healthy to a close relative, so we found a relative that did take care of her for a while, but without even knowing, she gave the baby up for adoption, i only found out the day the baby was being given away, I wrote a letter to the adopting parents explaining what had happened, I warned the relative to  give it them, it explained that when the childs old enough to understand, to gie it to them" she said sobbing, Gemma and me comforted her.

"I never knew where the baby had gone, we fell out with the relatives after all this, and I never saw her since" she sobbed, we hugged her as she cried, when she stopped she then looked at me, "now Harry, how did you find out about this" she asked, i gulped, "well, Liam's girlfriend, Darcy, went to one of our Take Me Home tour concerts, we talked for a while, the boys pointed out she looked like me, we just shrugged it of, then after we bumped into her" I lied, obviously I couldnt tell her about the competition, no one is ever going to know apart form the boys, Darcy and the management, "wes started to get to know her, she found out the day after her birthday that the people that we're raising her, wasnt her parents at all, she doesnt know who she is" I explained.

"so whats this gotta do with mum" Gemma asked, "wait, im getting to that bit" I smiled, "sorry" she apologised, i smiled and continued, "we obviously made friends, and in th end she became Liam's girlfriend so we did take her touring with us, we slept at hers the night before because our house was inaded by fans, Darcy was in the shower, and forgot her clips and towels, they was in a drawer, she asked me to get them, so I did, when i took the towel and the clips out of the draw a piece of paper fell out, I decided to pick it up once I had given Darcy her things, so I did, when I picked the paper up, I wasnt going to read it, but then I saw your name, Anne Cox, so thats when i was curious, I read upto when she said the name, there was more, but I thought i'de ask, coz their is a possibiliy she could be your daughter" I said to my mum, "your sister" I said to Gemma "and my twin sister" I gasped at the thought of this. we all stood there in silence.

"Harry have you got a picture of this Darcy girl, sure ive seen her in the paper, but she's always printed badly" my mum asked, i checked my phone, "here, this is me and her, Louis took it to so called prove a point" I asked handing her my phone,  Gemma and my mum both gasped, "she does look like you Harry" they both said, "it gets creepier, her birthday is the same day as mine, 1st February" I said, they gasped again, "this Darcy girl needs to know" Gemma said, "oh yea, were just gunna go upto her and say, oh I saw the letter and saw my mums name in it so i read it, and I think your my twin, yes that will work" I said sarcastically.

"he;s right" my mum agreed, "what about if you ask her if she's found out who her mum is, and then worm it in that way" Gemma said, "great thinking, I will do it tonight when we're all in the hotel room, where are you two staying anyway, or are you going back home" I asked, "after this thing, we';re staying in this hotel, I will book the room when you go to rehearsals" my mum said, i nodded, "ill text you the number, now you better get to the arena" Gemma said, I smiled and I went to the arena while my mum and Gemma booked a room.

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