who am I ? (completed)

Hi im Darcy Summer a regular girl, 18, my birthday is the birthday as Harry Styles,1st February, wooo (btw im making everything up, ths isnt true information just saying :D ) I am from Leeds, for my birthday I got some One Direction tickets, for March, read on to find how this and a note or a few, changed my life, forever :) hope you like it, its my first story, so please no hate, feel free to comment critism or good things though :)


74. finding out what it is

Liam's point of view

so we made our way to the hospital, I could tell she was pertrefied, poor soul, I hope its nothing serious, im sure its not though, "come on then" I said as we parked up in a parking space, so we got out, in silence and made our way to reception, "ill wait in the waiting room, you wont want me hearing all this" I said, "no Liam, please stay" she pleaded, "alright, I was just thinking of you" I smiled, she smiled back and I stood at the side of her, she explained everything, minus us not really boyfriend and girlfriend, coz no one is knowing except for the people who know already, "right take a seat please" the receptionist said, we nodded and sat down.

"Liam, im scared" she wimpered, "dont worry, the boys and i will be with you, whatever the pain" I replied, she smiled back, "excuse me, Liam Payne from One Direction right" a teenage girl next to me asked, I could tell she was trying not to fan girl, i admore that,, "yes I am" I smiled, "awww, is that your girlfriend" she asked, "and thats Darcy, your girlfriend right" she asked, we nodded, "im so glad to meet you, I hope you are both ok" she said, we smiled, "we are, just a check up for my kidney, thank you for asking" I replied, and looked at Darcy, she mimed the words thank you, and I turned back to the girl, "aww no problem, had to make sure one of my idols were ok" she replied.,

"are you ok" I asked, "yeah, strangly enough, im the same, i had one kidney when I was younger, mines a check up to" she replied, I smiled, "awwww, well good luck" I said, and she thanked me, "you two are the cutest couple ever, all I see is Darcy and Liam is perfect, and i agree, ever since the glass incident, ive not seen one hate, apart from the people who hated before" she smiled, an hour later "miss Rachel Jones, please go through to room 114 down the hall" the nurse called, "well this is me, thank you for talking to me, please. uhhh may I have a hug" she asked,  "of course" I replied, and she hugged me, "Darcy could I have a hug of you to" she asked, "of course" she smiled and they hugged, she said bye and went.

"Darcy Summer please go to room 45 that way" the nurse said, and so Darcy got up, "Liam, can you uhhh come in with me please" she asked, "of course" I replied and we both made our way to the room, I interlocked my hand in hers, just for uhh, support, and we we're supposed to be a couple, she smiled at me and tightened her grip, butterflies started to come when she did this, and so we went in the room, "hello miss Summers, and what seems to be the problem" the doctor asked her as we unlocked our hands, so she explained everything she told the nurse.

"right we'll do some test now, so if youd like to follow me please" he said, and so we walked into this hospital bed room thing, he told her to sit down, so she did he took her blood and everything, yeah, i didnt look at that part, he did more test and finally after 2 hours he had done, "you'll have to wait 4 hours for the results so please stay here" the doctor explained, we nodded and sat for a while.

"thanks Liam" she smiled, "your welcome, anytime you need me, im there for you babe, and so will the boys, and Hope" I replied, "thanks" she said, rubbing her eyes, and then yawned, "you tired" I asked, "yea, but ill be fine" she replied, "go to sleep, ill wake you up when the doctor comes"  I said, she argued with me for a while then gave up, "Liam, can you help me sleep, I hate hospitals and can never sleep in them" she said, "how am I supposed to get you to sleep" I chuckled, "singing always makes me sleep" a voice called from the next bed,  Darcy and I turned to see a girl around the age of 16.

"Liam Payne, I thought I recognised that voice, im a big fan of On Direction" she said, I chuckled, "would you both like a song" I asked, Darcy and the girl, looked at each other and nodded excidedl, so I pulled up a chair that was in the middle of both of them and started humming the tune to Summer Love, "awww i love this song" the girl said, "me too" Darcy spoke up and so I started, "cant believe your packing your bags, trying so hard not to cry, had the best time,n ow its the worst time, but we have to say goodbye" , and so I continued the song, in no time they both fell asleep, I kissed Darcy on her cheek and kissed the girl on her forehead gently, I sat down and read the paper.

4 hours later the doctor came, "hello, could you wake her" the doctor asked, "sure" I replied, "Darcy" I whispered, "get up" I added, I said it a few more times and eventually she got up, "right the results are in, theres no need to panic, you was spiked and the thing they used had caused a little upset in your stomach causing you to be sick, it will go in a few days, its like the flu or whatever with out the runny nose, but a little stronger than tha, so take these, have 3 a day for a week and then you may come off them, and you'll be back to your normal self" he said handing her some tablets, Darcy smiled at me happily, just then the girl woke up, "hey, whats going on" she asked, "well, your friend here is free to go" the doctor said and went away.

so we gathered all her stuff together, we said goodbye to the girl, I kissed her on the cheek, gave her an autograph and had a picture with her her we said goodbye and we left , "wooooo"  Darcy screamed as we got tin the car, "see, i told you, nothing to worry about" I smiled in relieved, i was so relieved to, she  was really happy, on the way home we had a little sing song to the radio, and talked for a while until we reached home, and so we pulled up outside and went in, and she screamed when she got in, but then had to rush for the toilet to be sick.

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