who am I ? (completed)

Hi im Darcy Summer a regular girl, 18, my birthday is the birthday as Harry Styles,1st February, wooo (btw im making everything up, ths isnt true information just saying :D ) I am from Leeds, for my birthday I got some One Direction tickets, for March, read on to find how this and a note or a few, changed my life, forever :) hope you like it, its my first story, so please no hate, feel free to comment critism or good things though :)


18. day 1 at Harry's house

Darcy's point of view

Day 1

well that was embarrasing but he was warm and I was cold, so he warmed me up. I woke up about 10 am, with Liam and me litterally next to each other, no gaps, the airbed had gone down a bit and we had sank next to each other, I couldnt even get up, "goodmorning Darcy" I heard a husky voice said, "goodmorning Harry" I smiled, pretty soon we was all awake, "everyone breakfast" Anne shouted up around 10:30 am, so we all went downstairs, they went down in their boxes, I went down in my PJ's, "goodmorning everyone" Anne said, "goodmorning" we all said back, we had our breakfast which was some toast each.

"what do you want to do today then boys and Darcy" Harry smiled, "football anyone" I asked, they all looked at me in shock, "what" Niall asked "do you want to or not" I smiled, "yes, but I didnt know you liked football" Harry said, "I know you all think girls dont usually like football, I like playing it, I just dont like watching it, i find it boring, but I love playing it" I smiled, and they all smiled back, "wow youve shocked us all there" Zayn laughed, "I know, I knew you would react like this, so are we playing it or not" I said, "yeahhhhhh" we all said.

"you coming mum" Harry asked, "no chance, your lucky to have a girl that likes playing football Liam, not a lot of girls do that, and boys make sure you are nice to her" Anne laughed "yes he is, and yes we will dont worry, Gemma care to join us" Louis asked, "no I think ill pass, you have fun and Darcy fancy going shopping with me tomorrow" Gemma asked me, "yea sure, if you want me to" I replied sweetly, "of course, I love shopping" Gemma said excitedly, "same" I Darcy said excitedly to and so we all went outside in Harry's backgarden which is huge.

"so whos on whos team" Zayn asked, "ide say Niall, Zayn, Louis and Harry, Liam and Darcy" a voice came from the porch, "Gemma what are you doing" Harry asked, "im refereeing" she replied smiling, so we agreed and started playing, Darcy and Niall was in nets, "over here" Liam yelled to Harry so he kicked it but Zayn came in front of him and got the ball, "sorry" Liam apologised and started running for the ball with Harry behind him, they couldnt catch him up, so it was just me and Zayn, he kicked the ball and I leaped for it and caught it, "wooooooo well saved Darcy" Liam yelled, "wooooo gooo Darcy" Harry yelled, so I kicked it to Harry who ran with the ball this time Louis snatched it from him and ran but Liam got it back and kicked it to Harry and Harry ran to the net and kicked it it, "goooooaaaaallll" Gemma yelled

after about an hour of playing the score was 3 all, "times up, you both tied" Gemma said after blowing a whistle, "well done" she said, "Darcy, you are actually really good" Zayn said, "yes, in the year we've know you we never knew you even liked football never mind play it" Louis said, "I know, I used to play with the lads when I was at school" I replied, so we all went inside, "anyne want to go for a walk around my hometown" Harry suggested, "yeaaaaahhh" we all replied so we all told Anne and we went, Gemma and Anne even came with us, Harry's step dad was working so he wasnt around.

so we went on a long walk "where are we going exactly" I asked, "where ever, into town" Harry suggested, "yea" everyone said, we was walking "how long now" Gemma whined, "Ive never walked it here before" she added we all laughed, "about 10 minutes away" Anne replied, we was walking and then I felt some finger interlock in mine, there was butterflies in my stomach, why did he do this to me, it felt weird because we have held hands in two days usually we would have t hold hands at least about 5 times a day coz of the paps, but we didnt need to because we was on a break, I looked at him and he was smiling, "remember paps will be around here" he whispered,  "yea I gathered" I whispered back.

"awwwww" Louis suddenly called out, "what" everyone said, "look Liam and Darcy are holding hands" he said, everyone laughed. "awww your so cute" Gemma and Anne said in unison, I blushed, I really need to stop blushing when he's around and Liam laughed, "awww you really love each other dont you" Gemma asked,I blushed even more and this time Liam blushed aswel "yes we do" Liam spoke up shyly, "yes" I said shyly to. "awwwwwww cute" Anne said "how can you tell" Harry asked, "you just can,I know we've barely seen them even holding hands and not even seen them kiss but you can just tell by the way they act, like for instance Liam always goes quiet when we talk about them liking each other and he way Darcy keeps blushing like that" she said pointing at my cheeks. "awwww, Darcy and Liam in L.O.V.E" Niall said in the tune to I would, everyone laughed.

when we got in town, sure enough the paps were there, people kept aproaching us asking for picture and autographs, the boys didnt mind, they even asked Anne, Gemma and me for pictures to, after about a few hours we all decided to go back, so we walked back, Liam still had his hand interlocked in mine by the time we back, when we got in the house, we parted, its was about  8 pm when we got back, we had our tea and talked for a bit along with watching the TV and eventually we all went to sleep at 2 am.

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