who am I ? (completed)

Hi im Darcy Summer a regular girl, 18, my birthday is the birthday as Harry Styles,1st February, wooo (btw im making everything up, ths isnt true information just saying :D ) I am from Leeds, for my birthday I got some One Direction tickets, for March, read on to find how this and a note or a few, changed my life, forever :) hope you like it, its my first story, so please no hate, feel free to comment critism or good things though :)


95. bowling

Liam's point of view

I went downstairs, "hey Liam, how you feeling mate" Niall asked, just as i was about to answer Harry interupted, "I bet he feels much better being cared for by my sister" he winked, I rolled my eyes, "Harry shut up, and I feel great thank you buddy" I smiled, Harry and give each other an cheeky grin, I rolled my eyes at their childish behavior, "so when are ya goin to ask Darcy out" Zayn winked, "not you aswel" I sighed, "yes, we all want you to get together, don't you think you've held it off enough now, just let your feelings flow out" Zayn replied, "for the last time I dont like Darcy" I sighed, I want Darcy to find out before the boys do, as soon as she knows, they can know, but now before, I prefer her to hear it from me, not them first.

5 minutes later after then talking about food coz of Niall, Darcy came down, "morning Darcy" they all said in unison, "good morning" she smiled back, "you guys are here early" she added, "we know, we thought we'd see how you we're and thought we could all do something together, since its Liam's first time outside the house in like 2 weeks" Louis spoke up, "awww arnt you sweet, and what we goin to do then" I asked, "umm... I was thinking, bowing or swimming, anyone fancy" Niall asked, "yeahhhh" we all screached. "so which one" Niall asked, "can we go bowling pleasseeee" Zayn begged, "yeah sure, since you cant swim" Louis said, and so we all got ready to go bowling.

"everyone ready" I called out, "yeahh" the replied back, we all got outside and there were about 30 fans outside, "hey" we said to them, they all screamed, they surrounded us we took pictures and talked to the fans, then one asked Harry, "are Darcy and Liam back together" wrong person to ask, "no they arnt unfortunatly, but the other boys and I are hoping they will get back together" he replied, I rolled my eyes, the fan then came over to where I was stood, Darcy was behind me, "please get back with Darcy, please" she pleaded, I giggled, "its not as simple as that" Darcy interupted, "why not" she moaned, I laughed. "because...it just isnt" she giggled

"I know Danielle was an obsitical in the way, but if two people are meant to be together, no matter what obsitcals are in the way, they'll find each other in the end" she smiled, it actually brought a tear to my eye, "are you sure your not related to Zayn, thats something what he would say" I smiled, "I know, but actually, thats my motto" she replied, "awwww, that is the cutest thing someone has ever said" I smiled, "thank you" she replied, I turned around to wipe a tear away, I didnt want anyone to see, but "Liam, are you crying" Darcy asked. "no" I replied.

"Liam, im sorry, I didnt mean to make you cry" the fan asked worriedly, I wiped the tears, "no you didnt, it was jus so nice what you said, it just pulled on my heart strings" I replied, i hugged the fan, "awwww Liam" she said sweetly, anyway, more fans asked about Darcy and I, and then finally after 10 minutes, we all decided to go, so we all piled in the car, "bowling here we come" Louis announced as he drove.

when we arrived we got out the car and got in the bowling place, we was greeted by a few fans, after we got past then, we payed for bowling and got the lane set up, "cmon Lou, your up first" I announced, "alrighty then, time to take you all down" he challenged, "in your dreams Tommo" Darcy grinned back, "oooooo Liam, how did you make er be so competative" he winked, we all laughed, and so Louis grabbed a bowling ball and walked to the alley, he rolled it, we all watched, "woooooooooaaaahhhh" we all screamed as the ball rolled down, when it hit the pins it hit 4 downs, we all laughed, "that was you lot" he yelled laughing, we all laughed.

"dont think so Tommo, your just a bad aimer" Zayn announced, "excuse me, Bradford Bad Boy, i'd like to see you do any better" he said sassily back, "ooooo, I dont even say that anymore so it dont count, Boo Bear"  Zayn smirked, "oh no you didnt just go there" Louis laughed, "just get on with bowling Louis" I laughed, he glared at me then started bowling, this time he knocked 3 more down, "7" Niall said, and Louis sat next to me, "Zayn your next mate" Niall added, and Zayn got up, "cmon mate" Louis yelled to put him off, we all laughed, he rolled the ball, "woooooooaaaahhhh" we all screamed as the ball went down the alley. he knocked 5 down, Zayn smirked at Louis, "just you wait bad boy" Louis sniggered, we all laughed at their immaturity. the second time he got 2 down, "you got the same" Darcy told them, they glared at each other, both stepping forward, like they we're going to kill each other, then, they hugged, we all laughed.

"Niall your next mate" I stated and he got up, no one could be mean to Niall, he's too nice, so he rolled the ball, "woooaaahhhhh" we screamed again as the ball rolled down the alley to the pins, "stiiiirrriiiikkkee" we yelled, Niall cheered and high fived us all he did his Niall jump, "Darcy your next" Harry said, so Darcy went up, and rolled the ball, "wooooooaaaaahhh" we all screamed again as the ball rolled down the alley, "9 pins down" Harry yelled, "cmon sis, you can do it" Harry cheered his sister on, wow, this seems weird saying that, so she rolled again, and she knocked it down. "sparreeee" we all cheered, she jumped and hugged us all, when she hugged me, my stomach turned, exactly the same as all the other times she's hugged me, i really need to tell her, but when im on my own, I cant stop looking at how cute she is, celebrating coz she got a strike, awwwww, I snapped myself out of it and said "Harry, your turn" I stated

so Harry stepped up and rolled the bowling ball, "wooooaaaaahhhhhh" we screamed again as it rolled down the alley, "7" we all cheered, he rolled again and knocked 2 down leaving one, "ooooooo" we said, we all patted him on the back while he had a paddy on the floor, just like he did when we we're pranked by Nickelodeon, we all laughed, then i was my turn, so I rolled the ball, "woooooaaaaaahhh" they all screamed, "7" they said, I had knocked 7 over, just like Harry, just 3 more, so i rolled the ball and I hit then, I jumped for joy, they all screamed for me.

at the end of the game Darcy actually won, Harry second, Niall third, me fourth, and Zayn and Louis drew, we took a picture and we laughed as we made our way to the car, we had great fun, "right its 12:45 we have 15 minutes to get to the studios" I stated, "what about Darcy" Harry asked, "she may have to come with us" I replied, they all woooooed, we liked Darcy joining us  in the recording studios, and so Louis drove straight to the recording studios, this is going to be fun, we lways mess around in the studios, we're living while we're young I chuckled to myself.

I dont know why I added this in, was just a bit of fun, hope you didnt find it boring :)

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