who am I ? (completed)

Hi im Darcy Summer a regular girl, 18, my birthday is the birthday as Harry Styles,1st February, wooo (btw im making everything up, ths isnt true information just saying :D ) I am from Leeds, for my birthday I got some One Direction tickets, for March, read on to find how this and a note or a few, changed my life, forever :) hope you like it, its my first story, so please no hate, feel free to comment critism or good things though :)


78. back home

still Darcy's point of view

when i woke up I opened my eyes, i looked around, Niall was asleep on the couch, Harry, Zayn and Louis was on the floor and Liam and I was on the bed, lied down, Liam had his arms wrapped around me, and I had my head resting on his chest, I was so warm, so comfy, and i felt so safe, I looked at the time 8:00 am, its too early, I looked around, they were all still asleep, I then looked at Liam, he was still asleep, so I I decided I would join them again and so I went back to sleep.

I heard voice whispering, my eyes flickered open, "morning Darcy" a voice came from behind, I looked, "hey Liam" I groaned, his arms still wrapped around me, "hey Darcy" 4 more voices called, "hey guys" I said groaning, I got up, "time to get ready then we have to be out by 3, its now 12" Liam ordered, we all nodded and started packing, Niall and Zayn helped Liam pack, and Louis and Harry helped me pack, except my underwear, for obvious reasons.

so when we had packed, it was around 2:30, we decided to leave now, the boys got mine and Liam's baggage while we interlocked hands, still acting as a proper couple, and so we all left, we gave our hotel keys back to the receptionist, we thanked them and then there was a load of fans outside the hotel, "Liam and Darcy your so cute, are you pregnant, we saw pictures of the other night" one fan asked me, I chuckled, "no im not, Liam's and mines drink got spiked, but no I am not pregnant" I replied , she smiled at me, "thank you for answering me, "no problem" I replied, Anne uhhh well my mum, then came to us, "mum" Harry and i whispered, yeah, i now call her mum, we discussed it and thought it would be good.

"hello you my two babies, how can you all get in your houses without your keys" she laughed, we all laughed with us, and handed us all the keys, we had forgot while we was away we asked her to keep hold of them for us, "thank you" we all said, "umm...did we all hear that correct, you are Darcy's mum" another fan asked mum, "yep, we found out, that Darcy and Harry, are infact twins" she replied, they all screamed with woooos, "are you serious" another fan piped up, Harry, mum and me all nodded, "did you guys here that, Darcy isn't pregnant, but Anne is Darcy's real mum, and Harry's twin" the fan exclaimed, there was a mix of gasps and wooooos around.

when we finally got out of the crowd and we made our way to our own homes, "can we all go to yours Darcy" Louis asked me, "why" I asked confused, "coz all of our houses arnt being enough for all 6 of us, but your is, and were going to be bored when we get home until tomorrow, and we'll probably not see you for a while, unless Simon lets you come with us" Louis replied, "if you really want to yea, id love to have company of you guys" I smiled, they all cheered.

so we all got to my house, I unlocked the door, we heard familiar voices saying, "Jodie come here, I mean it, don't run away from us" the voice said sternly, "no, na na na na na na na " another voice called, she sounded young like around 4 or something, we shrugged and went in, "not been in here for ages" we all said, "yep, the last time was since the start of the tour" Niall said, we nodded, "wasn't it when you and Liam took that walk, and he said he loves you" Harry smirked, Liam and i rolled our eyes, "yes it was" Liam sighed.

they all smirked, "he didn't mean it, he did warn me, it was only coz of the paps following us" I chuckled, I wish he did mean it though, "sure sure" Louis smirked, we rolled our eyes, "anyway what shall we do" I asked, changing the subject, "I don't know" they all replied, "hold on, Paul is calling" Liam announced and answered it, "hello Paul.........yeah.....if you want her to..........awww, im sure she will....ok, bye Paul" Liam said, "bye Paul" the boys echoed, "he said bye back" Liam chuckled, we all laughed and he hung up.

"so what did Paul want" Zayn asked, "he wanted to tell us, our girlfriends could come, but since Demi, Perrie and the girl aint here, Hope and Darcy could come Paul said, if they wanted to" Liam explained, "yeahhh, please Darcy" they all pleaded, if you want me to and if Paul said i could, then, why not" I smiled, they all cheered, "he thinks you make us concentrate more and make us focus" Liam smiled, I smiled back.

just then there was a knock on the door, a desperate knock, so I walked over to the door, we all looked confused, I opened it, and in ran a little kid, "Leyyuummm Darcyyyy" the kid screamed, Liam and i looked in confusion, come to think of it, we all were, "do you remember me" she asked, we shook our heads, "Jodie" she reminded us, "oh yeahh" I said, surprised, Danielle's daughter, "who is she" Liam mimed to me, "Danielle's daughter" I mimed back, he looked surprised, "whats up" Liam asked comforting her, the poor kid was scared, "uhhh..." she started we was then interrupted by another knock on the door. we all looked at each other as i went to answer it.

right guys, wanna ask you something, would you want this to end soon, or continue a little longer and extend it, tell me what you think, want to know, and if you want it to end soon, I will be doing another movella after this, so let me know what you guys want, and I hope you like the chapter :)

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