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Hi im Darcy Summer a regular girl, 18, my birthday is the birthday as Harry Styles,1st February, wooo (btw im making everything up, ths isnt true information just saying :D ) I am from Leeds, for my birthday I got some One Direction tickets, for March, read on to find how this and a note or a few, changed my life, forever :) hope you like it, its my first story, so please no hate, feel free to comment critism or good things though :)


62. arriving

Darcy's point of view

when I woke up I was so comfy it was amazing, Liam is so comfy, I just want to call him mine, but why would he like someone like me, then the driver woke us all up from our sleep, saying we had arrived at the hotel we was staying in, Liam and I got up, Louis and Hope were still sleeping despite the driver waking us up, it was so cute, during their sleep they must have moved, Louis was spooning Hope and they had their hands entwined in each others, they make such a cute couple, I cant wait till they get together.

finally after we woke them up, they looked at each other awkwardly, "sorry" Louis apologized, "its fine, and im sorry to" Hope apologized to, they looked each other in the eye for a while, "Louis, Hope cmon, were here" Harry snapped them out of it, the shook their heads and went out the bus, they like each other, i can tell, and i think Harry had caught on to, " great, so we have Liam and Darcy pretending they dont like each other, and now we have Louis and Hope, just get over it, you all like each other, just go out already" Harry smirked, "first I dont like Darcy, she dont like me, but yes, Hope and Louis like each other" Liam spoke up, "no we dont" Louis and Hope both said in unison, Harry sighed.

"come on, lets get inside" Zayn spoke up, we nodded, and so we went in we booked in to our hotel, Paul met us there, "right guys and girls you have a week to do whatever, and then we have a party to go to, its my friends and she loves you boys, the girls are invited to, you will be performing, you choose the songs, if you want to anyway" he announced, "yeahhhh" the boys shouted, "girls" Paul turned around to us and asked, Hope and I looked at each other and smiled, we looked back and yelled, "yeahhhh" everyone wooooed, "so that's sorted, no funny in this week" Paul winked, looking in direction of Liam and me, "Paul" Liam and me yelled, everyone laughed.

so Paul explained to us whats going to happen in a weeks time, during the week the boys decided on what songs their gunna sing, they rehearse on their own, Paul is doing some business with Simon that's why, then on the day we meet him at the studios at 4 pm, we travel to the place the party is being held, thee is a disco at first, then the boys will sing and that, then we get to do whatever while theres the karaoke happening, and everything else, its going to be a great night, im not going to to get drunk, I hope, i really hope no one spikes my drink. but yeah I hope its good.

so when Paul had finished we said goodbye and then we went to the hotel to unpack, "right whos sleeping where, theres on 5 beds, theres 7 of us" Zayn asked, "well im sure Liam and Darcy dont mind sharing do you" Louis smirked, "nope" I said, Liam smiled, I smiled back, "nope we dont" Liam ginned, "awwww" everyone said, "so now, whos sleeping with who, is Hope sleeping on her own, or is she sharing with one of you lot" Liam smirked back, I laughed, Liam, Harry, Niall and Zayn winked at Louis, "oh shut up" Louis said, hitting each on of them on the head, nuggying Liam and the ruffling my hair up, Hope then laughed. 

"who snores, i cant stand sleeping with snorers if I am sleeping with one of you boys anyway" Hope making sure they understand, "well that's Zayn and Niall out straight away" Harry smirked, "so its either Louis, or Harry" Niall spoke up, "yep, or she can sleep on her own and one of us shares a bed" Niall spoke up, "ok then" everyone agreed, we decided Zayn and Niall will sleep in the same bed, me and Liam will and the rest have a bed of their own, we was all tired and so we decided to go to bed straight away anyway.

we all got in bed, they all just slept in their boxers, I know Hope was enjoying the view, I had seen more so I was used to it, it felt strange though because Liam only had his boxers on, this has never happened, but the others opened their big traps and  told Hope that all the boys sleep in just their boxers so therefore Liam had to, not that i minded, but it felt awkward, and im sure he felt the same way, Louis, and Hope was the first people to fall asleep, Liam, Niall, Harry,Zayn and was still awake, "guys, what do you say to carrying Hope and place her in the same bed as Louis" Harry chuckled, "that would be so funny, yeaahhh" Niall said, "yeahhh" Liam, Harry, Zayn and me agreed.

 so Harry gently picked her up, Niall looked to see if she had woke up, "all clear" Niall whispered, Harry nodded and then he gently placed her on Louis bed, shuffling her near him, "still clear" Niall whispered again, "Zayn wrap their arms round each other" i giggled "yeahhh" they all said, and so Zayn then gently took Hope's arm and wrapped it round Louis, and then got Louis' arm and wrapped it around Hope, they both then moved, we all held our breaths, thinking they'd both either wake up, or at least one of them would wake up, but instead they both wrapped themselves tighter, "yesssss" we all whispered but excitedly.

and we all went back to our beds we all sat up though, "Darcy do you not mind Liam being, well, like he is" Zayn asked awkwardly, "well, i dont know really, it feels weird, i tell you that, but dont forget, ive seen more, and of you all to" I giggled, "true, true" they all said, "im sorry if it is awkward for you" Liam apologized, "its not your fault, its their big mouths" I glared at them, they all had innocent faces on, "but...but" Niall started, "yep it is your fault, your the ones who said all of you always sleep with boxers on" I said, they all lowered their heads, they wanted to laugh, i could tell.

"were sorry" Niall said, "yea, we are, sorry" Harry said, but then they all burst into laughter, I couldn't help it, I had to laugh to, and then Liam joined in, but we was only silently laughing, trying not to wake Louis and Hope up, "they really do make a cute couple dont they" Liam changed the subject, "yea, like you and Darcy" Zayn spoke up, I sighed, so did Liam, "but yea they are so cute, was Louis really Hope's favourite" Harry asked, "yeah, I promise" I said, "cool, and then they've been texting, all they needed to do was meet face to face, and now they have, but they wont say anything" Niall stated, "that's so true" I spoke up.

"im getting tired now, im going to sleep" Harry said, "same" Zayn and Niall said, "ok" Liam and i said, we all said goodnight and they all went to sleep, Liam and I lied down but we faced each other, "im sorry if this is uncomfortable" he said, "its fine Liam, really, ive been in worst situations" I chuckled, "I know but it must be so uncomfortable, first sharing with a guy, let alone just with his boxers on" he stated, "its could be worst, they could have said you always sleep naked"  I chuckled, "true" he said, "are you sure you dont mind, i could get some pants on, and tell them i got to cold" he suggested, no i loved this, what am i saying, what the hell, "no its fine really, the others would only say something" I replied, "are you sure" he asked.

"its really weird this isn't it" Liam said, "what" I asked, "well we've been so called going out for around 2 years and no one has found out this is a sham" he said, I thought about it and agreed, "that is so true, the press know everything else, but this, which im surprised" I stated, he nodded, "we must be good actors" he laughed, I giggled to, "yes, we must, its actually quite fun to be honest i think anyway" I replied, "yes it is isn't it, its just awkward kissing in front of everyone" he said, "definetly, but it saves management from getting hate so its all good" I replied, "yep, anyway,, im tired so im going to sleep, so goodnight, sweet dreams" Liam yawned, "ok then, goodnight Liam, sweet dreams" I smiled, I kissed his cheek, he smiled, "goodnight" he smiled, he kissed my forehead and then we both went to sleep.

right guys, this is an extra long chapter because one its been asked for and for another im sorry I wont be updating tomorrow, im going seeing Lawson live, im so sorry, but everything will be back to normal on Friday  im so sorry, and from now on, ill try write longer chapters, I hope you all forgive me for, me not updating tomorrow, im sorry, but at least this is a really long chapter, thank you for everything guys :) this is what took me song long to update and i hope enjoy :)

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