who am I ? (completed)

Hi im Darcy Summer a regular girl, 18, my birthday is the birthday as Harry Styles,1st February, wooo (btw im making everything up, ths isnt true information just saying :D ) I am from Leeds, for my birthday I got some One Direction tickets, for March, read on to find how this and a note or a few, changed my life, forever :) hope you like it, its my first story, so please no hate, feel free to comment critism or good things though :)


87. another a year after

Darcy's point of view

the boys have released another album and have just completed a 6 month tour, during this time I haven't really seen them, I saw them 4 months ago, since they toured the UK and Ireland, I miss them, Danielle and Liam are still going out as far as I know, like I said I haven't really seen Liam in a while, I do know though that Danielle has been receiving a lot of hate though, she has dropped a million followers, leaving her with a million, but i've gone up 2 million, which left me with 3 million followers, Hope has got as many as Eleanor has, Eleanor was really nice, we've even spoke, she's now got a baby on the way, in fact with my old friend Rob, Hope don't get hate, Eleanor doesn't and neither do I, its just Danielle.

Hope has actually went to the US with Louis for a month, then came back, she's at her home at the moment, I had just got up, and all these things just hit me, I really miss the guys, its been really lonely without, Danielle has been round mine a lot with Jodie, she seems nice to me, but i've just got a bad feeling is that a bad feeling? but don't worry I am nice to her, she asks me to babysit Jodie sometimes aswel, I love Jodie like she was my own, so im happy to do it, Danielle had visited the boys for like 2 months I think, I didn't, I had UNI to think about. so it was alright, I just missed them.

so I went downstairs and looked out the window, it had been snowing, really hard, and was around 5 inches, I put the TV on and started to flick through the music channels, Little Things had just come on, I left it, i love this so, I remembered all the times that I had been insecure and Liam and the others had sung to me coz of how insecure I was, it had just got to Niall's solo when there was a knock on the door, weird, its snowing, and im not expecting anyone, so I opened the door, and there stood 5 figures.

"Darcy" they shouted in unison, "boys" I screeched, "cmon in" I said happily, so Niall came in first, he hugged me, then Louis, he hugged me, then Zayn, he hugged me, Harry came in, he hugged and kissed my cheek, and then Liam, he looked at me awkwardly, but smiled, I smiled back, and he hugged me, and so they all sat down on the couch, "drink anyone" I asked, they all nodded, so I asked what they wanted and told me, I then made them and handed them their drinks. "so how was touring" I asked, "it was great, just missed you though" Zayn smiled, "awww Zayn" I chuckled.

"he's right, we all missed you" Niall said, they nodded in agreement, "I missed you boys to" I replied, "awwww" they all said, "so whats been happening then" Liam asked, every time he talks he makes my heart race, "um...nothing really, just been to uni and that's it really" I smiled, "hows you and Danielle" I asked, "oh, uhh...were fine thanks" he stammered, which confused me, did they have an argument, ay well I shrugged and the guys told me how the tour was and stuff. and according to them, the fans kept pestering Liam to get back with me.

and so we talked for a while and had a catch up, i also was saying about how Danielle and Jodie kept coming and that and that she was nice, Liam was quiet through the conversation, "Liam, are you ok" I asked concerned, "what...uhhh...yeah, im fine, just jet lag" he laughed, "oh right, you can have a lie down upstairs if you like" I told him, "can I" he asked, "yeah sure, you know where everything is" I smiled, he smiled back, "thanks" and so he went upstairs, "Darcy, something has to be wrong with him, if he has jet lag, he goes hyper, not quiet" Zayn stated.

"so" I replied, "sooo.... somethings up" Niall spoke up, "oh right" I replied, " can you not do something, we're all worried" Louis asked, "and what do you want me to do" I asked, "ask Danielle, there  going out" I sighed, "you we're close to him" Louis spoke up, "Danielle is his girlfriend, you cant get closer than that, plus, he's just tired, he'll be fine" I replied, "no, its not just today he's like this, its every time we mention Danielle though" Niall said, "that's odd" I said, so we talked for about an hour about Liam, "can you not try and talk to him" Zayn practically begged, i sighed, "fine, but im not promising he'll tell me" I replied, "wooo" they all cheered, so I made my way upstairs.

I looked in every room I had, but one, mine, I walked to my bedroom and saw him lied there, sleeping, he looked so cute sleeping, I slowly sat on the bed at the other side of him, ill wait till he wakes up himself, so I took out my phone out and went on twitter, first mention I saw said, 'please Darcy, Liam isn't being the same anymore, he's sad, he misses you, please get back together with him, him being sad is tearing us directioner's hearts apart, ps I love you, please follow :)' I followed her and replied, I'm afraid I cant do anything, I cant tell him to go with me, its his decision, he made the choice to go to Danielle, if he likes her, he likes her, i cant do anything to stop him :)' I suddenly heard a groan, "Darcy" Liam groaned

im early at publishing this today, its coz im going to my little cousins dance tonight, so I didnt want to leave you without a chapter :) so here you go haha

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