who am I ? (completed)

Hi im Darcy Summer a regular girl, 18, my birthday is the birthday as Harry Styles,1st February, wooo (btw im making everything up, ths isnt true information just saying :D ) I am from Leeds, for my birthday I got some One Direction tickets, for March, read on to find how this and a note or a few, changed my life, forever :) hope you like it, its my first story, so please no hate, feel free to comment critism or good things though :)


32. alone with Darcy

Liam's point of view

so Darcy and I was left in a room, alone, I hope nothing slips out, I bet she hates me by now, never mind even like me, "soo..." I said awkwardly, "soo.." she said, "so, are we still.... friends" I asked, "Liam, we'll always will be friends, just because I said I wasn't coming around with you lot anymore doesn't mean im not any of your friends" Darcy chuckled, "really, your not mad" I said, "what for, being a friend, comforting me, trying to save the management" Darcy replied, "awww" I blushed. no stop it Liam.

"Liam I've decided that im..." I cut her of, "Darcy if you dont want to come with us, its fine, i was just scared that we wouldn't be friends" I said, "really" she said, "yea" I giggled, "we'll always be friends, no matter what, but Liam, I have decided to stay with you guys" she exclaimed, "what" I said in shock, "the others came to me before, they said that you all would miss me, they said that they were used to me and that it wouldn't be the same without me" she said, "only if your sure" I replied, "are you, I dont want to say yes and then you not wanting me to be with you, and also it would mean us two so called going out again, but its only if you want to" she said.

"if you are sure, Im sure I can cope, I also saw that the management were still getting hated on, and because of the press, before you tweeted that earlier, by the way i did see it, well because of the press they thought we was fake, so im sure we'll cope, but only if you dont mind being called my girlfriend" I replied, hoping she would say that she wouldn't mind, I really want her to say she wouldn't mind, its the closest thing im going to get to being her real boyfriend, "I dont, if you dont mind me being called and known as your girlfriend" she laughed, yes, "of course not" I smiled playing it cool, "so were fake dating again" Darcy giggled, "yep" I replied, "ill text the guys now" I said and so I did, "are you ready to face them" I sighed, "yes, only if you promise one thing" she said, "anything" I smiled "if you promise to keep me safe" she smiled, "im here for you, I wouldn't let anyone of my friends get hurt, I always will protect you, so I promise" I smiled. she smiled back.

so I held my hand out, she interlocked it with hers and we walked out. cameras flashed and the paps were in our faces, "so are you two together again" one pap asked, "we was always together we just had a little disagreement" I replied, "oh right, awwww" another said, I then decided to take the lads advice and surprise her, I took my hand from hers, she turned around and with that I cupped my hands round her face and kissed her, she was shocked but within no time she put her arms on my shoulder and kissed back, my stomach turned, literally, my heart beated faster, she then did the unexpected, something that I was the one that usually did, she deepened the kiss, I was in shock and but I kissed back, all the paps wooed and awwwed and with that we saw the lads pull up in the taxi, we parted and we all went inside, we were in the recording studio discussing the third album tour and what was going on.

"wow what was that" Louis asked, "well you said surprise the other, so I decided to show the press that they were, so called wrong about it being fake and kissed her" I replied, Darcy smiled at me, so I smiled back, "awww so your not properly together yet though" Harry sighed, "no" Darcy chuckled, "awwww I thought that was real love outside, and im not actually joking" Louis said, "really" I laughed, "yea, it looked so real" he replied, I wish it was, "no, were not together proper, but were still going to act as a couple though" Darcy replied, "so your staying" Niall said excitedly, "ummm...,," she said, oh no, "yeahhhhh, did you think I could leave the best people in the world" Darcy laughed, "woooooooooooo" everyone screamed, they all hugged her, "so remember act lovey dovey" Zayn said, we nodded, "so lets get cracking then" Niall said. 

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