who am I ? (completed)

Hi im Darcy Summer a regular girl, 18, my birthday is the birthday as Harry Styles,1st February, wooo (btw im making everything up, ths isnt true information just saying :D ) I am from Leeds, for my birthday I got some One Direction tickets, for March, read on to find how this and a note or a few, changed my life, forever :) hope you like it, its my first story, so please no hate, feel free to comment critism or good things though :)


61. after the whole UK tour

Liam's point of view

"well last night was the last tour, its finally ended boys, next is another album is on the cards" Paul announced. we all screamed, "you get a week off then back to the studios, you have to stay in a hotel, including you Darcy, and wasnt your friend supposed to be coming after the UK tour" he said to Darcy, "correct, im actually texting her now, she said her grandads fully better, and can she come today" Darcy asked, this could be fun, as we all know, Louis and Darcy's friend Hope like each other, so this could be interesting.

"of course she can" Paul smiled, he really liked Darcy, "let me call her" Harry yelled, "why..." Darcy asked, before she could could say anymore Harry stole her phone and looked for Hope, he rang in and put it to his ear, "hey Hope, its Harry here" Harry introduced, "yes......Louis is here do you love him.......oh shut up you do......dont lie.......come on" Harry said, after a while of talking he told her she could come and we'd pick her up now if she wanted, i take it she said yes coz he ordered Louis to get the tour bus, Paul told us what hotel we were staying in when we came back to London and we was off on the road.

so we got in the tour bus and headed to Leeds where Darcy is from, it was 9 am, so we all hopped on the tour bus, Paul told one of our team to drive, so that we could all talk, I was so tired, so we all started talking, we was all on our beds, Darcy sat on mine, "now you two, remember Hope dont know this is fake, so when she's with us look lovey dovey and, if she sleeps in the same rooms as us, you two have to sleep in the same bed" Louis said, practically whispering the last bit, Darcy and I looked at each other, "so will you do it" Zayn asked, "may aswel" Darcy spoke up "if Liam is alright with it" she added, I nodded.

so we got to Hope's house at around 3 pm, and we knocked on the door, Darcy and I were holding hands, she came to the door, she screamed when she answered it, Darcy broke hands with me and hugged her, she invited us in while she got her stuff, her mum and dad we're out, she had told them and they said its fine, just visit them every so often, "hey guys this is Hope, and Hope....well you already know who they are" Darcy chuckled, awwww, "hey" Hope said shyly, "hey" we all replied, we spent a few hours getting to know her,  we had a laugh, "want to play twister and then get going" Hope suggested, we all nodded excitedly,"we're all playing so no one gets out of it, we'll just have to take it in turns to spin the arrow" Hope explained, we nodded and the game began.

"whos going first" Niall asked, no one spoke, Louis sighed and then said" ill do it"  we all chuckled and Hope spun the arrow, "left hand blue" she smiled, and so Louis put his left hand on blue, "we'll go by age, so Zayn you go next" Hope smiled, he nodded and she spun, "left foot red" she announced and so  he did so, and soon everyone was twisted, awkwardest thing was, I was up like a bridge face down, and Darcy was underneath me, which was awkward, and Louis and Hope were just completly twisted together, in the end we all caved and fell in a pile, I landed on Darcy, awkward much, but we all had a laugh,  and it was fun, "are we off now" Niall said, we all noded and went. Louis was really shy around her, which is normally not Louis as we all know, but when he likes a girk he goes shy, he did with Eleanor.

so at 7pm we headed for our hotel in London, we all talked for a while, Darcy was on my bed, and Hope, was on Louis', with woo haha, at around 9pm we all got a little tired Darcy and i slept in the same bed, bacause we didnt want Hope to suspect anything, and so we was next to each other, not near each other though, Niall slept in his, Zayn slept in his, Harry in his, Louis in his, but because of lack of beds, she shared with Louis, since she knew him more, "you two are so far apart, cuddle or something" Hope said to us, i looked at Darcy, she looked at me, really nervously, as did i.

I opened my arms and she came closer, she rested her head on my chest, and her hands on my chest to, I wrapped my arms around her body, "awwwwwww" they all screached, Darcy and i giggled, awkwardly, "you two are superr cute" Hope smiled, "thanks" Darcy said shyly, and with that, we all went to sleep, in the middle of the journey I heard a whisper, "Liam" I opened my eyes and looked around, "look down" the whisper said, so I did, Darcy smiled, "whats up" I whisped back, "are you, ok with this" she asked, "with what" I replied back, "like cuddling me and stuff" she added, "I dont mind, we're friends, plus its for a cause, why do you" I asked, "no, i just wanted to ask you, i didnt want to like get comfy, because you are really comfy by the way, and then you didnt like it" she smiled,

"awww thanks, your comfy to, and  I dont mind, plus if I did, which I dont, we would have to get used to it anyway, with Hope being with us" I replied, "aww Liam, your so sweet" she replied, i smiled, she kissed my cheek, my stomach went crazy, I kissed her forehead, she looked up and smiled, again my stomach went crazy, she then laid back down, head on my chest, arm on my chest we settled down and then we went to sleep. I really do love her, why cant I tell her though.

hey sorry for the delay, i did promise a chapter today, here it is, sorry its late, i nly came back at 8 pm and then had to have my tea, its now 9:15 pm so I hope you like it :) thanks again for reading this, and enjoy :)

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