who am I ? (completed)

Hi im Darcy Summer a regular girl, 18, my birthday is the birthday as Harry Styles,1st February, wooo (btw im making everything up, ths isnt true information just saying :D ) I am from Leeds, for my birthday I got some One Direction tickets, for March, read on to find how this and a note or a few, changed my life, forever :) hope you like it, its my first story, so please no hate, feel free to comment critism or good things though :)


11. a year later

Liam's point of view

it was 5:30 pm, Paul was waiting for going to America and fans were standing around for photos, Darcy stepped back and the fans had pictures with us, but one said, "Liam" "yes" I replied smiling, "can I have a picture with you and Darcy please" she asked sweetly, I looked at Darcy, she nodded and came closer, I held my hand out and she interlocked her fingers smiling, "awwwww" the fans said, and so loads of people then asked for photos with Darcy, some even talked to her "how are you" one asked, "im fine thanks, and yourself" she replied, "fine thanks" and the fan hugged, her she hugged back, "you two are great huggers, your so perfect together" she said,we smiled and said bye.

when we arrived in America

we booked in our hotel and went straight to the room, this time there were 6 beds, one for each of us, we settled down and started talking "so do you know who your real parents are yet" Zayn asked, "Zayn" I shouted, Darcy giggled, "its fine" she said, "no, I dont, the ones who i thought were my parents do, but for some reason they said I had to find out for myself, I dont know how on earth im going to do that" Darcy continued, "I wish we could help" Harry said, "awwww haz" she replied giving him a cuddle.

an hour later the others had gone to sleep, I looked around the room and saw a magazine, so I decided to read it, Darcy and me was everywhere on it, 'newest couple, Darcy and Liam' 'romance for Liam, is he going in the right direction this time' 'Danielle moved on, so has Liam' where some captions, then something caught my eye, 'is Liam Payne's girlfriend, Harry Styles' twin?' that i've never heard before, I shrugged then went to sleep.

I woke up at 8pm, we were going to promote and record some, of our third album, thats why we was in the US, next week though we are going to Harry's house for our once a year time to go were we first got to know each other and obviously Darcy was going to join us this time, I would love to see the face on Anne's face when she see's how much Darcy looks like Harry, and Gemma come to think of it, no - one was up yet, we only had to meet Paul at 12, so I lay in my bed on my phone, I logged into twitter to see what was happening,

I looked at some tweets, 'Liam your not going to see this but, how are you :) x' so i tweeted back 'wrong I did see and im fine thanks, you babe :) x' within the first few second floods of tweets came in, 'Morning' I tweeted, 'how are you and Darcy Liam and how are you two getting on :)' just to make it more realer I decided to tweet 'were fine and we are getting on fine thanks, how are you :)' 'would you prefer batman or superman' I replied, 'batman of course :)' then one tweet caught my eye.

'Liam, after a few months of dating Danielle we saw you kiss on the lips, but we still havent seen you and Darcy even kiss on the cheek, let alone on the lips, please kiss one time, it would be so cute :') x' she had a point, we had been supposingly going out for over a year and they hadnt seen it, I decided to reply 'maybe :)' coz I wasnt saying yes or I wasnt saying no, coz if I would have said yes, then it would be awkward and it dont know if Darcy would agree, and I didnt say no coz they would be suspicious, they're very clever our fans, anyway I replied to a couple more tweets and did a little following spree and then I saw everyone was up. apart from the lazy Zayn.

I saw Harry and Louis was tweeting, 'morning guys Z100 today, cant wait :)'  Harry tweeted then I suddenly got a mention of Louis I looked at him, he looked at me back and a big grin was plastered on his face ' @Real_Liam_Payne yea Liam, they havent seen you kiss ;) to anyone who we stop for, Im sure if you ask nicely in sure he'll kiss @Darcy_Summers ' and 20,000 people favouritedd and 19,000 RTed it, I glared at him, "Louis, Darcy hasnt even agreed to this" I said, "oh no, agreed to what" Darcy spoke up "nothing" I replied, "to kiss him, a fan tweeted him earlier saying when he was going out with Danielle it was a few months until we saw Liam and her kiss on the lips, where as with you two youve been so called going out with each other for over a year, and they've not even seen you kiss on the cheek let alone kiss on the lips" Louis grinned,

Zayn then sprang up from no - where "what" Zayn asked, "you heard" Darcy snapped jokingly,  "Louis" I said while hitting him, "listen you dont have to do it, we'll think of an excuse somehow" I said, "yea, for as long as we can, but what do we do if fans start asking us in the street, thank you poo over there (Lou)" she replied, i giggled, "hey" he said,  "yes i saw the tweet Louis William Tomlinson" she added, on the upside I have over a million followers now I only had 69 before and shut up harry before you comment" she laughed, everyone laughed

they all got dressed and ready to go, we ordered room service and then went down to meet Paul, I was still thinking about that tweet and how I dread the day when a fan asks, Darcy interlocked her hands in mine, normally I did it, but she did it this time, I looked down and smiled, she smiled back, fans followed us as we got in the car to go to the Z100 radio station, we was going to be interviewed, it was a good half an hour away, we finally got to the interview, and it started

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