who am I ? (completed)

Hi im Darcy Summer a regular girl, 18, my birthday is the birthday as Harry Styles,1st February, wooo (btw im making everything up, ths isnt true information just saying :D ) I am from Leeds, for my birthday I got some One Direction tickets, for March, read on to find how this and a note or a few, changed my life, forever :) hope you like it, its my first story, so please no hate, feel free to comment critism or good things though :)


63. 6 days until the party

Louis' point of view

I woke up to the sound of birds tweeting, i opened my eyes, it took a while for them to adjust, but when they adjusted i looked and saw my arm around someone in my bed, whats going on, I looked at who it was, Hope, whats is she doing in my bed, I looked up and saw a smirking Harry, "Harry, you" I growled, to this, Hope woke up, oops, "whats goin......Harry" she yelled, he chuckled, I sat up, so did Hope, "I cant believe you have done that" I chuckled.

"whats going on" a tired Niall woke up, "Harry had put Louis and me in the same bed, an put his arm around me, and my arm around Louis" Hope said, holding in her laughter trying to be serious, Niall smirked, "Niall was you in on this to" I looked at him, so did Hope, he lowered his head, "yes" he said quietly, "so was Darcy, Zayn and Liam, we all was" Harry laughed, Zayn woke up then, "vas appening" Zayn said, "you, and them, thats vas appened" I laughed, "what now" Zayn sighed, "when we put Hope in Louis bed" Niall giggled, Zayn laughed. "awwwww look at them two" Hope said pointing at Liam and Darcy, Darcy had her arm on Liam's chest, and Liam had his arm around her, "take a picture"  I whispered to Niall, so he got out his phone and he did.

he decided to post it on twitter, saying, 'the lovely couple asleep, how cute :')' after a while they had both woke up, "morning love birds" Niall smirked, I laughed, "morning" they both smiled,  "what are we doing today" I asked, "well its 6 days until the party so I think we should just chill and then as the week progesses start getting hyped up, what do you say" Zayn replied, "great idea mate, so what are we doing" Liam asked, "what about the indoor pool" Harry suggested, we all agreed and so we all got ready the girls got their costumes on and us got our swimming trunks on.

so when we had all got ready we went down, Hope looked so beautiful in her costume, snap out of it Louis, so we made ou way to the pool, when we got there, there wasnt anyone there, it was 12 pm so dinner was being served, so we all put our towels on a bed and we all stepped close to the edge. "whos going in first" I asked, "you" Harry said and shoved me in the pool, I screamed when I got above the water, "iiiiiittts f f feezing" I stuttered, they all laughed. and they all got in, they all screamed to.

"its alright now" Niall said, "yep" we all agreed, "what shall we do now, Zayn be careful, keep the arm bands on" Liam ordered, "ok dude" Zayn smiled,  "has anyone seen dirt dancing" Niall asked, we all nodded, "do you know what ive always wanted to do" he asked us all, "nope" we all shook our heads, "the dirty dancing lift, Ive always wanted to be the one thats been lifted" he said, "lets try it" I suggested, "well whos oing to lift me" Niall asked, "ill try"I spoke up, so he swam over to me and i picked him up and rose him above me, "wooooo" Niall screached, i did it, everyone clapped.

"do the girls" Zayn said, I looked at them, "do you want one" I asked them, "if you dont mind" they replied, "nope who first"  I replied, "Darcy you first" Hope said instantly, they argued a little but then they decided Darcy would go, so she swam towards me, I picked her up and lifted her over my shoulders, again i did it, everyone woooed and clapped, then it was Hope's turn, she swam towards me and I lifted her up, and again I did it, I kept her up a while then put her down, she slid down my body, awkward moment, i looked at her, she looked at me to, the other whistled after a few seconds after which made us break our gaze.

so all day we was just trying to do the dirty dancing lift to everyone, there was only me, Harry and Liam that could do it, "pleaseee can you two kiss, i havent seen it proper in real life yet, please" Hope pleaded once we had done the dirty dancing stuff, Liam and Darcy looked at each other, "yeah go on" I smirked, i couldnt resist, they scowled at me, but then Liam cupped his hands around Darcy's face, and kissed her, it was a very deep kiss to, they are so cute, "and let me kiss you" I sung but smirked, everyone laughed, they still kissed, everyone wooooed,  a few seconds later they parted.

eeveryone awwed, they smiled at eahc other and then hope swam over to them, "you two are one of  the cutest couple ever" we all agreed, they chuckled, "lets go" Zayn said, it was  5 pm, the pool was still empty, so all got out and got dressed again, "what now" I asked when we had all changed, "what about watching a film" Liam suggested, "yeahhhhh" we all screamed, and so we went to the hotel room and picked out a film.

we decided to watch Pitch Perfect, none of us have seen it so we decided to watch it,  Liam and Darcy was on one bed, some how and i dont even know how they talked us into it but somehow Hope ended up sitting on my bed and the others had seperate beds, and so the film finished, who knew it was a comedy romance, it was so cute, but awkward with Hope next to me, when the film had finished, Hope was asleep on my shoulder, and Liam on Darcy's so we decided to go to sleep and so we did, Darcy and I had to sleep upright so we didnt disturb Liam and Hope and so we all settled down to sleep

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