who am I ? (completed)

Hi im Darcy Summer a regular girl, 18, my birthday is the birthday as Harry Styles,1st February, wooo (btw im making everything up, ths isnt true information just saying :D ) I am from Leeds, for my birthday I got some One Direction tickets, for March, read on to find how this and a note or a few, changed my life, forever :) hope you like it, its my first story, so please no hate, feel free to comment critism or good things though :)


64. 5 days untill the party

Darcy's point of view

when iwoke up I opened my eyes, and saw that I had slept on Liam's shoulder,hold on, last night I remembered that heslept on my shoulder and Hope on Louis, but how can that be, oh ay well he's very comfy, I then looked up again and saw Liam looking down on me, "morning sleepy head" he chuckled, "morning, what time is it" I asked, "2 pm" he replied, "what" I screamed, "why did you wake me and wheres the others" I asked, "none of us thought it was fair if we woke you, we knew you we're tired, and the others had gone for a walk" he replied, "well how come you didnt go with them" I asked, "well if i couldve moved my shoulder then you wouldve woke up, and that wouldnt have been fair, plus you looked comfy" he said softly, "I was to be honest, you are really comfy" I replied, and we both smiled at each other.

"well what are we going to do" I asked, "well before we go or do anything I want a shower, you can go for a walk with them, they'll be near nandos if you want to" he replied, awww i didnt want to, I loved Liam's company, "no its ok ill wait, wouldnt want to leave you on your own" I replied, cooly, "if you wish but I will be fine on my own" he giggled, "I know but I dont want you to be on your own" I said, "if your sure, ill be ouw in 10" he said I nodded and with that hewent in the bathroom and got the shower ready, I looked at twitter for a bit, I read my mentions, and saw whats trending, I was shocked to see what was trending worldwide the trend was, #LiamAndDarcyAloneAndWeAllKnowVasHappenin it made me laugh, just then Liam came out, I looked up and he was shirtless, his body is perfect, I looked for a while at it, but then i realised I was staring, "uh...Darcy,  whats up" he asked, I then snapped out of it.

"oh nothing" I replied, "oh sorry about this, I forgot my shirt, I know its bad sorry" he said, sorry, sorry, bad, is he nuts, "Liam theres nothing to be sorry, ive seen more, and plus ive seen shirtless lads eveywhere and it aint bad at all" I blushed, realizing what I just said, he smiled, "good good" he replied, "by the way before you go back, guess what your fans have trended worldwide" I laughed, oh no, what" he said, "well theyve trended hashtag Liam and Darcy alone and we all know Vas Happenin" I said, Liam and I just burst out laughing, "our fans are really dirty minded, that maybe our fault but ay well, ill sort it out when I come out the shower" he giggled, I nodded and so he went in the bathroom again.

after he came out of the shower he got his phone and wrote on twitter I guess, 10 minutes late I looked at twitter, and yep, I was correct, he had wrote 'lovely trend guys (sarcasm) Darcy and I actually laughed, it was funny, but not true you dirty minded people, but love you all have a geat day :) x' I smiled, awww this is why I keep falling harder and harder for him, "good tweet" I winked, "I know, right are we going for a walk to find the guys then" he asked, i nodded and so we made our way to the door, he locked the hotel room, I hekd my hand out for him to interlock his, he did and so we walked out of the hotel room.

so we walked hand in hand to nandos, and yep Liam was correct, they was there, in the window, they was in the window, they looked outside and saw us, they waved us in and so we went and sat with them, "so hows the love birds been" Niall asked, "fine thanks and you guys" I replied, "fine thanks" they all replied back, "have you seen the trend on twitter" Harry laughed, "yep, I saw it a bit ago and showed Liam, he tweeted about it earlier" I laughed, "when we saw it we all laughed" Louis spoke up, "we couldve guessed you wouldve" Liam shot back, everyone laughed, and so Liam ordered him and me something to eat, and we ate it.

we all walked for a little while, stopped for some fans, "so what we're you and Darcy upto in the room while the others went for a walk and to nandos" a fan smirked to Liam, we both laughed, "nothing, Darcy was asleep on me and I didnt want to move so I waited till she woke up" he replied, "after a good night" another one piped up, at this point all the boys and Hope were laughing their heads of, "no actually we all watched a film, I and Hope fell asleep before the film ended and i guess after the film everyone else went to sleep" Liam explianed.

"oh right, so the trend wasnt true" another one asked, "nope, was funny though" Liam and i said, and all the fans laughed and so did the boys. we explained and after talking some more we all went back to the hotel, we all got back around 9 pm, with 4 days to go until the party, we decided to just talk for a bit, around 11 pm we all was tired and we decided to all go to sleep, the sleeping arangements were as before and we decided that it will be where ever we go.

im so sorry for not updating yesterday, I really do, ive been really busy this week, hopefully ill be alright now, but if I dont update you know ive been busy, but that shouldnt happen for a while now, hopefully ive made up for it in this chapter :) thank you for being so patient :)

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