who am I ? (completed)

Hi im Darcy Summer a regular girl, 18, my birthday is the birthday as Harry Styles,1st February, wooo (btw im making everything up, ths isnt true information just saying :D ) I am from Leeds, for my birthday I got some One Direction tickets, for March, read on to find how this and a note or a few, changed my life, forever :) hope you like it, its my first story, so please no hate, feel free to comment critism or good things though :)


40. 3 weeks went by

Darcy's point of view

for the past 3 weeks, I havent been out, I couldnt face the paps, , I couldnt face anyone, plus I was ill, throwing up, I had the flu, the boys offered to come round and help me get better but I said no, I didnt want them to catch it, and plus  the paps would probably twist it and say I caused it, I hadnt even been on twitter, I just watched DVD's a slept, today my flu had just gone, I decided to go on twitter and see what was happening, I looked at my followers 1,000, 234 surprisingly, I had only lost a few followers, I would have thought I would have lost 100's if not 1000's but no. I also saw that Liam andDarcy was trending.

I looked at a few tweets, 'will you and Liam ever be getting back together, :( I hope so, he really loves you, i hate seeing him sad, ignore the hate, you dont deserve it, there just jealous :) your so nice :)' I didnt follow this girl, she followed me there, I decided to follow her, she made me smile, I replied to, 'thank you so much, you are so sweet, I know you say ignore the hate but its really hard if you get a piece of glass thrown at you, anyway, ive read some of your tweets and seen you was having a hard time, im always here if you need me, just DM me :)' I did this in 2 tweets. 5,000 favourites them and 6,000 RTed, I scrolled down i saw a lot of good comments, mainly saying ignore them, 'hey guys, sorry ive not been on here, been ill, anyway how are you, before you sy anything the boys and I are still friends :)'

floods of tweets came in, I replied to few, none about Liam or anything, I then checked my Dm's, I got a few from fans, I replied to them the ones that were not too personal,  then i saw one from each of the boys,  first Louis, 'get well soon dudette, dont forget about us, please, we love you Darcy and we miss you :) xx' aww what a lovely DM from Louis, 'LOUISSSS hi dude, im fine, I feel much better now, how are you, and miss you all so much, how can I forget about the boys that changed my life :) xx' next was Niall's ' Darcy, get well soon love, visit us soon so we can catch up and maybe have a meal together eh :)xx' awww Niall such a sweetie, 'hey Niall, im feeling much better now thank you, how are you , my food loving friend ;) and yes maybe, would be good :) xx'

next Zayn 'Darcy, I hope your feeling better soon, dont forget all the boys are here if you need anything, we still love you and your still our friend :)xx' awww lovely Zayn, ' awww im feeling much better Zayn thank you :) how are you,  and I will never forget you guys, of course ill come to you, and you better come to me if you need anything to :) xx' next was Harry's, 'DUUUDDDEEE, hope your better now, we love youuuu, need a catch up, we miss you soooo much :)xx' aww trust Harry to make me laugh, 'Harry you always make me laugh :) I feel much better thanks, how are you duuude, I love you all to, that will never change, miss you all to :)xx'

I decided to leave the best till last, Liam's, 'Darcy, babe, I hope your better, soon, we all miss you, cant wait to see you again, again im sorry for what the fans have done to you, we've had a few words on twitter and in interviews about that, sorry babe, stop by soon and see us, we miss you :) xxx' aww he even put three kisses, cute, 'aww babe, im feeling so much better thank you, how are you :), Liam its not your fault they are like that, theyve always been like that, everytime you lot had a girlfriend, not throwing glass like but, you cant blame yourself, its not you :) you guys have made my life worth living, and I need to repay you for that, thank you, and I will soon, dont worry :) I miss you all so much to :) xxx' sent.

the boys are all so sweet, why did I leave them, I strated to cry, after a bit I stpped crying and decided to face the outside, I got my coat and shoes on, I went to the door, breathed in and opened the door, and walked out, I breathed in the fesh air, and walked to the shop, I got a few stares but I continued, I got what I wanted, fans came upto me and still talked to me, normally, i was actually quite schoked, some of them kept saying to get back with Liam, I didnt say anything I just smiled.that i went back inside and put the things away, and got back to watching TV. tears started to form, I miss Liam and the guys, should I go back to them and see if they would take me back after, should I go back?........

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