who am I ? (completed)

Hi im Darcy Summer a regular girl, 18, my birthday is the birthday as Harry Styles,1st February, wooo (btw im making everything up, ths isnt true information just saying :D ) I am from Leeds, for my birthday I got some One Direction tickets, for March, read on to find how this and a note or a few, changed my life, forever :) hope you like it, its my first story, so please no hate, feel free to comment critism or good things though :)


66. 3 days until the party

Louis' point of view

the next day we  all woke up, today;s the day, today, I will tell Hope how I feel, ever since I text her off Darcy's phone, I started liking her even though I never saw her, but when i saw her and we started talking, then I knew she was the one, yea course i still like Eleanor, but she has moved on, and so have I, Hope,I will tell her today, i dont know how, but I will, somehow, i hope. so we all got up and talked for a while, we had nothing really planned,

"im going car hunting, anyone want anything" Niall asked, "ill come with you" Zayn said, Niall nodded, "anyone want anything" Niall asked, we all shook our heads and they nodded, and left,  "im going to the pool" Darcy spoke up, "ill join you" Harry and Liam both spoke up, "ok, Louis Hope any of you coming" Darcy asked, "no I need a shower" Hope and i both said at the same time, we both laughed, it seems nows my chance, so Liam, Harry and Darcy went to the pool, and then there was just Hope and me, awkward.

"you can go first" I smiled, "no you can" she replied, "no, ladies first" I chuckled, "ok then, thank you" she smiled, and so she toodled of in the bathroom, I decided to take to twitter, 'hey guys hows everyone :) x' I tweeted, thousands of people tweeted back in the first minute, I tweeted a few back and followed some, then Hope came out, dried her hair and then I went in the shower then, i decided I was going to ask Hope to go on a walk with me, i hope she will say yes, so I got out the shower and got changed and went to join Hope in the room.

"so now what" she asked, "umm... we could watch a film, go for a walk, swim with Liam, Darcy and Harry" I said, i hope she will say the walk, "umm..... well we've just had a shower so the pool's not a good idea, and we always watch films, do you want to go for a walk" she asked, yessss, "yep if you want" I replied, playing it cool, "yea, lets get ready" she said, within 15 minutes we was both ready, "come on" she said happily, "im coming" I replied, she really was eager to go, wooo.

and so we took to the streets, talking and laughing, we got to know a lot more about each other to, \we walked all over London, from our hotel to Big Ben, from Big Ben to Bukingham palace, from Buckingham Palace to the shops, from the shops to the Big Wheel, by this time it was dark, the others had text me asking where i was, and i told them, of course they kept urging me to tell her how i feel, and im will, when the time is right.

we was walking along near where the Big Wheel was, it was all lit up, really nice, looked sort of romantic, "lets just stop here, sit on this bench" Hope asked, "sure if you want to" I replied, and so we sat down, "how beautiful are the lights" she asked, "not nearly as beautiful as you" I sai, un-aware as I said it out loud, she looked at me in shock before she blushed, I turned away in embarrassment, she put her hands under my chin and gently turned it to her, "what" I asked, "repeat wat you said before" she said, "uhh... I...said, uhhhh....I said the lights arnt as beautiful as you" I smiled. she blushed again.

we looked at each other for a while, then she turned away, "Hope I uhhh...need to tell you something" I stuttered, "wyes louis" she said softly, "uhh...I...can i show you something"  asked her, she looked at me confused, but nodded, I told her to come closer, so she did, I then cupped my hands round her face, leaned in and kissed her, she was shocked at first, but then was quick to respond back by putting her handson my face and kissed back. sparks we're flying, my stomach melted, I loved the kiss,  we was like this for a few second when we pulled away, we looked at each other for a while, "what was that for" she asked, "I....uhhhh....I really like you" I stuttered, she smiled, and she leaned in, and kissed me.

when we parted we got up, I held my hand out for her to hold, she entwined her hands and we walked for a while, "Hope" I said quietly, "yes Louis" she replied, "will you be my girlfriend" I asked, she looked at me shocked, then smiled, "yea" was all she managed to say before a tear ran dwn her face, I sweeped my thumb across her cheek gently, wiping was her tear, I gently caressed her, we hugged and then i kissed her, until we got to the hotel, we smiled at each other and went in.

"what...where.... have we missed something" Harry asked when we got in and they saw us holding hands. "we're together" I chuckled, "since when" Darcy giggled, "since half an hour ago" I smiled, "awwwww" they all screached,we told them everything that happened, more awww's filled the room, in the end we all decided to go to sleep, its been a long day for me, and Hope to. she cuddled into me, I kissed her forehead and we went to sleep.

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