who am I ? (completed)

Hi im Darcy Summer a regular girl, 18, my birthday is the birthday as Harry Styles,1st February, wooo (btw im making everything up, ths isnt true information just saying :D ) I am from Leeds, for my birthday I got some One Direction tickets, for March, read on to find how this and a note or a few, changed my life, forever :) hope you like it, its my first story, so please no hate, feel free to comment critism or good things though :)


67. 2 days until the party

still Louis' point of view

I woke up the next morning spooning Hope and our hands entwined, awwww she looks so cute sleeping, I looked around everyone was still asleep, I slowely removed me hand away from Hope's she groaned a little then she went back to sleep, I got off the bed  and got my phone, I didnt want to wake the others up, better get rested fo this party in 2 days, i cant wait, it would be so good if Liam and Darcy admtted they liked each other while they was drunk, but they wont get drunk, unless someone spikes them, I hope not though, they should just come out with it, theyreally love each other, and I mean really, but too shy to admit it, I sort of understand Darcy's view, but Liam's i have no idea why.

so I got my phone and went on twitter as i sat down on the bed, all down my news feed was pictures of me and Hope, news travels fast doesnt it, no privacy at all, at least we dont have to hide it, i saw hundreds of mentions, but one I saw said, 'Louuuuu, hi, are you with the girl in all these pictures, if you are, that is soooo cute, you make a cute couple, almost as good as Liam and Darcy :)' awww what a sweet fan, i followed her and replied, 'yes we are together, her name is Hope, no one better hate on her, and aww thanks, Darcy and Liam are so cute together though arnt they, it would be hard to meet up to them, but thanks :)' I followed more and replied to more, I saw some hate and decided to tweet about it

'ok so you people that hate Hope dont want me to be happy, be single for the rest of my life, dont want me to have happiness, thanks, thanks a lot, Hope has dont nothing wrong, she dont deserve the hate, its just like Darcy, Darcy got hurt coz of it, and so will Hope if your not careful, just be happy fo us :)' I did it in seperate parts but that was what it read, I decided I had, had enough of twitter now so I logged off.

at 2 pm they all decide to wake up, "wake up you lazy lot" I laughed, they all groaned, I laughed even more, they all woke up and got changed, we all talked for a while, about whats gunna happen at the party and stuff like that, we all talked until someone asked, "what are we going to do now" Niall asked, "umm..." everyone said, "what about shopping" Hope suggested, "yeahhh" Darcy said, everyone else sighed, "fine, we'll go, and you can do whatever" Hope said pulling her tongue out, we all laughed.

"ok then" we replied, "fine, bye guys" they both said, I kissed Hope on the lips, "arnt you going to give your boyfriend a kiss" Hope said, Darcy looked at Liam, he nodded, and so she went over, and they kissed, "awwww" we all said, thye need to tell each other grrrrrr.

so they went, "so what shall we do" Niall asked, "talk" Zayn replied, "ok, Harry do you still speak to that girl that lives across the road from you" I asked, "yea, im still going out with her, we text everyday, we just never see her, she's coming two days after the party though" he replied, "oh right, first time meeting her" Liam added, "yep, now Liam, spill, do you like Darcy" Harry asked, "no" he replied, "you do, stop lying" I spoke up, "im not, I dont like her" he sighed, "why wont you admit it" Niall asked, "because i dont, and even if I did, which I dont, just making that clear, she wouldnt like me back, but I dont anyway so that dont matter" he replied, we all sighed, "Liam you do, and why wouldnt she like you, your nice, handsme, everyone wants you" Harry laughed,

"thanks but I dont like her anyway" he replied, "you do, and she likes you to, why cant you see" Zayn said, "she dont" Liam said "she does, why would she agree to this otherwise, you kiss like all the time, you do like each other, and it hurts us to think that you like her and she likes you but you both are to shy to admit it" I sighed, "no we dont like each other how many time" Liam replied, we all sighed, "whatever, but you do, now how are you and Demi getting on Niall" Zayn asked, "fine thanks" he replied, "Liam and Darcy are the only ones technically single now" I stated, "that is true" Niall said, "anyway hows you and Perrie" Liam said to Zayn, "we're fine, what about you and Hope, Louis" Zayn replied, "we're good, but we've only been going out a day" I chuckled, "aww, you two are so cute" Liam said, "s are you and Darcy" I sniggered

we talked, I think Liam was feeling a little awkward, coz we was talking about until the girls got back around 10 pm, "nandos anyone" Darcy shouted, "yeahhhhh" we all yelled, and so they came in with nandos, "woooooo" we all screamed, "thanks" we said to them, "no problem" they replied as we all scoffed it down and talked, we all watched a film while eating,we watched Toy story as it was on TV and Liam and Darcy both like it . Hope fell asleep on me, awwwww, and Darcy on Liam actually, awwwww cute.

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