who am I ? (completed)

Hi im Darcy Summer a regular girl, 18, my birthday is the birthday as Harry Styles,1st February, wooo (btw im making everything up, ths isnt true information just saying :D ) I am from Leeds, for my birthday I got some One Direction tickets, for March, read on to find how this and a note or a few, changed my life, forever :) hope you like it, its my first story, so please no hate, feel free to comment critism or good things though :)


68. 1 day until the party

Liam's point of view

right today we are starting to plan the songs what we was going to sing, Darcy and Hope sat on Darcy and mines bed watching us practise, "so what shall we sing" I asked, "ummm... what about Summer Love" Louis spoke up, "yea, what other songs" Harry asked, and so we disgussed what songs we want to do, and so this is the list

Im Yours - Jason Mraz
What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction
TroubleMaker - Olly Murs
Little Things - One Direction
Standing In The Dark - Lawson
Summer Love - One DIrecton

Simon only said we could have 6, so we chose, of ours, and 3 that we like, and so we paractised, the girls was going to give us their opinion, "well you done done me and you bet i felt it, i tried to reach for you but you so hot that i melted, I fell right through the cracks, see ive been trying to get back, oh before the cool done run out ill be giving it my bestest, but nothings gunna stop me but devine intervention, I reakon its again my turn, to win some or learn some but I wont hesitate, no more, no more it canot wait, im yours" we all sang, so we continued to the end, at the end the girls woooed and clapped.

"sooo what dya think" Niall asked the girls, "and be honest" I added, "it was amazing" they both screamed together, "woooo" we all said, "next song" Hope ordered, "you got it babe" Louis smiled, "your insecure, dont know what for, your turning heads when you walk through the door, dont need make up, to cover up, being the way that you are is enough" I sang, "everyone else in the room can see it, everyone else but you" Harry continued, "baby you light up my world like nobody elese, the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed but when you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell, you dont know oh oh, your dont know your beautiful" we all sang.

when the song had finished the girls clapped and woooed, "what do you think" Zayn asked, "that was amazing aswel" they both said again, "next" Darcy ordered, "coming right up" Harry smiled, "you had me hooked again from the minute you sat down, the way you bite your lips got my head spinning around, after a drink or two I was putty in your hand, I dont have a chance to stand, oh oh oh, trouble trouble maker yeah thats your middle name, oh oh oh, I know your no good but your stuck in my brain and i wanna know" we sang until the end, again the girls clapped and wooooed. we all laughed.

"did you like it" Niall asked, they nodded their heads happily, "yeahhh" they screamed, we laughed, "next" Hope said, "you got it" Louis chuckled, "your hand fits in mine like its made just for me, but bear this in mind it was, meant to be, and im joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks and it all makes sense to me" Zayn sang, "I know you've never loved, the crinkles by your eyes when you smile yyou;ve never loved, your stomach or your thighs, the dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine, but ill love them endlessly" I continued, and so we sang that to, mand again the girls clapped and wooed.

"was that good" I asked, "yes" they screached, "and you arent saying that just coz were your friends" Zayn interupted, "were sure" they both said, "now next song" Hope chuckled, "ok" we replied, "sitting here wide awake, thinking about when i last saw you, know your not far away, close my eyes, and i still see you, lying here next to me, wearing nothing but a smile, gotta live far away, counting cracks along the pavement, to see your face to face, thinking about the conversation, I know im not one to change, I never wanted nothing more, but as I walk upto your door" we all sang, i love this song,when the song had finished, they both awwwwed, im guessing that they both like this song to.

wooos and claps filled the air again, we all smiled, "now this is our last song" I announced, "awwww" they both said, we chuckled and started, "cant believe your, packing your bag, trying so hard not to cry, had the best time, now its the worst time, but we have to say goodbye," Zayn sang "dont promise that your gunna write, dont promise that youll call, just promise that you wont forget we, had it all" Harry continued, "coz you were mine for the summer, now we know its nearly over, feels like snow in September but i always will remember, you we're my, summer love, you always will be my summer love" we all sang, while singing the chorus, Louis pointed at Hope, she had tears in her eyes, Darcy had tears in her eyes to, I know she always loved this song, awww.

when we had finished, they wiped their tears away and wooooed louder, and clapped, "thank you" the boys and i said in unison, "it was perfect" Darcy smiled, I walked over to her and sat on the bed, tears fell from her cheek again, I walked over and swiped my thumb against her cheek to wipe it away, she looked up and smiled, she leaned on me, I wrapped my arms around her, I really love her, the others awwwwed, we kept rehersing the songs, and everytime Summer Love was sung, she always cried, its cute really, we ate in between of course, we had nandos mmmm.... at 11 pm we called it a night and decided to go to sleep, big night tomorrow, and we all went to sleep.

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