Mission Impossible

This was the moment. It was her chance to go out into this world. Thoughts of Impossiblities remained in corners of her mind. This was the part of her that wasn't sure about this plan, but it was worth taking a risk. Could she? Would she? This world was too advanced for her, and so was this mission.


5. Sidewalk Strangers

                     I looked all over the place. I needed another direction. I couldn’t look at him. A look would've meant "Hey I really do need help". No, I didn't want is help whether if he was a hobo or not!

                                            “Miss, are you okay?” he asked

                  I was taught not to talk to strangers and so ignoring him I did. I quickly got up and ran. I was still in pain, but it was worth saving my own life. I was on a mission nothing could stop me.

                                     “You can do it Lena,” I said to myself

                                        “Ma’am wait!” The man called

                I ran, slower and slower. I couldn’t make it. I couldn’t be scared now. I hid the necklace inside my shirt. Then, I felt a sudden touch on my shoulder. Busted.

                               “Glad you stopped,” the same voice said

                              “HELP, A MAN, HELP!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed

            I turned around, facing the man.  I was ready. I knew that nobody would come out to save me. The man smiled in a way that was quite friendly. I bit my ips trying not to smile back. I shouldn’t get too comfortable.

                                   “Sowell’s the name,” he greeted

         He let out a hand. I shook it. Normally, if he were a criminal, I would be boxed up or tied in a bag, but that didn’t happen at all. I had to be sure of this.

                                            “Lena”, I replied.

        He took off the beard. It was fake! He smiled. My heart pounded and popped. He was a teenager too. He looked about 15. He was adorable. 

                                    “What brings you here”, he asked

                                         “A mystery”, I replied

                               “Ooh, can I come? ”he wondered

                              “Sure, I guess so, why not,” I answered     

       His face looked interested. I didn't mind if he was. At this point, my fear dropped out of me. This love was overpowering me! That must've been the reason. Whatever might happen to me, at least I met him anyway.


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