Mission Impossible

This was the moment. It was her chance to go out into this world. Thoughts of Impossiblities remained in corners of her mind. This was the part of her that wasn't sure about this plan, but it was worth taking a risk. Could she? Would she? This world was too advanced for her, and so was this mission.


4. Breakout

                 I was already tearful by the time they finished. They kissed my cheeks softly. I was their only hope. I felt their pain and sorrow in that story. Aaliyah doesn’t even know who we are. How am I supposed to find the other half of this pearl if I don’t know who or where she is. I gotta think of something. I cant leave mom and dad sorrowful after that moment. But if I want things done, I have got to di it myself

              The wind outside began to blow harder and harder. Thunder outside roaring and echoing. Lightning flashing everywhere. We were headed for a storm. I couldn’t help, but to think of an escape, out in the storm. The night was getting darker. I had to take risks. I grabbed my necklace and wrapped it around me. I wasn’t too sure about this, but after a glance at the window, this was final, I’ll go.

            The necklace was all I needed. Quickly, I tiptoed down the stairs. Slowly and quietly, I opened the door. I took several steps away, then I ran. This was my only chance to bring my sister back. This was the part of me that didn’t know what to do.

                                          “I’ll be back soon,” I wished

            The storm got louder and louder, harder and harder. I ran further and further, until I could find a safe place to stay. I spotted a wooden house, I ran towards it. I was worried about my night away from home. As I  got closer and closer, raindrops fell on my path. I kept running. Before I knew it, I fell! I cried and moaned for help. My heart raced faster and faster, I might as well die. I should’ve stayed home, but it was too late.

                                                      “HELP!” I cried

          Just then, at that moment when I gave up, a man came my way. He had a beard of brown. Ripped jeans and a shirt with words written “GEMINI’S” it said. This was simply too much. A hobo and a "GEMINI" shirt. I examined him closely, but I didn’t bother focusing long. I had to run away.

                                                “A hobo?” I wondered

         What if he wasn't a hobo and I ran away, and he was actually trying to help me? Ugh, shame on me if that did happen. I had to make a plan.        












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