Mission Impossible

This was the moment. It was her chance to go out into this world. Thoughts of Impossiblities remained in corners of her mind. This was the part of her that wasn't sure about this plan, but it was worth taking a risk. Could she? Would she? This world was too advanced for her, and so was this mission.


3. Bedtime Stories!

               When I finished my dinner, quickly, I kissed mom and dad and rushed for the stairs.  But before I could hit the top of the stairs, unexpectedly, dad stopped me

                                        “Lena, I have a surprise for you,” dad shouted

                                                   “Okay dad!” I called back

             Now, I really rushed. In fact, when I was finished using the bathroom, I didn’t clean it! What could my surprise be? A dog? A phone? A flat screen TV? The suspense was killing me! I ran to my room and cannon- balled myself onto my bed. I made bed angels which looked like nothing, but little wrinkles.

            Dad stepped in with the gift in the middle of his hands. He placed a silky white pearl necklace around my neck. I jumped into his arms and whispered a thank you. But when I looked at the pearl once again, half was missing. I was confused.

                                            “Where’s the other half,” I asked

               “It was given to your sister the day you were both separated,” Dad said

                                   “What did happen to her?” I questioned

                                   “Do you really want to know?” they inquired

              I made a face that told them to start. They sighed. I could tell that the were worried.  These news should have some story to it. Learning about what did happened was I was focused on.

            “It all happened when your mother gave birth to both of you. Y’all were twins. You and your sister went for a quick checkup. Aaliyah couldn’t make it, but you could. It made us pay a whole extra to pay for the little ones healing, but what could we do? Your mom and I didn’t have enough money. We were poor back then. We’d either have to let her de or live. Oh, but she did live. A couple that just came from a blood checkup heard the news. They offered a deal. They wanted a child through adoption. They were rich too. Your mom and I had no choice, but to give our baby Aaliyah to someone who could pay for the healing. We signed a contract that very day. She was theirs. We hugged her tight and kissed her. But then, we took that pearl necklace in split it into twos and wrapped it around her. It had a Gemini sign on it and so does yours, half of it. Finally, we gave her to that couple and she left. We cried. We haven’t been with her for a day yet. We cried, hard. I’ll never forget her."



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