Mission Impossible

This was the moment. It was her chance to go out into this world. Thoughts of Impossiblities remained in corners of her mind. This was the part of her that wasn't sure about this plan, but it was worth taking a risk. Could she? Would she? This world was too advanced for her, and so was this mission.


7. A Whole New Pearl


                 It was after an hour or two, we took a taxi to an unexpected place. My thoughts were nothing close to Aaliyah’s house. It was dark and stormy around her land. She had thorns on her garden instead of nurtured plants and flowers. She had a castle! I heard laughter and evil mixed together. I’m starting to think that Sowell didn’t have a good life before and he doesn’t have a good background.

        I couldn’t turn my back on him now. He opened the door by scanning himself on the gates. When he was done, he walked inside without me! Now, I couldn’t get in, but I had to try anyway. I walked to the gate. Automatically, the door opens after scanning my pearl necklace. I was in shock.

       I opened the door.  Sowell was inside. I didn’t see him, but I did hear a loud shout calling my name. I assumed it was Sowell. He was the only person I knew here. I walked closer to the sound. I saw her! She looked evil. Although, there was once one thing that made her look slightly innocent, it was a pearl! She had the details I had! How could this be? Was it really her? Impossible! It couldn’t be.

                                       “Lena, meet Aaliyah,” he told me

    She looked at me from top to bottom. I was quite freaked out. She stood up from her throne and dashed to me. She picked up my pearl and took her pearl as well. Within a second, she gently put them together. The pearl glowed all over the kingdom! Its power shredded the castle, the darkness, and everything.

                                        “It’s You!” We shouted together

     I couldn't believe my eyes! This moment was here! All my thoughts came to an end. My worries, rushing out like a wind. If only mom was here to see this moment. We had to go home, immediately..




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