The Red Star Series

This is a series that I made in my notebook for four of my friends. Since there were boys in it, I decided to make it like a comic! I wanted to share it online. so far in my notebook, I have about nine chapters OR episodes so far. So, let me tell you about myself. My name is Rhiannon. I am ten years old and i'm in fifth grade. My four best friends that are in my story's names are, Cherish,Nathaniel,Kaylee,Kristian,and I. Well I wanted to put this in one of the competitions, but obviously, there is no competitions for it so...Oh well. Thank you for your time, and I hope you have fun reading it! (I edited the cover myself! Not bad?) I wrote this marvelous my perspective...for my best friends.


2. Episode One: Blood Pup

It was A normal Halloween night, when my eight friends and I were out going trick or treating. There names were Natasha, Hailey, Kaylee, Kristian,Nathaniel,Cherish,Jayson,Khalyl and me...Rhiannon. As we were walking Kristian and Nathaniel just being there selves, Started sword fighting. Because they were simple ninjas, with simple swords. Everyone laughed,but i just smiled. Then broke out laughing cause Kristian fell smack first into a puddle! "The racoon tripped me, and also ate my muffins!" He yelled. We got so much candy! It was ridiculous! It started to rain after a while. "My hair and my make up!!" Hailey screeched. Natasha rolled her eyes and got our jackets out and handed them to us. Hailey said thanks. We all did. We started running to find shelter,that was a mistake. We all got lost! We were lost in the woods but we could see a house in the far corner of our eyes. "Hey, over there, look there is a house, lets go!" Jayson pointed out. We walked to the spider web, covered steps. They creaked as if a bat screeched from to much light. Khalyl was brave enough to knock on the un-smooth door. If you were to rub your hands against the rough surface of the door , you'd probably have splinters all over! "Knock, Knock, Knock!" "No answer" "Hmmmm..." Kaylee mumbled. Kaylee grabbed the rusty old, doorknob and twisted, and like that, as if when you turned the knob it unlocked from a loud click, it opened.



 I will finish this story with part two in a little...I kinda like leaving hooks or leaving viewers "hanging". Even though I have no, I will make part two next, right now.

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