The Red Star Series

This is a series that I made in my notebook for four of my friends. Since there were boys in it, I decided to make it like a comic! I wanted to share it online. so far in my notebook, I have about nine chapters OR episodes so far. So, let me tell you about myself. My name is Rhiannon. I am ten years old and i'm in fifth grade. My four best friends that are in my story's names are, Cherish,Nathaniel,Kaylee,Kristian,and I. Well I wanted to put this in one of the competitions, but obviously, there is no competitions for it so...Oh well. Thank you for your time, and I hope you have fun reading it! (I edited the cover myself! Not bad?) I wrote this marvelous my perspective...for my best friends.


3. Episode One: Blood Pup PART TWO!




  "Hmmmm..." Kaylee mumbled. Kaylee grabbed the rusty old, doorknob and twisted, and like that, as if when you turned the knob it unlocked from a loud click, it opened.





The door opened slowly, once opened enough, we all walked in. A dim light emerged from an open hallway leading towards a couch and a lit fire place. The door closed un expectedly, receiving a few small gasps." It was just the wind." I confidently said feeling creeped out. We walked to the faded couch, and sat thinking we were safe. "Man! We should of brought our phones! But no, MR. know at all said not to!" Cherish said pointing and directing towards Jayson. "What? I thought we would not get lost!" Jayson snapped back. That's when the big mansion was filled with arguing and angry faces. "hey? you guys! YOU GUYS!?" Natasha said getting our attention. "Forget it, we are lost! We will find help or go home tomorrow! Because it is raining and dark. We will stay for the night." Natasha finally said something we all agreed on. So, there we were laughing, talking, eating delicious candy, checking each one before we ate it.(YOU SHOULD KNOW WHY) "What was that?" Hailey asked. The room fell silent. Before anybody could say anything, Hailey flew out of her chair and into the hall way. We heard a door slam. We screamed in hyperactive terror! Jayson, Kristian, Kaylee and I was the ones to check out what happened. We slowly walked to the hallway wondering what door she was dragged in. A shrill came from Hailey from a door answered us. We ran to the door and opened it with anxiety. What we saw was the worst. Hailey's Lifeless body lay there with a appalled look on the face. As we turned to run for it, Jayson was last and was grabbed by a six foot tall looking animal! We heard a caterwaul from his mouth. We turned to see what was happening. There standing in front of us, was a monster, like I said, a six foot animal. It had blood written all over his face. It had ears like a puppy. As Jayson wailed, we screamed. We could not do anything. We were useless and stunned! The monster took Jayson skin, twisted, then pulled it straight off! Threw Jayson's body and ate his skin very appetence! The monster then made a cacophonous scream. So loud I almost went Deaf. Then it disappeared. We all looked confused, Then went to warn the others. As we ran to the living room we noticed that, Natasha and Nathaniel were gone! Cherish's body was dead on the couch. I felt a tear trickle down my left eye. She was my best friend, to many memories! We found Khalyl under the table, shaking. Then his eyes turned white and the monsters hand ripped through his stomach, taking organs with it. We jumped and screamed and started running for the door. As we ran Kaylee screamed and thudded into the ceiling. Kristian and I kept running. Through the door, out the area, out the woods and to a bunch of cop cars and our parents. Kristian and I told the whole story. Parents were crying and devastated. The memory of this never left our mind. We named the monster "Blood Pup." Because of it's bloody face and puppy ears. Natasha and Nathaniel were never found. We went on with our lives knowing we would never have our friends back. "Alarm clock beeps." Rhiannon gasps as she wakes up from that nightmare. Also from burning pain from her wrist. She turns on the lamp and looks. A red star was placed on her once clear skin. What was going on?                           TO BE CONTINUED......



                                                            written by Rhiannon Mata...


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