The worst feeling

About a girl who gets picked on everyday if her life, but keeps herself from breaking down. A story in the form of a diarydiary, she records her most secret thoughts.


1. Introduction.


My name is Emma. I thought today was going to be a good day when I went to school, but it wasn't, when my dad died I felt like I had lost everything, he was the only one who would be there for me all the time. My older brother Lucas has always been nice to me, but he was never as close to me as dad was. He's the one who looks after me now, our mother died in a crash on her birthday, dead on impact. I cried for hours, but I'm glad she didn't have to suffer any pain, it's better like that. Dad died of cancer. Going back to school, I only really have three friends there, Lottie, Jake, and Jessica, Jess is Lottie's girlfriend. (yes, they're Lezzo) and Jake has been my best friend since we met in reception. Hrs always been there for me. When Lottie, Jess, Jake and I entered the school this morning, we all thought today was going to be great, like it was last year. But it wasn't, luckily Lottie and Jake are in all my classes, and Jess is in three of our classes. When we walked into home room, Lottie, Jake and I all groaned, we were in the same classes as Jordan, the most popular boy at school. Most of the girls had crushes on him, and he was friends with almost everybody. My group excluded. Jordan wasn't always our enemy, in fact, he was the second friend I ever made, (Jake being the first) but then he started acting rudely to us all the time. The reason my group is so unpopular is because we are all different, Lottie and Jess are in love with eachother, and Jake and I don't have parents. (and we both have matching skull earrings. Jake lives with his older sister Dana in the house next to mine. We've been going out for two years, since we we're twelve, when we confessed how much we liked eachother. Jordan was left out of the main group because he cut himself. He tries to flirt with Jess but she's a lezzo so she just blows it off. Me and Jake laugh when this happens. Then Jordan gets weird. Whenever his friends aren't around, he grabs me and kisses me until Jake cries. Because Jordan always hurts my arms because of his grip. Jordan was nice once. Two years ago he was never like this. Until Jake and I started going out, we were all friends. I know that's because he liked me then. He still looks at me all the time from across the hallway, or whenever I drop something he always picks it up for me. Like I said, he hasn't always been a bad guy.
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