Make Me Feel Safe

Hi I'm Ellie! I'm 17 and I'm goth or emo, whatever you want to call it! I live in an orphanage in South Africa! My parents left me here when I was only 3! My best friend is a girl named Carly! She was found in a dumpster and brought here! I hate it. It feels like we're pieces of trash....Not worth the miracle of life! What happens when I nice lady adopts us and we get to meet the famous boy band One Direction.....


5. Surprise kiss

Ellie's P.O.V

Carly had her hand over her mouth and she went inside the hotel room again after giving me a hug and whispering "Everything will be fine!" Harry took my hand and pulled me into his hotel room! Everyone else was out doing something so that's why no one else came running! Harry was sharing a room with Louis and their room was so messy! Harry pushed me into the bathroom and said "I will be back with your clothes just take a shower!" 

I took a shower when Harry came back with my clothes i had a towel around me and I was sitting on his bed watching TV! He laughed and came and sat next to me! He plopped my clothes onto my lap and i got up and went to change! 

Harry was lying on the bed watching TV when I came back and he patted the spot beside him for me to come sit! I sat down and he stared at me! "What are you staring at?" I smiled. He said "You are so beautiful without make-up.........not that you aren't with make-up its just I know what that came out wrong!" I just laughed at him! Suddenly the smile disappeared off my face! His smile disappeared to and he said "What's wrong?" I sighed and said "Just thinking about the note!" He said "Don't worry I won't let anyone hurt you ever! I smiled and hugged him then relaxed and watched TV even though I wasn't that interested!

I think I fell asleep but when I woke up I was lying on Harry's shoulder and he was asleep too! I sat up and he obviously felt it because his eyes fluttered open and he pulled me back down! I laughed and he said "Sorry it was just so comfortable!" I sat up and he was staring at me again! I chuckled and he smiled and looked down! I lifted his head up and said "No need to be ashamed!" He started leaning forward and before i knew what was happening his lips crashed against mine and I went with it! Suddenly Anne came around the corner saying "Harry i got you some......." She didn't finish her sentence because she saw me and Harry kissing! 


** Author's note**

Hey guiisse hope you enjoy! Sorry its kinda short and remember you can always give me suggestions and advice! Thanks guys! ~ Cameron    





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