Make Me Feel Safe

Hi I'm Ellie! I'm 17 and I'm goth or emo, whatever you want to call it! I live in an orphanage in South Africa! My parents left me here when I was only 3! My best friend is a girl named Carly! She was found in a dumpster and brought here! I hate it. It feels like we're pieces of trash....Not worth the miracle of life! What happens when I nice lady adopts us and we get to meet the famous boy band One Direction.....


9. Out of this hell hole

Ellie's P.O.V When the girl came back she had a really shocked look on her face when she saw my arms and legs covered in blood and cuts! She brought a cloth and water and she wiped up blood and she brought me long pants and a hoodie! So she did feel guilty! I said "Thanks, whats your name?" She replied "My name is Amanda!" I smiled and said "Mine is Ellie!" She smiled! There was no point of being mean so I was just nice! The days went on and on with abuse almost every single day and I turned to cutting again and Amanda was feeling less and less guilty. My clothes were stained with blood and I thought Harry didn't care, Anne didn't care, Carly didn't care! I didn't know what to think anymore! No one loved me! I might as well die! I had lost count of the days and date and late that night maybe even early morning I cut my arms and legs so badly I passed out from blood loss!


I woke up in a hospital bed with the girl and her parents next to the bed. I screamed at her "YOU MADE ME LIKE THIS! HARRY DOESN'T CARE AND I HAVE NO ONE THEY PROBABLY NOT EVEN IN PARIS ANYMORE!" The parents looked genuinely angry at Amanda and I turned my head to the other side and saw tears in Harry's eyes and I jumped off the bed and hugged him. He whispered "Just kiss me!" This sent shivers down my spine and I kissed him! I asked "Whats the date?" He said "10 March 2013!" I stared at him! I had been in there 3 months. He let go of me and my legs gave way under me and I was falling but two strong arms caught me. I smiled and he put me on the bed and said "Rest."


2 months later 


I rushed in the room to grab my toothbrush and grab my bag. I then rushed out the door and by accidentally bumped into Niall. He laughed and said "You better watch where you're going Love." this was a surprise to me as I had never heard Niall say Love. I said "I aint  nobody's Love except Harry's." We both burst out laughing. I said "Niall I have to go put my bags..." He picked up my bag and started carrying it down to the lobby.


**Authors note**


Will update again soon. Sorry its so short! Have lots of homework and stuff so see ya soon! ~ Cameron

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