Make Me Feel Safe

Hi I'm Ellie! I'm 17 and I'm goth or emo, whatever you want to call it! I live in an orphanage in South Africa! My parents left me here when I was only 3! My best friend is a girl named Carly! She was found in a dumpster and brought here! I hate it. It feels like we're pieces of trash....Not worth the miracle of life! What happens when I nice lady adopts us and we get to meet the famous boy band One Direction.....


6. Kissed........again

Ellie's P.O.V

Harry's lips were parted from mine and I opened my eyes and saw Anne holding Harry by the hair! Harry turned around and started shouting at his mother! I slipped off the bed and out the door leaving them arguing! I walked into my hotel room and put my back against the door and slid down till I was sitting on the floor and I sighed! Carly just sat there staring at me and I said "What are you staring at?" She said "What happened by Harry?" I Stood up and said "Nothing." I walked to the bathroom and I could feel her eyes burning into my back!

I came out of the bathroom and there was a note on the table saying "Louis took me out somewhere will be back later!" I smiled and was thinking about what they would be like as a couple! There was a knock on the door! I walked slowly and opened it and Harry was standing there with a huge grin on his face! He help my face in his hands and kissed me softly! I walked backwards and Harry stayed with my our lips still connected! He closed the door behind him and pushed me against a wall! He licked my bottom lip and I allowed him entry! Our tongues fought for dominance and his won! He licked my teeth and I laughed into his mouth!


Hey guys hope you enjoy this! Sorry wasn't that long! ~ Cameron

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