Make Me Feel Safe

Hi I'm Ellie! I'm 17 and I'm goth or emo, whatever you want to call it! I live in an orphanage in South Africa! My parents left me here when I was only 3! My best friend is a girl named Carly! She was found in a dumpster and brought here! I hate it. It feels like we're pieces of trash....Not worth the miracle of life! What happens when I nice lady adopts us and we get to meet the famous boy band One Direction.....


2. Blush


Ellie's P.O.V


"Hi I'm Anne!" She said! I laughed and said "I guessed! She laughed and said "Before you get in the car...." i cut her off saying "More Like Limo!" She laughed and continued "I travel a lot due to my son's career!" "Okay" me and Carly said in unison! She laughed and opened the door. I got in and I saw 5 figures but couldn't see their faces! Carly whispered into my ear "Whoa Scary!" I whispered back "I know!" Anne got in next to us and I guessed they had a driver who drove the limo! "Guys meet your new sisters!" Suddenly the 5 guys were all up in our faces saying hi and stuff. Anne laughed and said "Guys sit down! The vehicle is moving." They sat back and relaxed. I probably looked so shocked right now! I know them from somewhere! I just have to think. 

Anne: "This is Harry my son!" and she pointed to the curly haired one!

Harry: "Hi loves!"

Anne: "This is Liam!" and she pointed to the one with a shaved head! 

Liam: "hi girls!" and he was staring at me!

Anne: "Zayn!" and she pointed to the guy with the cinnamon hair!

Zayn: "heyy!"

Anne: "Niall! 

Niall: "hi um have any food?"

Anne: "And this is Louis!"

Louis: "Hi Beautifuls!"

I blushed at this for some reason and my sentence came out one long line! "hiharryliamnialllouisandzaynnicetomeetyou"

Harry laughed and said "You nervous babe?"

I blushed and Anne said "Harry you are not going to take advantage of this poor girl! I laughed and said "I can defend myself!" and that's when it hit me! They were the famous band One Direction! I think they knew i just realized because they all said in unison "DON'T FREAK OUT PLEASE!" I laughed and said "I'm not exactly a fan so I'm not going to freak out!" They all looked a little disappointed at what i had just said! i turned to look at Carly but she had fallen asleep on my shoulder! I laughed and her eyes fluttered open immediately and i guessed she had heard the whole conversation before! I suddenly noticed Liam hadn't taken his eyes off me and i blushed! When the car came to a stop i realized we were at an airport but we didn't have passports but they let us through with the boys after Anne had explained! Liam slipped next to me as we were walking through the airport and held my hand! I didn't know what to do so I just simply pulled it away! Niall came and put his arm over my shoulders and said "So what's your favorite music and i replied simply "metal." He smiled at me and said well screamed "AND FOOD?" I laughed and said "Nandos!" He said "Will you marry me?" I laughed and said "Yeah!" He said "awh!" and I laughed! 

**Authors note**

Hey guiisee hope you enjoy! ~ Cameron


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