Make Me Feel Safe

Hi I'm Ellie! I'm 17 and I'm goth or emo, whatever you want to call it! I live in an orphanage in South Africa! My parents left me here when I was only 3! My best friend is a girl named Carly! She was found in a dumpster and brought here! I hate it. It feels like we're pieces of trash....Not worth the miracle of life! What happens when I nice lady adopts us and we get to meet the famous boy band One Direction.....


1. Adoption

Ellie's P.O.V

I walked to the desk and started putting on my black make-up as thick as I could! Just then one of the workers(the only one that I like in this awful place) named Mikayla walked in and said "Great news for you and Carly!" I jumped up and said "What what what??" She hugged me and said "You guys are getting adopted!" And Carly came out the bathroom as she said that and she screamed and we hugged and jumped around together! "You girls need to pack Anne is coming to fetch you at 8pm! So go go go!" I laughed and said "We still have 12 hours!" She laughed and said ""SO WHAT?" in a teasing voice! I laughed and said "THAT"S LONG!" She lunged forward and started tickling me until we all fell on the bed laughing a lot!" 

She left the room and Carly started packing. Pffft i blew the piece of hair out my face and Mikayla walked back in and said "Oh and you will be traveling a lot before you reach Anne's house!" She closed the door and i thought 'Why would we be traveling a lot?' I shrugged it off and continued packing.

At 8pm I heard the car hoot and i ran down the stairs and hugged Mikayla and she whispered "Don't get into too much trouble! I will miss you!" I started singing......

Whoa oh 

Trouble troublemaker yeah 

That's your middle name 
Whoa oh 
I know you're no good but you're stuck in my brain 
And I wanna know 
Why does it feel so good but hurt so bad 
Whoa oh 
My mind keeps saying 
Run as fast as you can 
I say I'm done but then pull me back 
Whoa oh 
I swear you're giving me a heart attack 


The only reason I knew that song was because Mikayla listened to it. We laughed and I said "I'm gonna miss you too." We walked and were greeted with a hug from a lady who we assumed was Anne! 


 **Authors Note**

Hey Guiisse! Hope you like it! This is the first movella of mine I have liked so please no hate and I deleted the other movellas! Hope you enjoy this story! 

Lots of love


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