Peter- in the fairy's land

It is not truth story.


2. Fairy

It is a story which compose writer A.K.K.
In 1106 had come a tempest with dark clouds and rainfall. In this tempest had suddanly lost a boy (Peter) from their land . All people surprised that where did he go.
There, Peter opened eyes and saw that a fairy was going with nab his hand. Thatfairy had taken in their land (Truthland), she is working on carry all boy from their land and give them hardworkin the cell. The name of that fairy was Dilem.
In the cell, two boys (Petrik and Alen) and a girl (Vendy) sit on a corner. They ask peter that will he friendship with him. Peter accept him andbe friend them. They all talk with one another. Alen told peter Dilem is a like demon and wants to be a queen of Truthland.
Petrik: Alen is saying right. Vendy told that Dilem had killed real queen of this land. Suddanly Peter saw that theyhave wings and ask about them.
Vendy: we all have wings butwe can't come out. Dilem had block this cell with their power.
Peter: but why is she doing that.
Alen: because Dilem is finding that boy who will kill or distroy her and you will distroy her. She was find youwith their mirically power.
Petrik: i have something to say, Dilem want to take more power and want to be more powerfull queen.
Fairy was returned and pick up the Peter and taged with apile.
She say laudly him: i have some work for myself which will you do, I'll promise you, i leave you, ok.
Peter asked about her work.
Dilem: there is an air-palace from here about long some miles and have a cave into air-palace, Where have a might (power). I want that might.
Peter: never if you will take my life but never never never. Dilem become a ugliness and beat him.
Today, there was become a long time as long as 900 years, it is 2006. Between in these years Dilem given themmany pinch more but Peter have only one reply that is never. Vendy and other friend friends wants to leavePeter but they were failed.
Dilem came to punish Peter aslike daily and saw all their friends. There when the Dilemwant to kill a child she saw that their stick does no not have her, so she had surprised. Dilem reached back to theil palace but therewas not anybody. Dilem shouted laudly and say"peter.... where will be you i will find you."
Here, when Peter was suddenly weaping so Alen asked him why are you weaping? Petrik: he is fearingby Dilem. Vendy: shut up, he had remember his parents. Vendy become sesitive. Aftersome time Dilem reached nearPeter by searching and nab him asking about their magic stick.
Peter: ha ha ha... What do you think you will kill us, never i will kill you now. Ready to fight. Peter have kick her and she was fall to along. Dilem fairy fighted with among they all. Might (power) or magic of all them have killed the Fairy Dilem becausetheir might become more powerful.
Peter: vendy! how can i go tomy home tell me the way because when dilem had carried me with nab then i was like a die. After carried i opened my eyes, i found me fairyland (truthland).
Vendy: don't worry! I have Dilem's stick, we all devide it's magic or power among all us.
Alen: why not.
They devide magic of stick among them.
Vendy: now you can go your land or home.
Peter: and you?
"I will stay here by making a queen of this land again" vendy reply. Peter told that i must back to bring you from here one day. Peter was go with his friends Alen and Petrik in his village or land.
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