My Boy band Boyfriend

A Fan Fiction about being the girlfriend of George Shelley, Union J. Follow your fantasy's of Holidays, Christmas and going on tour with your boy band boyfriend.


5. Staying at Sophie's house and New Years Eve

The journey to my house was three hours. We played blaring music as we cruised along the motorway to my house. It was colder than yesterday and the sky was white and looked heavy with snow. When we arrived at my house my family hadn't left yet and we got hugs from all of them before the taxi arrived to take them to the airport. I couldn't believe I wouldn't see them until August! It was a tearful goodbye but when they left we got excited licks from my two Westies, before I helped George bring his bags up to my room. George laughed as he saw I had actually put the poster he gave me above my bed! It was next to all my other Union J posters and pictures from when I was a Fangirl. It was around lunchtime so went down to my kitchen and I made George a bacon sandwich whilst he played with my dogs.

That night we curled up in bed on Twitter doing an #askGephie, (The JCats made that mine and George's ship name!) the dogs snuggled onto our feet. "Hey George, what was that tweet about? Something about Olly Murs coming on tour with you?" I asked
"Yeahh Olly's coming on the tour! We were gonna make it a surprise for you girls but..Oh well" I was so excited when he said that. I'd met Olly a few times and a night out with him was always really fun!
'#AskGephie What are you doing for New Years Eve?' the tweet popped up and George and I looked at each other. "Well the management said we shouldn't do anything because were going on the flight the next day" George said miserably.
"Yeah I guess so..but it would be the worst new years ever!" I said equally miserably.
"Screw management!" George said "Lets have a party!"
"But where? My parents would kill me if I had a house party whilst they were away!"
"They wouldn't have to know! We would clean everything up!" George said quickly.
"Okay but...okay"I said uneasily "Who should we invite?"
George grinned "Well all us boys, Olly and you 5 girls, The Murs, your friends from school, a few of Josh's mates, Caroline Flack.."
"Sound like you've been planning this!" I said suspiciously but still smiling.
"No..Of course not!" George said but I'm not sure if I trust that cheeky grin.
"Ooh I wander if any of the 1D boys are free? And Max George? Ooh and district 3?"
"I'll DM them all now, text josh and tell him the plan and invite your friends"

I went to sleep that night, wrapped in Georges arms, feeling excited but uneasy about the party.

I opened the curtains, letting the soft honey glow of the morning sun fill the bedroom. The window was frosted and pearly White snow had covered everything in sight, fluffy clouds of snow were falling from the sky. "George, George!! It's snowing!" I yelled excitedly. George bolted out of bed as quick as lighting and ran to the window. I’d never seen him get out of be so fast! "Lets go outside! I want to make a snowman!" George said as if he was still a little kid.

We wrapped up warm and took the dogs to the park near my house. The trees where like creeping, White giants looming over the snow-covered tracks. Our footprints destroyed the crystal White desert that lay before us. George and I walked hand in hand, the snow drifted through Georges soft curls and the bitter wind flushed our cheeks. The sky was a huge, soft, White marshmallow and the sun glinted through like a bright diamond in the sky. My White dogs became like frosty huskies as they ran across the snow. "Your beautiful" whispered George, gently brushing a snowflake out of my messy hair.

A frozen branch of mistletoe hung across our path like an icicle. I looked at George and he smiled his beautiful, cheeky smile. I looked deep into his big, chestnut eyes as he looked into mine. We kissed gently, his hands running through my wind swept hair. My frozen lips felt warm against his and his tongue warmed my mouth like fireworks. I could feel his heart beat against mine and I closed my eyes. Woof! My dog tapped suddenly startling both me and George and bringing us back to reality.

The sweet smell of hot chocolate steamed across my face. We were cozied up in our onesies, munching on homemade cookies and watching old episodes of Outnumbered. "Lets do a Twitcam!" George said as the credits rolled across the screen of his apple mac. "Yeah! I've never done one before." I said eagerly.

'#GephieTwitcam in 5 mins" George tweeted and I did the same. The fangirls went crazy and both our mentions went through the roof! We set up the webcam and zipped up our onesies.

"Heyy" George bellowed, "Type BANANAS If you can hear us!" immediately about ten thousand people typed bananas! "Whoop whoop!" George exclaimed. "So I'm here with my beautiful girlfriend Sophie"
"Hey" I said waving to the camera.
"So do you like our onesies? Check this out!" We both turned around showing our names on the back. "So tweet us some questions or something to do!"
"Can we make a hashtag?" I asked George "like when you and JJ did a Shellet twitcam and did hashtag 2 little monkeys JJ and George?"
"Haha yeah let's do hashtag 2 little monkeys Soph and George" George laughed "Yeah so Send us questions and stuff to do using the hashtag two little monkeys Soph and George" Immediately thousands of questions came through. Some of them really made me laugh! A few were asking personal questions about our sex life, which was quite amusing!

We answered questions for half an hour and were in hysterics with some of the things the JCats asked or wanted us to do. They are defiantly the most creative fandom! But then I saw a few tweets that really upset me; 'George you Deserve better than that ugly, fat nobody' and '#AskGephie George why are you going out with someone that ugly? Leave her and get Jade from Little Mix' also 'Sophie leave George alone! None of us like you.. #Ugly #clingy' My eyes pricked with tears but I fought to held them back as we were on camera. George’s eyes flickered with anger. He held my hand tightly and looked directly into the camera; "I’m not going to name and shame but just saying, I don't appreciate getting tweets that disrespect my girlfriend. In my eyes the people sending these tweets aren't true JCats. If you hurt someone I love, then your hurting me" He pulled me into a close hug.

After that we received loads of tweets from JCats saying they loved me and giving me compliments. I gave a few of them shoutouts and follows to say thank you.

"OMG is that Jaymi from Union J?! I love you so much!" George said in a squeaky Girly voice.
"Hey George, i love you too!" Jaymi replied,
"Damn!" George said hanging up. I burst out laughing, as did George. "Okay so I think we have to go now" I said pulling a comical sad face.
"Yeah, happy New Year everyone! Bye twitcam!" George said mimicking my expression.

"Excuse me, Can we have another two six packs of Banks?" Josh asked a shop assistant in Waitrose. She looked down at our trolley, already full of beer and spirits, startled.
"Oh and another bottle of Vodka" Esme added, as the shop assistant scurried off obediently. We continued wandering round Waitrose, In the town centre, picking up snacks and drinks for the party.

I looked at the cash register, which was displaying a number well into triple figures, and gave Esme a worried glance as we both began fumbling in our purses. "Hey, no need to look so worried-We're paying" George said as he put his hand on Josh's shoulder. "Happy New Year!" a chorus of booming voices shouted at once. George grabbed me and we began snogging sandwiched between Esme and Josh and JJ and Rachel who were doing nothing dissimilar. As George and I braked for air I noticed out of the corner of my eye, Kallie was getting off with Olly Murs. But I didn't have much time to linger over that thought, as George and I locked lips again.

Music blared out of the Bose speakers; the lights were spinning and sending me into a dizzy frenzy. The rest of the night was a blur of sound and lights.

'Kiss Me underneath the mistletoe, tell me baby that you love me so-o-o o-o-o-o-o" My Christmas alarm blared loudly at 6.30 am. I forced my heavy eyes open, my head was pounding like and drum and the smell of alcohol still lingered in the air. George groaned loudly, his eyes still tightly shut.

The house looked like a bombsite. Glass was shattered on the floor; empty beer bottles lay on every surface. Most of the guests has their drivers pick them up in the early hours, all the boys, Esme, Kallie and Both Olly's had beds to sleep in but some of the guests were spewed out asleep on the kitchen floor and on the sofas. Panic was rising inside me and I could of screamed when I saw the pile of sick on the front
lawn. I had until 8.30 to get this house looking spotless. "GEORGE!" I shouted up the stairs

The Dog sitter, a seventeen year old, family friend, arrived at 7.45 and looked shell-shocked as she was greeted by me throwing out the last few hung over guests The house was still a tip, my parents will kill me w
I thought, fighting back angry tears. George could see that there was no way I would leave for the airport until the house was spotless so he turned to the dog sitter; " I will pay you £300, on top of what your already being payed, if you clear up this house before Sophie’s parents get back. That means every last beer bottle, every stained carpet and loo seat..and the sick on the lawn" Thankfully the girl agreed and I relaxed as we started loading our suitcases into the taxi.

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