My Boy band Boyfriend

A Fan Fiction about being the girlfriend of George Shelley, Union J. Follow your fantasy's of Holidays, Christmas and going on tour with your boy band boyfriend.


2. Sophie and George's anniverary

After 2 long sunny days on the beach and by the pool, and 3 amazing nights partying under the stars, It was the day of mine and Georges aniversary... 

I woke up alone In Mine and Georges double bed for the first time that holiday, I thought it was a bit odd that George should have gotten up so early . I climbed out of bed and put on a bright blue bikini from my wardrobe, which looked slightly less full than last night? hmm i wander which of the girls had borrowed something...I pulled one of Georges teeshirts over my head and headed downstairs.

The Villa was weirdly quiet, where was everyone? "George?" I called "Jaymi? Olly? Es?" No reply..I walked out of the open door and into the humidity, the heat of the patio stung my feet as I walked towards the pool. Esme, Kallie, Rachel and Chloe were lying by the pool reading magazines. "Heya Sophs" Called Kallie.  

"Hey guys," I replied "Where are all the boys?" 

"Ummm..well.." Stuttered Rachel 

"They have..umm..gone to have a boys day out..I think" Said Esme 

What? Had George not remembered that it was out anniversary? Hadn't we planned to spend the day together? I was holding back the tears but I didn't want to let the girls know that I was upset so I just said "Oh Kay, Coool" and lay down on the sun-bed. I picked up my 'Heat' magazine and began flicking through. The boys were pictured on the front cover and Page 4 was their interview. I began reading it and felt a swell of pride rise up inside me as I read the question "How does it feel to be one of the biggest boy bands in the world?" Yes our boys were huge stars and their talent was unbelievable, but they were also such lovely, down to earth boys and that makes me so so proud.. Around 2 years ago the boys came fourth on X Factor and look at them now...

About half an hour later, Chlo came over "Sophs, come to the beach with us?" 

"Yeahh sureee.." I replied getting of my sun-bed. 

Es,Kallie and Rachel were already going down the steps to the beach and Chloe and I jogged to catch up with them. The sand ran through my toes and the sun shone on my bronzed body. The sea was calm and a bright turquoise colour..a lovely catamaran was sailing not to far away from our beautiful secluded cove. We were having a lovely girly gossip whilst paddling in the sea when I noticed that the catamaran was pulling into the cove.. 

"Umm guys..That boats like heading towards us.." 

"Yes We know..." Said Rachel with a sly smile, the others grinned back..What was going on? Was I missing something? By now the boat was even closer and I could see the outline of for figures and I could hear the faint sound of music..It was singing...The figures were singing...Love Story!! Oh my god it was the boys!!

"You go first Josh!" I squealed as we stood on the edge of the boat. 

"Nooo wayy! You go!!" Josh replied. I gave Josh a little shove and he wobbled a bit "Heyyy! No pushing!!" Josh complained jokingly giving me a little shove back. Then he picked me up and threw me over the edge and into the ocean bellow, i screamed the whole way down before, being plunged into the bright blue sea, warm and awash with fish. I swam upwards and broke into the air. Everyone was laughing un controllably, i looked up and saw George clinging onto the railing his whole body shaking with laughter. "I'll get you for that Josh!" i shouted up, but i couldn't help laughing myself! "Don't worry Soph, i'll get him for you" JJ called down. He got up and stood behind Josh who was still killing himself laughing ( C'mon it wasn't even that funny!!) and he shoved him over the edge. Josh splashed into the sea right next to me and gasped for air. I clung onto him as we swam back to the boat.

After an afternoon of snorkelling with turtles and sunbathing, I went bellow deck with Esme,Kallie,Chloe and Rachel. we walked into one of the bedroom cabins and stood by the bed "Okay so now were gonna put on something nice and get ready for dinner" said Rachel, i felt a panic rise up inside me - "But i havent bought any other clothes" I said in a fluster. The girls smiled "Don't worry" said Kallie "We thought of that" she grinned as she stepped aside revealing my favourite dress and shoes layed neatly on the bed. I smiled remembering this morning- I knew something was missing from my wardrobe! We all had showers, put on our dresses and did our hair and makeup and then headed back to the deck. As i stepped out onto the deck my eyes were greeted with fairy lights glinting and reflecting into the ocean. Sweet spices filled the air as I walked towards the middle of the boat. George,Josh,JJ and Olly were standing there, all showed and in nice shirts. Where was Jaymi? I thought to myself but my question was answered as Jaymi stepped up onto deck looking and smelling amazing as usual. "Ahh finally Jaymi" Laughed JJ "You were in that shower for at least half an hour!"

After a delicious dinner, George took my hand and lead me to the front of the boat. The wind flew through my hair as I sat on the front of the boat, the waves spashed my legs which were dangling over the edge of the boat..George sat next to me his hand gently holding mine. The sky was turning auburn as the sun began to set over the sea. I felt like the luckiest girl in the I was hand in hand with my gorgeous boyfriend on a boat in the Caribbean. This holiday had been so perfect and peaceful, not to mention private! At home there were so many photographers, George and I could never go out alone without being followed by paps or mobbed by fans! The JCats are amazing and I love them lots, I mean well I am a JCat so...The true JCats don't hate on any of the boys girlfriends, were very lucky! Tomorrow night we would be back in England and the boys would be back to their busy schedules until Christmas..So I was enjoying this special quality time with George. "I love you" He said looking deep into my eyes..He held out a tiffany's box, neatly tied with a perfect bow, I smiled George's clumsy hands couldn't have tied that! As if he could read my mind he smiled and said "Olly helped me with the bow!". I untied the ribbon and opened the box... Inside lay a beautiful silver necklace- a silver chain with a charm in the shape of a 'S'. I hugged him and told him it was gorgeous, "S for Sophie?" I asked.  

"Or S for Shelley!!?" George replied cheekily. I kissed him gently on the cheek. "Now for your present" I smiled taking out a smaller silver box from Links. He flicked his hair out of his eyes and slowly opened the box.. "Awhh Sophs I love it!" He grinned as he took out the bracelet I had got him (It was a solid silver band with an infinity sign engraved with G&S) I had saved up for ages to buy him the bracelet so I couldn't help smiling as he pulled me close and then he kissed me gently..His smooth lips locked into mine as he played with my hair. I closed my eyes, I had the most perfect boyfriend in the world...

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