My Boy band Boyfriend

A Fan Fiction about being the girlfriend of George Shelley, Union J. Follow your fantasy's of Holidays, Christmas and going on tour with your boy band boyfriend.


6. On the way to New York

No one spoke on the way to Heathrow, everyone’s eyes hung, looking red and pained. The taxi smelt strongly of alcohol. Jaymi looked the best out of all of us as he doesn't drink much and I'd say Josh looked the worst! As we pulled up at Heathrow I spotted Mark, the boys manager, and some burly security guards standing in front of a large crowd of teenage girls. The boys faces dropped, they love meeting fans but you could tell they just weren't up for being dragged around this morning.

Mark gave us a disapproving look as we stumbled out of the car. He must have known we had been drinking last night but he didn't mention it. Instead he said, "No stopping to see fans, we don't have time." He looked directly at George and then said, " Get your bags and follow me" we grabbed our bags and the fans were screaming the boys names as we followed Mark
Up to the terminal building. The burly security guards stood
On front of the crowd of teenage girls, daring them to
Move forward. Some of them had banners saying 'Union J' or 'Olly Murs'. A few of the girls looked distressed and some even cried as Jaymi
Called to them "Were really sorry management won't let us stop!" I felt so Bad for all the girls who had probably been waiting for hours in the freezing cold so I piped up ; "Isn't there anything you can do boys?" The boys shrugged hopelessly. Then George pulled off 3 of the bracelets he had been wearing and chucked them into the crowd. The girls jumped and scrambled to get them. Josh did the same with a bracelet he had been Wearing.

"Okay meet at Wagamamas at 10 o'clock, that's 45 minuets" Mark said sternly " Someone stay with JJ at all times as he is bound to wander off, get lost or be abducted" He continued with the same stern face but an air of comedy in his voice. JJ, who was daydreaming as usual, remained oblivious to this comment. So we set off around Heathrow terminal 5; Kallie, Esme and I Went into accessorize, leaving Josh and George to look for some flip-flops leaving JJ, Jaymi And both Olly's to wander around aimlessly attracting a lot of attention.

We drew a lot of attention whilst sat in Wagamamas. There was a large group of us; 4 members of one of the most famous boy bands on the planet, 2 girlfriends, 1 boyfriend, 1 best friend, 1 world famous Solo artist, 2 burly looking security guards, 2 prim looking make up artists, 1extravagant hair stylist, 1 tour manager. So you could say, we were being stared at from every direction. There was a lot of banter going on, and being one of only 3 girls on the tour, (excluding the American dancers, whom we were yet to meet) I knew I had to step up my game.

We got slightly distracted after Wagamamas; "We need to get magazines from WHSmiths" Kallie said panicked, as we were walking out of Wagamamas. "No time" said Mark dismissively "Our flight is boarding now"
JJ's face suddenly dropped "But what about sweets? And crisps? I will starve!" Mark rolled his eyes and turned to face the body guards. We all gave each other one look and then ran to the nearest WHSmith. We ignored Marks distant shouts as we crashed into the shop. "Okay JJ,Josh and George you get all the sweets, chocolate and food stuff, Es, Kallie and I will get Magazines, Jaymi, Olly and Murs you get drinks." I said assertively.

We were pounding down the tunnel, our bags flying as we ran. Mark looked furious and had seemed to be ignoring us since we eventually arrived at the boarding gate- Just in time!

We took our seats in first class. I sank back into the bed-like seat as I was handed a glass of champagne from the airhostess. George, who was in the sea next to me, was munching on some harribo's and the airhostess had to give him a double glance before deciding he was old enough to drink alcohol. Jaymi an Olly sat across the isle from us on one side with Kallie and Olly Murs on the other. In front of us sat Josh and Esme, with the Rylan-like hair stylist and JJ. The make up artist sat on one side of Mark and the second make up artist on the other side. The security guards were in front of them.

The planes engine began to rumble like the growl of a tiger as the wheels began to roll down the run way. Jaymi gripped Olly's hand tightly as the plane swept up into the sky. I looked out of the window; the sky became a sea cotton wool, the sun being the only oasis.

"JJ chuck us some malteasers!" George called out. JJ flung some malteasers backwards and George (remarkably) caught them. "Want one Sophs?" George asked, cheeks already stuffed with malteasers. "Uhh yeahh, were sharing!!" I said leaning over and grabbing a handful. Everyone was plugged into a film apart from George and I, we had spent the flight being generally annoying to other passengers and were playing dares. "Okay I dare you to go into economy, find a young ish teenage girl and ask her for her autograph!" I said barely containing my giggles "and you can't laugh!" George started laughing as he unclipped his seatbelt. I followed him down the isle and through some curtains into the economy area. Immediately my beady eyes spotted a young teenage girl Reading a Union J magazine. I pointed to her whispering "that one!" George crept up in front of her and in a very serious voice said to her "Excuse me, I'm a massive fan can I have your autograph?" The girl looked completely startled and dumbstruck as if she didn't know what to say. That's when George started laughing and gave her a big hug. "Can I have YOUR autograph?" the girl asked still awestruck. "Sure, should I sign your poster?"

When we returned to our seats Olly Murs was fast asleep and snoring. We poked JJ and he said we should draw on his face in permanent pen! So JJ,George and I crept up to Olly's seat and drew a moustache as he lay there oblivious. We then wrote 'KICK ME' on his forehead and vowed not to mention it until he noticed.

"Do you think the American fans will be just as crazy as the UK?" I asked George.
"Well we Don’t really know how many fans we have out there, like there all over Twitter and when we performed in New York last year there were loads of fans" George said pondering my question. A voice boomed from all around: "The seat belt signs have been switched on. If you could all return to your seats now as we are going to experience some moderate turbulence." Jaymi's face was panic stricken as he tightened his seatbelt over his bright blue jeans. George looked at him concerned as the plane began to veer violently from side to side, up and down. Jaymi had never been keen on flying and turbulence was probably his biggest fear. "Its okay Jaymi, were gonna be fine" Olly said reassuringly taking Jaymi's hand. Jaymi's breathing had become short and sharp. "Can we land the plane, can we land the plane, i need to get off this plane! Oh my god oh my god!" the words reeled off Jaymi's tongue as his eyes widened with terror.
"Jaymi, look at me" George said calmly "Nothings going to happen I promise. Think of..think of monkeys and..and bananas!" Jaymi smiled briefly. The other passengers were staring, a few of them starting to look worried as well. Mark Leaned over his seat to see what all the fuss was about. Although Mark could be strict, he had a warm heart and really cared about the boys. He called an airhostess over to speak to Jaymi. She told Jaymi it would be okay and it was just a few clouds causing the air pressure to change. Nothing to worry about. Jaymi calmed down a bit but we had to spend the next hour or so, distracting him with talk of the tour or anything else we could think of.

The US tour security guards lead us out of a back entrance at the airport and the group split in two as we climbed into two slick black limos. George,Josh,Esme, Mark and I were in the first limo. It had a sleek leather interior with bright, star like lights on the roof. The chauffeur turned towards us "Would you like some music to be played? And If so what genre?" Josh piped up "yeah some pop music would be great" Justin Bieber blared out of the sound system. "If only Jaymi was here!"

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