My Boy band Boyfriend

A Fan Fiction about being the girlfriend of George Shelley, Union J. Follow your fantasy's of Holidays, Christmas and going on tour with your boy band boyfriend.


4. Nottingham with George

The journey to Nottingham was long so when I arrived I was glad to see that George was already there in his little black mini to pick me up. Georges house is always busy and when I walked in Harriet, Will and Georges adorable younger brothers greeted me. "Happy Birthday for yesterday!" I said as I hugged Harriet "I will give you your present later!" Harriet and I had become quite close, as we were the same age. Arthur-Georges adorable dog- came up and jumped all over me, licking my face! George led me upstairs to his room (unusually tidy!) and I dumped my stuff on his bed.

George, Will, Harriet and I spent the evening watching 'Miranda' and 'Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Road show'. By the time we headed upstairs to bed my sides ached from laughing so much!

The next day George and I headed to the centre of Nottingham for a bit of shopping and a coffee. On the way there George tweeted 'On the way to Costa in Nottingham with Sophs (@hurdles_2k12) Looking forward to my coffee!' - Hence the reason that when we arrived at Costa there was a small crowd of teenage girls waiting outside! George parked just round the corner from Costa and we walked there together. George stopped and signed autographs and took pictures with the excited fans, some of them even wanted pictures with me! It's wired because something as simple as walking into a coffee shop had taken twice the amount of time it would take for a 'normal' couple. Not that I mind, I like meeting all the JCats and I guess I'm lucky because they actually like me. I have had some nasty messages on Twitter but not very many and when I told George he said that 'A true JCat would never hate someone one of us loves'.

When we got inside, George ordered a Latte and I ordered a Hot Chocolate then we went and sat by the frosted window. A group of fans were still outside and they all came and stood by the window. I laughed "It feels like were on a reality TV show here!"
"Sorry" replied George "we won't get much privacy here" A few fans had come inside and ordered drinks. Two of which were sitting behind us and a group of girls were on the table next to us. George smiled at them and said hi, the girls gushed and giggled.

We finished our drinks and walked around Nottingham town centre for a bit. Heads turned as we walked, I could see clicks of recognition in peoples eyes as they clocked George. We got stopped quite a bit for people wanting photographs with George, even older women! One Lady asked George to speak to he daughter on the phone. We (eventually!) went into Primark and filled up our basket with random and weird things to try on! I snuck George into the ladies changing room when the assistant wasn’t watching and we tried on matching Monkey onesies, before giggling uncontrollably whilst taking pictures in the mirror! We bought the onesies and then headed to an Arts and Crafts store to buy stick on letters- so we could personalise our onesies! You would think we were about 5 the way we were skipping on the pavement and giggling together like children! But that’s what I love about George, we can have fun together and make a fool of ourselves

After lunch at Georges dads house, we personalised our onesies with our stick on letters whilst listening to One direction-My choice of music but George is a directioner at heart he just wouldn't admit that! My onesie said 'Sophie' on the back and Georges said 'George' both in huge multi-coloured letters. As I was zipping up my onesie George grabbed me from behind and began tickling my waist and ribs. I screamed "Ahhhh stop! Stop!" I squealed laughing and wriggling out of his grasp. I turned around and began tickling him back making him fall to the ground taking me with him! We ended up a tangled mess on the floor, both of us short of breath and laughing uncontrollably.

"Hmm what should we do next?!!" George asked cheekily.
"I don't mind, what do you want to do?" I replied smiling. Neither of us stopped smiling when we were together, George just made me so happy and I guess he must have felt the same way about me. "I know!!" said George looking as though a light bulb had just switched on inside his head "Lets make a music video!"
"Yes! That's a great Idea!" I said eagerly.
"What song should we do it to?" George asked " How about one from the X Factor days?"
"Love Story!" I said at once "I loved it when you sang that!"

So we spent the afternoon, mostly in fits of giggles, taking photos and making short videos on George’s laptop. When we put it all together and added the music it looked really good! "Very professional!" I remarked trying not to laugh at our faces in the photos.

I slept well that night, after such a busy day! I woke up at 10 am and George was still fast asleep next to me, his breathing soft and steady. The rain hammered on the window pain like a herd of charging elephants. I climbed out of bed slowly, and opened the curtain, letting in a stream of light. "Urgh" George moaned pulling the covers over his head. I looked out across the city; it was bleak and dim outside, the rain adding insult to injury. I climbed back into bed and dived under the covers.

After sleeping for another hour I went downstairs and made George a coffee. Harriet was sitting in the kitchen eating her cornflakes and we exchanged sleepy nods as I got two croissants out of the cupboard, a banana and a huge tub of Nutella. It was nice feeling so at home at Georges house and knowing his family so well. I ran up the stairs and dumped the food on the bed. George was still half asleep so I held the steaming, hot coffee by his nose and sure enough he opened his big, brown eyes.

After feasting on Nutella covered Croissants and a banana, George looked out of the window; "Its still raining!" he said "I think we should just have a duvet day" I was more than happy to spend the day cuddled up with George!

After chatting and tweeting for a few hours we decided to Skype the boys. Jaymi, Olly and JJ were in the London apartment with Rachel, and Josh was staying with his old housemate Jordan. So we did a three way Skype call.
"Hey!" George and I said in unison as Everyone’s faces appeared on our screen.
"Are you two still in bed?" laughed JJ
"Umm's raining soo.." i explained
"Haha yeah sure. We all know you two were up all night doing stufff!!" said Jaymi said
"No I promise we weren't!" I said blushing
"Whatever you sayy" JJ said unconvincingly
"So who's excited for America?" George said changing the subject
"Meeeee!" Josh said excitedly
"Only 3 more days!" Olly squealed excitedly.

W spent the afternoon packing Georges stuff for America, we had to take it all to my house as he was staying with me until we left on the 1st January. We packed Shorts and T-shirts for when we were going to the hot states and winter jackets and hats for the cold ones. The tour started in New York, where it would be winter, and also ended in New York at Madison Square Gardens, in August where it would be summer. When we were finished we could barely close the 2 massive suitcases. "What if I've forgotten things?" George asked worried.
"Were going to America not a desert island! There are shops there George!" I giggled.

"You have to call us everyday and Skype us as much as possible!" Georges dad said bringing George close for a big hug.
"I'm gonna miss you George!" Harriet said her eyes filling with tears. George held her close and kissed her head. Will gave me a hug saying, "Look after him yeah? Make sure he doesn't do anything stupid!" I hugged him back and told him I'd look after George.

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