My Boy band Boyfriend

A Fan Fiction about being the girlfriend of George Shelley, Union J. Follow your fantasy's of Holidays, Christmas and going on tour with your boy band boyfriend.


3. Back in England and Christmas!

George and I walked out of Heathrow airport baggage reclaim hand in hand. After an 8-hour flight back from Barbados we were both tired so we walked in silence, but it was a comfortable silence. A wash of cold air stung my face as we stepped outside the terminal. "George, mate hurry up" Josh called from in front "There are loads of fans waiting!" George grinned and we walked a little bit faster to catch up with everyone else. Wow! Josh was right there were loads of fans waiting! All of them screaming the boys’ names excitedly despite looking freezing cold. George kissed my cheek, let go of my hand and went to join the other boys, signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. I hung back with Essy, Chloe, Rachel and Kallie. We watched as Olly got pulled into the crowd and also took photos with fans. Mark - the boys’ manager- and 2 burly looking security guards stood close by. The boys were being mobbed! Poor George was being pulled by fans from every direction, but he loved meeting fans so I knew he wouldn't mind. I remember when I was 16, queuing for hours to meet the boys at the X Factor studios and getting pictures and a few hugs and kisses from them made me so happy. So I didn't mind the wait. "Jaymi" Mark hollered, "The cars are here, last few yeah?"

After a few more pictures, the boys returned to us and grabbed their suitcases. As we started to walk, we realised that the fangirls wouldn't give up so easily! They were still following us when we got to the cars so the security guards put the boys into the first black car and told the girls that it was time for them to leave. Us girls and Olly just stood awkwardly by the security guards. I felt I pull at my sleeve and turned around to see a young teenage girl holding a book. "P-please can you give this to George?" she stammered. I smiled "Yes of course I will" I replied "what your name?" I asked. "Megan" she said smiling "me and my friends made the book and we have waited here since four this morning to give it to him!" I suddenly realised how cold she looked and handed her my hot chocolate that I'd grabbed on the way out "Here," I said "Have this I haven't drunk it yet and yes George has touched it!"
"Oh my gosh! Thank you so much!" Megan gushed.

Once all of the dedicated fans had drifted off, the car door of the boys’ car was opened. The boys jumped out eagerly. I gave George the book and he put it in his bag vowing to read it later. "So," I said, suddenly feeling a wave of sadness "this is it until Christmas eve?" George looked upset too as he replied "yeah I guess so..But it's only a week and i will call you every night and we can Skype too!" I smiled even though I could feel my eyes welling with tears. Rachel was crying too as she said goodbye to JJ as was Olly with Jaymi. Esme hugged Josh and he looked like he was about to cry. Kallie and Chloe hugged all the boys and then got in their separate cars. Josh squeezed me tight and said he would miss me loads and JJ gave me a massive hug. Jaymi whispered to me "Be brave sweetie". I hugged George once more and Essy and I watched them drive off before getting in our own car to head home.

The boys were off to London to do some recording and a few photo-shoots and interviews. On Christmas Eve I was going up to London with Essy to the boys apartment for the day. Then we were all going home for Christmas day and Boxing Day. The car journey was quiet as both me Essy wished the boys didn't have to stay in London. Then my phone buzzed It was a text from Josh saying ' George is crying like a baby already! He misses you too much!! Xx' awh! I showed Essy and she laughed "aha! He acts like he's five but I gotta admit that's very cute!" she said.

After two days apart, with phone calls being the only means of communication with the boys, Essy and I were going insane! We were both on our gap year so neither of us had jobs or Uni to keep us busy and after all the fun we'd had with the boys we were bored stiff. That evening I got a text from George 'Hey monkey, we've got a live interview of the Jonathon Ross Show tonight, so my phone call will be a bit later. Sorry Xxxxx'

I was curled up on the sofa with my dogs when the Jonathon Ross Show started but I sat up when Union J were called on. The boys walked on confidently, smiling at the audience before taking their seats. My older brother came in and sat on the other sofa. "So which ones your boyfriend?" he asked in a mocking tone. I ignored the question. It started off with some straightforward questions about the new album and their last tour. But then the topic of lie life occurred- " So obviously we know that Jaymi is happily married, but what about the rest of you? Who's single?" Jonathon asked. The boys looked at each other and nobody said a word. "So you’re all taken?" said Jonathon with raised eyebrows. A chorus if yeps and Yeahs came from the boys. " Who are the lucky ladies then?" was the next question " Lets start with you George, I know that this will break many young girls hearts, as I hear your a bit of a heartthrob!" Jonathon said laughing. George laughed and said "Well I have a beautiful girlfriend, who doesn't appreciate how perfect she is" he said smiling at the camera, his big brown eyes staring into mine.."Her name is Sophie and I love her very much" he continued. My heart was melting but my brothers fake sick noises bought me back to reality.

I leapt off my bed as soon as the phone rang and picked it up immediately.
"Hey" I said
"Hey gorgeous" was Georges reply "what did you think of the interview" he asked expectantly.
"It was great I said, thank you for the compliments!" I laughed
"Just telling the truth" He said with a smile in his voice.
We talked until the early hours of the morning, laughing and gossiping.


At last Christmas Eve arrived and I stood on the station platform freezing but excited. The bitter wind swept through my hair until the thundering train to Waterloo pulled into the station.

Esme and I chatted excitedly and showed each other the gifts we had bought the boys for Christmas. A group of young teenage girls were sitting in the seats across the isle and I notice they kept looking our way and whispering. I started fretting that I might be wearing something strange or have something on my face but I soon found out why they were staring. "Excuse Me," one of the girls said looking at Esme and i " do you know Union J?" I smiled as Esme said "Yeah we know them really well" the girls’ squealed excitedly "See I told you, that's Esme and Sophie- Josh and Georges Girlfriends" a brown haired teen said. "Yeah we are, do you like Union J then?" I asked.
" we love them!" a chorus of voices replied. We spent the rest of the journey talking to the girls and answering their questions about Union J. Eventually we got persuaded into calling George so they could speak to him. The phone began to ring him so I put the phone onto speaker-
"Hey, my little monkey!" George said excitedly. I blushed as the girls became a chorus of 'awh' and 'that's so cute'.
"Hey George" I replied " I'm on the train up with Essy an.."
"Whoop! Josh they’re on the train!" George gushingly interrupted.
"I’m with some fans of yours and they want to speak to you. Your on speaker" I explained "oh and don't swear- they're young!"
"Hey everyone" George said.
The girls all started talking excitedly at once.

When we arrived at the boys’ apartment block we got a nod of recognition from the doorman, whom we had come to know. The glass of the towering apartment block reflected the icy morning sun.

The lift up to their top floor suite seemed like an eternity! We rang the doorbell. JJ answered it, mince pie in hand. We both got half hugs from him and then he shouted, "Josh, George the girls are here!" George and josh bounded in like two excited puppies. George enclosed me in a warm hug and I took in the sweet smell of coffee that always lingered around him. "I missed you” I said squeezing him around the waist.                      "I missed you soooo much too" He pulled back, looked into my eyes and kissed my gently on the lips. "Oi you two get a room!" A voice said from behind. "Jaymi!" I said turning to face him "and Olly!" I said as I saw them both standing there and immediately got enclosed in more hugs.

The boys’ ultra modern apartment was tidier than usual and full of Christmas decorations. As I walked into the living room a huge Christmas tree was standing in the corner. "Your tree is huge!" I said admiring it "But why haven't you decorated it?" I enquired.
"Well we haven't really had much time and we wanted to wait until you girls came" Josh explained.
"So were all decorating it together?" Esme asked excitedly.
"Yeah, all the decorations are over there and Olly has made us all some mince pies" said Jaymi.

Decorating the tree with the boys was so much fun. We spent most of the time on the floor laughing or dancing to the blaring Christmas music. When it was time to put the star on the top JJ said "We've all been arguing over who gets to put the star on the top all morning so, one of you girls can do it"
"You can do it Es" I said smiling
" No don't worry you do it" she replied.
"No honestly I don't care, you can do it!"
"I'll do it!" said George grabbing the star and climbing onto the chair to reach the top. The boys groaned and me a Essy laughed.

Whilst munching on take away pizza for lunch we watched ELF. During which Josh cried! He would never cope with titanic! The credits started rolling down the flat screen TV. "Presents Now!!" JJ shouted excitedly - like a five year old! The boys disappeared off to their rooms to get the presents and Esme and I took the presents we bought for the boys, and each other, out of our bags. We had agreed to do jokey presents for each other and then George and I decided to do proper presents for each other as well. The boys came back in wearing Santa hats and carrying armfuls of presents! We started giving out our presents.

I'd bought JJ a Christmas jumper with a Christmas pudding on it, I got Jaymi Justin Biebers New album and Josh got a Disney film box set. I got Olly some pink hairstraightners (from New Look!) and I got Esme a 'I’m with the band' top! They all accepted their presents gratefully, even if in hysterics. For Georges Jokey present I got him the box set of 'The Big Bang Theory'!

My favourite joke present was the matching t-shirts Jaymi
got George and I. They were plain white with an arrow pointing to the left on mine and to the right on Georges, underneath it said 'I love him' on mine and 'I love her' on his and on the back on had an number 6 on Georges top and a 9 on mine- making 69! "I got it because you two are inseparable! “Jaymi explained laughing as we tried them on. As my jokey present George gave me a poster of himself! He said "You better put this on your wall!" I laughed and said it would go right above my bed.

Whilst everyone else was tucking into the sweets and chocolate, given to JJ by Esme, George took my hand and led me to the balcony. The air was brisk and I shivered as I looked out across London. The sun was setting, changing the sky from blue to pink and orange, leaving the buildings silhouetted into the horizon. "I thought I'd better give you your proper present now." He said reaching behind him. He handed me two wrapped boxes. One was a big rectangle, the other a much smaller square. I began unwrapping the rectangular present. Underneath the wrapping was a shoebox, I opened it carefully and removed the tissue paper revealing a pair of Navy Chelsea Boots! I had wanted them for ages! "Awh George I love them so much!" I gushed gratefully "Thank you!"
"When we were shopping you said you loved them so..yeah" said George blushing. I unwrapped the smaller box uncovering a tiffany box. I opened the box to find a gorgeous silver key charm. "It's to go on the necklace I bought for you" George explained quickly "it's lovely George! Thank you soooo much!" I said removing the necklace (I wear it every day) and threading the new charm onto it, before replacing it back around my neck. We both shivered. "Your presents inside, come with me" I said leading George back into the apartment to Jaymi’s empty bedroom.

"Close your eyes!" I said, "I have wrapped it but it's obvious what it is!" I bought out the guitar that had taken hours to wrap and place it on the bed. "Open!" I said and George opened his beautiful brown eyes. "Oh My Gosh!" George said excitedly ripping open the wrapping paper. A brand new, shiny guitar lay on the bed and George was grinning like a chipmunk! "I noticed your old one looked a bit battered after the tour so.." But before I could finish George grabbed me picked me up and spun me around the room! I think he liked it...!

After George had shown the others the guitar and played a few songs. We all settled down in the living room. The boys kept looking at each other and smiling "Okay spill the beans!" I said eventually "Your all hiding something from Es and I!" the boys exchanged cheeky smiles. "Well we have some amazing news!" said JJ "were going on another tour in January!" My heart sank- that meant months away from George, that meant tears over Skype and newspaper rumours.. "And it gets better than that!" said George excitedly "Were going to be touring America!" Even worse. They would be so far away I thought. But it would be amazing for them- to break America would be so great. "That’s good!" I said trying to sound enthusiastic. Esme didn't even bother trying she had tears in he eyes as she said "what about us?" the boys exchanged more cheeky glances. "Well that's the best bit!" said Josh "You are both coming with us!"
"Wait, what say that again?" I said cautiously convinced my ears had deceived me. But Josh repeated it "Your both coming on tour with us!" I was shell-shocked.
"What! Coming on tour! Going to America! What will our mums say!?! Ahhhh I'm so excited!!!" I gushed.
"woahh! Slow down! We've sorted everything; as it's your gap year, traveling America is a great experience- both your mums agreed! And then when you go to Uni in September we are touring the UK again so we will get to see you as much as possible" George explained.
"Olly you’re coming right?" Esme asked and Olly nodded. "What about Rachel? And Chloe and Kallie?"
"Rachel can't come because she has work" JJ said looking slightly upset, his smile faded. "But we will Skype every night and she is coming out to visit in February, At Easter and for the whole of July and August" He said with a glimmer of hope.
"That’s great" I said squeezing JJ's arm I could tell it was going to be tough for him to be away from Rachel.
"Kallie's coming though, as she Is on her gap year too" said Josh "and Chloe is going to come for a bit as she is going on tour in America with her boyfriend"

Esme and me were buzzing as we caught the 5 o'clock train home. I couldn't believe that we were going on tour with the boys! We were literally bouncing off the Walls! Everyone on the train must have thought we were crazy, but we couldn't care less- WE WERE GOING ON TOUR TO AMERICA WITH OUR WORLD FAMOUS BOYBAND BOYFRIENDS!!

Christmas with my family was lovely and we spent Boxing Day with my cousins in London. On Boxing Day evening I got the train to Nottingham to go and stay with George for a few days. My parents and my brother and sisters were going away on the 29th- without me because of the Barbados trip- so after 3 days and nights and Georges dads in Nottingham, George and I were going to come back and stay at my family home to look after my dogs, before we left for the tour.

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