Addictive maths teacher *harry styles love story*~ permanent hiatus

When Sapphire first sets eyes on her year 9 math teacher she is instantly attracted. She knows it’s wrong but you can’t help it, there is something in his eyes. Desire. Can she ignore him and concentrate on her studies or will she be drawn to him like a moth to a flame


9. chapter 9

 Troian’s POV


After I yelled “Whatever” In reply to Sapphires comment that she called at me from the lounge room I continued up to my bedroom to find a small pile of her clothes at the foot of my bed.

I rummaged through my draw trying to find a nice pair of PJ’s to wear since we have company. I couldn’t help but let my thoughts drift to the amazingly attractive Louis that was sitting down stairs and wondering what he would think looked good on me.

I know that he is way older than me but from what I’ve seen of his personality he has a little kid spirit and loves to joke around and he seems really sweet. I shake my head and concentrate on the task at hand, I shouldn’t think about him like that, I barely know him and he’s way older than me so probably has a girlfriend.

I finally pick out a pair of PJ’s that have a loose black singlet with a fluro pink and green love heart in the middle and pink and green shorts to match, once I pulled then on I pulled my hair out of its braid and looked myself over in the mirror.

Satisfied that I looked good I opened my door and walked back down the stairs to join the others.


When I got to the door I could barely see, the only light flashing from the T.V screen. I carefully picked my way back to my seat next to Louis, thankfully without tripping over anything. As I locked at the couch I realized that Louis had his legs on the couch forming a V shape, not wanting to disturbing him I decided to sit between his legs. I carefully sat down and then rested my head on his chest, when I did he rested his chin and wrapped his arms around my stomach pulling me into him. He lowered his head so that his mouth was level with my ear

“I though you got lost, I was about to come and look for you love” he whispered, his warm breath making me shiver slightly

“Oh, really? I was just trying to find something to wear” I apologized blushing slightly at his concern  

“Well, I think you would have looked stunning in anything you put on” he complemented in a hushed whisper

“Thanks” I whispered back becoming slightly shy towards him


Maybe he’s just being nice I think to myself as I turn towards the screen slightly wrapping my arm around his waist and nestling my head into his chest as he cuddled my closer with his strong arms.

I took a deep breath pressing my face to his chest breathing in his sweet and almost spicy scent.


Sapphires POV


I woke up to the sound of my phone beeping signaling that I have a new message, I roll of Troian’s bed and stumble towards my bag that contains my phone. I pull it out and look at the screen that shows I have two new messages, the first one says


“Hey sappy, I had a great time with you tonight, you looked absolutely beautiful. What do you think about you Troian and Liam going to the park near my house for dinner tomorrow night?

Harry Xxxx”

My heart fluttered as I read that he called me beautiful and at the prospect of spending another night with him, talking and laughing together with our friends.

I scrolled down to the next message and opened it and read


“Good morning beautiful, did you sleep well?

Harry Xxxx”


I couldn’t help but let out a small sigh at how cute he is

I quickly opened up a new message and typed

Morning Harry, I’ll have to ask the others about dinner when they wake up but it sounds like fun, will Louis be there again? Anyway I had a great time last night, and yeah I slept fine

Sappy Xxxxx


My phone beeped signaling that the message had been sent.

I stood up and put my phone on the table beside the door and picked up my bag with my clothes and stuff in it and crept out of the room so I didn’t wake Troian up, and walked down the hallway to the bathroom. I walked in and locked the door, I opened up the bag and looked through the bag to find something to wear. Finally I decided on a white top with a long bow thing on the front that is slightly see through and a pair of light denim high wasted shorts.


After a quick shower, I pulled on the clothes and then looked in the mirror trying to decide what to do with my hair finally I decide to leave It out but bobby pinning back a small section of my fringe to keep it out of my face, because it was in a bun it had gone curly on the ends and was still straight on top. Finally I applied a little make up, light foundation some mascara and lip gloss.

When I was done I gathered all my things and walked back to Troian’s room, when I opened the door I found her sitting on her bed with my phone in her hand trying to figure out the password.


“Morning sleepy, what are you doing with my phone?” I question the persistent looking Troian 

“It was beeping I think you got about 3 messages and I wanted to see who they were from, anyway what are you doing up so early on a Saturday” She both replied trying to look innocent

“I’m awake because it’s like 10:30 in the morning and I got a message earlier which woke me up, and I doubt your ever going to guess the password so could I have my phone back please” I asked her

“Yeah ok” she said looking disappointed

“oh that reminds me, do you and l

Liam want to go to a picnic thing tonight with all the boys?” I asked her while unlocking my phone to look at the messages

“um, yeah sure, but how do you know about it?” she questioned me looking suspicious

“Harry texted me this morning” I blurted out without thinking. Shit.

“Oh really? He texted you, is that who all those messages are from now then?” she asked looking interested

“Umm no actually” I lie looking at my phone screen and seeing that one of them is from my Dad

“They are from dad asking if I’m ok” I say trying to keep a straight face

“Ok then, well I’m going to go and get ready you know where the kitchen is if your hungry” she said as she walks to the bathroom with a hand full of clothes  

“Yeah ok” I reply walking over and flopping down on her bed and opening the first of the 3 messages on my phone

“Hi sapphire, did you get to Troian’s house ok? Is Liam home to look after you two, you better not be going out to any parties with out permission

Love you Dad”

Well it’s nice to know that he trusts me I think sarcastically. I decide to send him a reply so he doesn’t end up calling Liam to make sure I’m ok

“Hey dad I got to Troian’s house fine, yes Liam’s home and were not going to any parties

Love Sappy”

Now that his message was done I deleted it and opened the next one which was from Harry

“Ok babe, let me know what they think and yeah Louis will be there why? H Xxxx”

I send him a reply before reading the next message

“Hey Haz, Troian said that they would like to come and the reason I asked about Louis is because I think that Troian would like to see him again, not that she has said anything to me. S Xxxx”

Once I sent the message I opened the last message which was from Niall

“Hey sappy, do you and Troian want to hang out today we can do what ever”

i feel bad because we didn’t invite him last night so I text him back

“Hey nialler, we are going to a picnic thing tonight with Liam and some of his friends do you want you join?”

I sent it to him and he replied straight away

“Yeah sure that sound fun I’ll bring a soccer ball and I’ll meet you at Troian’s house, what time do I need to be there?” wow he must have nothing to do if he can reply that quickly,

“um be here at 6 pm ad we’ll leave at about 6:15 ok?” I reply guessing that we wont need to be there before 6:30 since it wont get dark until at least 8:30 it should be heaps of time.






sorry this has taken so long i hope it's ok the next chapter should be good please comment what you think i love to know your opinions on anything about the story

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