Addictive maths teacher *harry styles love story*~ permanent hiatus

When Sapphire first sets eyes on her year 9 math teacher she is instantly attracted. She knows it’s wrong but you can’t help it, there is something in his eyes. Desire. Can she ignore him and concentrate on her studies or will she be drawn to him like a moth to a flame


7. chapter 7

Harrys POV


When I got home I opened the front door and the first thing I smell is Indian food. Yum.

“Hey Lou, I’m home” I call as I walk through the door

“ Hey Haz” he called back from the kitchen bench as he shoveled curry into his mouth.

“ Is any of that for me… or is all of that for you?” I questioned jokingly ad I dropped my bag on the floor

“yeah, I got you butter chicken and rice, here you go” he replied passing me some containers

“thanks Lou, that’s great” I said taking then and grabbing a fork and sitting down next to him and digging into my food

“Hey, do you want to come to the movie night thing tomorrow at Liam’s house, Zayn’s going as well I think” I asked between mouthfuls of food

“Yeah, sure sounds like fun, who else is going to be there? Do you know” he asked me

“Umm I actually have no idea, but yeah it should be fun” I replied to him

“we need to be there at 6:30pm so make sure you go and get something for us to take with us like pop corn or something” I instruct him

“But anyway I’m going to bed now I’m tired” I said getting up from the bench

“good night Lou” I say

“Goodnight Hazza” he replies

I Turn and walk up to my room and walk in immediately taking off all of my clothes and dropping them on the floor. I walk into my bathroom and quickly brush my teeth and then walk to my bed and get in.

As soon as I close my eyes pictures of sapphire flood my mind, her beautiful eyes and soft sweet lips. I remember the feeling of those lips pressing to mine and then to my neck making me shiver.

Slowly I drift off into a peaceful sleep with pictures of sapphire floating around in my mind.



Sapphires POV


I wake up to the sound of my alarm beeping at me so I will wake up.

I roll over to turn it off and look at the time, 11:30 later than I thought, but who cares.

I slowly drag my self out of bead and trudge down to the kitchen.

I look around and notice a note that dad has left for me


“Hi sapphire,

I got a call from work early this morning to say that they need me to work all weekend out of town. I’m sorry I have to leave you and that I didn’t say good bye.

I’ve left some money on the bench, and I would prefer it if you stayed with Troian this weekend.

Lots of love dad




I put the note down on the bench, I don’t bother calling Troian to tell her because she is used to me just staying the weekend when ever. I decide to make some breakfast since I can hear my stomach growling, I look around at what we have in the fridge and pantry and decide to make a toasted sandwich with ham and cheese.

When I’m done eating I walk into the living room and turn on the T.V.

I flop down onto the couch and flip through the channels eventually deciding to watch a replay of last night’s soccer game.

Without noticing I drifted off to sleep.

My mind is filled with thoughts and images of harry.

Suddenly I’m ripped from my sleep by the sound of my phone beeping, telling me that I’ve got 30 minuets to get ready and be at troian’s house

“Shit” I say to myself as I get up off of the couch and walk up towards my bedroom and bathroom. Where the hell did that time go it’s already 5:30.

When I walked into my bathroom I turned on my hair straightener and brushed out my hair. After 15 minuets I’m done, and I gather all my hair on the top of my head in a messy ponytail.

Then I get started on my make up. First I apply moisturizer, and then a light layer of covergirl buff beige colour powder foundation to my face hiding any redness or imperfections, then I use a powder eye liner and brush to give a soft line along the bottom of my eye, lastly I apply mascara and lip gloss.

I look at the time, 10 minuets to get changed and get to Troian’s house.

 I run into my room and change in to the black skirt and orange top, I grab my bag with my overnight stuff including my onesie and head for the door grabbing my keys and locking the door on my way out.


As I walk towards Troian’s house I text her to say I’m on my way, she replies saying “ok”

After a 10 minuet walk, making me late I arrive at troian’s house. I don’t bother knocking on the door I just walk in heading straight for her room. When I get to her room again I don’t bother knocking I just walk in

“hey troian” I greet her as I drop my bag on the floor and sit down on her bed

“Hey sappy, wanna help me choose some movies for tonight, hopefully we will get some choice in what we watch” she asks me looking through her DVD collection

“Sure, well we have to have “The Devil Wears Prada” and probably some Disney movies” I say listing some of our favorites

“yeah, that’s good we’ll start with those we can always come and get more. Now come help me get the snacks ready coz in half an hour there is going to be like four 22 year old guys here and they’ll want food.” She tells me grabbing my hand and dragging me down the stairs to the kitchen

When we get to the kitchen I go straight to the fridge door and grab the pizza menu

“I’m going to call for pizza for all of us, what do you think they’ll want” I ask Troian who is looking through the cupboards for chips and soft drinks ect.

“Um just get the basics, Hawaiian, meat lovers, Mexican and vegetarian and also order 3 bottles of coke and 2 of sprite” she instructed me

“Ok” I say as I dial the number for the pizza place

After I’m done placing the order we go into the lounge with the chips and cans of coke that we already had and put in “The Devil Wears Prada” and sit down


After about 15 minuets we hear the door bell , and we go to answer it, thinking it’s the pizza. We pull open the door to see 3 guy’s one of which is Harry

“umm hi” I say kinda awkwardly

“come in” I continue

“LIAM!” Troian yells to her brother who was up stairs

“YOUR FRIENDS ARE HERE” she yells to him

“Ok, Ok, I’m coming” he calls back

So, why are you to doing here?” Harry questions obviously confused and unaware that Liam and Troian are brother and sister

“oh, Liam’s Troian’s brother” I answer Harry like it’s the most obvious thing in the world

“Come on you to come and help us move the couches so we can fit three in here” Troian instructs us.

We all push two couches to the front and then lift the third to the back of the room behind the others.

By the time we had done that Liam had come down from his room and was stand in at the door

“So has anyone done the introductions yet, because I’m guessing that you two girls don’t know the guys” Liam says looking at Troian and I

“Nope” we both reply popping the p

“ok well, this is Harry” he said pointing to our curly haired math teacher

“but I’m guessing you knew that” he added

“this is Louis” he said pointing to the  guy with beautiful blue eyes and brown hair

He waved as Liam pointed to him

“Hi, nice to meet you” he said in a very distinctive Doncaster accent

“hi” we both said at the same time

“And this is Zayn” Liam said pointing to the last guy in the room. He looked a bit Middle Eastern, very sexy, with black hair styled into a quaff with amazing brown eyes

“hey” he said in a sexy Bradford accent that matched perfectly the way he looked

“hey” we both replied, I don’t think either of us cod have said anything else we were both speechless at the beauty of the guy’s we were surrounded by.


Tonight is going to be fun.


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