Addictive maths teacher *harry styles love story*~ permanent hiatus

When Sapphire first sets eyes on her year 9 math teacher she is instantly attracted. She knows it’s wrong but you can’t help it, there is something in his eyes. Desire. Can she ignore him and concentrate on her studies or will she be drawn to him like a moth to a flame


5. chapter 5

Troians’s POV


“I can’t believe that you actually got a detention for that water fight, and you were the only one” I told sapphire as we were walking towards Mr. Styles’ classroom for her detention.

“I know” she said

“But at least everyone didn’t get in to trouble and then blame me for it, I would rather do the punishment myself” she told me

“Yeah true, if everyone was blaming you it would be pretty bad” I agreed because everyone knows that everyone in your year hating you is worse than any punishment a teacher could give you.

We were getting close to his room and I though I noticed sappy tense up a little, but I might have just been imagining it.

“ok sappy, well good luck in detention, I’ll see you tomorrow” I told her and gave her a hug before walking in the opposite direction

“Bye” I called out as she disappeared into the room.


Sapphire’s POV


As I grabbed the door handle to Mr. Styles’ room I heard Troian call out to me saying bye.

I slowly turned the handle and opened the door, as I did I was hit by the cool air coming from the air con. I stepped in to the room and closed the door and walked towards the desk at the front of the room where Mr. Styles was sitting.

“Hi Mr. Styles” I greeted cheerfully hoping he wouldn’t make me do too much extra work.

“Hello sapphire” he returned

“good to see that you have dried off since I saw you last” he said In a joking voice but with a disappointed look in his eyes

“What am I going to have to do for this detention?” I ask as I take a seat on the table right in front of him and pulling my legs up so that they were crossed on the table. I leaned forwards and put my elbows on my knees while waiting for an answer

“Um, to start you can pick up all the papers on the floor sapphire” he instructed, he seemed a bit distracted, I was very happy about the effect that I am having on him, I mean I hope that’s what it is. I want to be the girl that he looks at with hunger and desire.

“Ok, but please don’t make me do any extra assignments or anything, that would ruin my good mood Mr. Styles” I say trying to flirt with him. I turn around and start picking up some papers that I can see on the ground. When I was finished picking up all the papers that I could see I turned around.

“Oh Mr. Styles you scared me” I said shocked to see him there

“Well I thought I should help you by picking up some papers, you know since you really didn’t disserve this detention” he explained to me

“Why did you give it to me then Mr. Styles?” I asked taking a small seductive step towards him, my heart was racing and I noticed my breathing quicken

“well” he said taking a very, very small step away

“I had to punish someone, and I’m guessing that you didn’t want to get blamed for the whole year level getting into trouble.” He said, although he sounded like he was trying to convince himself that was the reason more than me.

“Well then what am I going to do for the rest of the hour, since I’m not really in trouble?” I questioned him again taking a small step towards him. It’s like I’m not in control of my own body, I know this is wrong but I can’t help it. I’m just drawn to him for some reason.

“well you could tell me some more about yourself, other than the fact that you hate math.” He joked, breaking the moment between us and walking back to his desk.

“ok, well I live with my dad, who is very protective.” I told him walking back to the desk that I was sitting on before and sat in the same position as before.

“I also have one dog, a mini poodle called dobby, like in the Harry Potter movies.” I told him laughing slightly at the silly name for my dog

“Well that’s funny because I have a dog and sometimes he gets called dobby because he steals socks, you know because dobby was freed by being given a sock.” He told me and we both laughed at the coincidence.

“Ok well then, what else don’t I know about you then?” he questioned me

“um well you might of guessed that my best friends are Troian and Niall. Oh and I love to read.” I said proudly

“Well that is interesting, I love to read too.” He said moving to sit on the front of his desk, as he did I moved my legs so that they were hanging off the edge of the table, now our legs were touching. I wrapped my legs around his and then looked him in the eye.

“Sapphire, I don’t think that this is appropriate” his voice raspy and deeper than normal and his eyes at least three shades darker than before.

“Then why did you make me stay after school, we both know that it’s because it’s because you wanted to get to know me better, but the question is why” I said trying to sound seductive no longer caring what was wrong and right, all I cared about is that I want him and he obviously wants me, and I don’t just want him, I want to be with him.

“I’m sorry sapphire, I shouldn’t have made you stay, this is my fault…..” he apologized getting up and walking to the whiteboard

“ Don’t be sorry Mr. Styles” I said getting up and standing behind him, I put my hand on his shoulder. He turned around and looked me straight in the eye, his eyes wandered down to my lips and then slowly back to my eyes, he leaned in slightly and I followed his example. I looked at his lips and gently bit my lower lip. Our foreheads were touching and then he closed the gap between us gently pressing his soft lips to mine as if he thought I would break. He gently ran his tongue along my lower lip asking for entrance, which I gladly gave him, our lips moved perfectly in sink his tongue slowly exploring my mouth and mine his. We both pulled away needing air, I rested my head on his shoulder and breathed in deeply.

“That was perfect” I whispered softly

“I agree, perfect” he replied. He wrapped his arms around me and I inhaled his sweet musky scent

“But. You know no one can know about this, whatever this is” he told me

“I would loose my job and you would be expelled” he added

“ I don’t care about the risks, I just need to be with you, please” I begged him suddenly terrified that he would think that the risks were to high and that I wasn’t worth it

“Look sapphire, I know that we only just met and I don’t really know you and it is against all the rules but I really like you and I want to make this work”   he said in a caring tone. Still wrapped In his arms I looked up at him and kissed his neck gently.

“So do I, we will just have to take things slowly and see how things turn out, we will have to find a way to see each other so that no one suspects anything” I say

“Don’t worry about it we will find a way to make this work” he said lovingly as he kissed my head

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