Addictive maths teacher *harry styles love story*~ permanent hiatus

When Sapphire first sets eyes on her year 9 math teacher she is instantly attracted. She knows it’s wrong but you can’t help it, there is something in his eyes. Desire. Can she ignore him and concentrate on her studies or will she be drawn to him like a moth to a flame


4. chapter 4

Sapphire’s POV

“WATER FIGHT” Niall screamed as he ran across the oval with his drink bottle spraying anyone close to him.

“ Ahhh, Niall I’m soaked” Troian screamed chasing after him to try and get him back, with no success.

All of year nine and heaps of people from other year levels have turned up thanks to people spreading the word. Everyone was soaking but it is so much fun

“I’m surprised that the teachers haven’t gotten us in trouble yet maybe they don’t care because it’s hot.” I said to Troian who was now standing next to me again dripping wet

“ Yeah maybe, but we are going to be in so much trouble last two periods when we all turn up soaking wet.”

“yeah, so true. Who cares, its too late now let’s just enjoy it while we can.” I said to Troian

We both ran off to empty our drink bottles on everyone else who was there.

“Hey, Niall, Troian, I’m going to go and fill up my drink bottle, you wanna come with.”

“Yeah, sure sappy you go I’ll catch up in a second” Troian called, Niall didn’t bother to answer me he was to busy talking to his guy friends

“ok” I called back as I walked off towards to the taps


As I walk off the oval and turn the corner I don’t bother to look where I’m going and as I go around the second corner I bump into someone

“Oh, sorry.” I say as I look up to see who it is. It’s Mr. Styles

“Miss Rose, would you like to explain to me why you are so wet.” He questioned in his deep beautiful voice. I looked down trying to think of a good excuse that wouldn’t get everyone into trouble, and only then did I notice that I was wearing a white t-shirt with a black bra and that the shirt was completely see through.

“Well, um there was this bug on my shirt Mr. Styles, and my friend tried to get it off by tipping  some water on me and then yeah I got really wet.” I lied hoping that it was convincing but knowing that he probably wouldn’t believe me any way.

“Why is it that I find that story so hard to believe sapphire?” he questioned me

“Probably because you know that I’m lying.” I admit

“Please don’t tell the principal Mr. Styles I don’t want to get in to trouble this early in the year.” I plead hoping that he would be nice to me

“Well I’m going to have to punish you in some was sapphire, because of two reasons

Number one I know for a fact that you must have been having a water fight and that is against the school rules, and number two look at your shirt it is see through and I think that you are revealing too much to the boys of this school.” He spoke the last part quietly as if he didn’t want anyone to hear it.

Embarrassed I tried to cover my chest slightly, but really I didn’t mind him looking.

“I think that I will just have to give you an after school detention today after school, so you better call your parents and tell them that you will be about an hour late home tonight. I will see you in my room this afternoon” he finished. I noticed as he was speaking that his eyes had gone that dark colour again and I swear his voice was deeper than it normal is. It was like he was staring in to my soul with desire and in return it was making me want him more than ever

“Ok Mr. Styles I will go and call my dad now and I will go to your class room this   afternoon” I said obediently

“Good well I will see you then” he said, he almost sounded happy at the fact that I was in detention tonight. I walked off towards my locker to call my mum trying to resist looking back to sneak one last look at Mr. Styles


Once I got to my locker I pulled out my phone, I am still dripping wet and dial dad’s phone number after a short time he picked up

“hello? Sapphire?” he asked

“Yeah, hi dad um I’m going to be about an hour late home tonight”

“Why sapphire are you going out with Troian and Niall?” he questioned

“Um not exactly I actually have to stay after school and do a detention tonight.” I admitted

“Why, what did you do to disserve a detention, are you being treated unfairly by the teachers?” he asked me

“ No dad I started at water fight and I got caught, and now I have to do a detention, I’m not being treated unfairly I disserve the detention and I will be home when I’m done ok?”

I tell him not really caring what he says in reply

“Ok pumpkins just make sure you get home safe.” He tells me.

“yes dad, I will see you later bye.” I say as I hang up the phone.

I can’t believe how over protective he can be




As I walked away from sapphire after giving her an after school detention tonight, I can’t get rid of an excited feeling, I know it’s wrong because she’s my student and she is also under age, but I really don’t care at the moment all I want is to have some time alone with her to get to know her better. I think that I should call Lou and tell him that I’m going to be late home tonight so he can do something for dinner.

When I get to my office I sit down in front of my desk and pick up my phone and type in Lou’s number and then press call

“Hey Haz what’s up” he answers sounding cheerful

“Not much Lou, but I’m going to be late home tonight so you might want to sort something out for dinner tonight” I tell him

“oh ok that’s fine, why are you going to be late?” he asked me

“Um I’ve given a student a detention so I have to stay and supervise” I tell him

“Why what did they do this time?” he asked

“oh she started a water fight and was then walking around with a see through top on and I though that that was inappropriate” I said

“Well then that seems fair enough, I will see you when you get home then. Bye”

“Bye Lou” I say and hang up the phone

Why am I looking forward to the detention so much? She is just my student and nothing is going to happen. Just a student. Who am I kidding she is more than just a student to me I really like her and I hardly know her imagine what I’m going to be like after I have spent an hour alone in a room with her I’m going to be lucky not to head over heals in love with her by then. I can’t believe she is having such an effect on me I’m a grown man and she is a 15 year old girl who has probably never been in a serious relationship in her life. 

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