Addictive maths teacher *harry styles love story*~ permanent hiatus

When Sapphire first sets eyes on her year 9 math teacher she is instantly attracted. She knows it’s wrong but you can’t help it, there is something in his eyes. Desire. Can she ignore him and concentrate on her studies or will she be drawn to him like a moth to a flame


3. chapter 3

Troian’s POV


“What was going on with you in math class yesterday sappy, you were acting all weird” I asked sappy as we walked along the virtually empty hallways of our school.

“ Nothing I told you, I was just distracted that’s all, nothing to worry about” she answered, sounding like she wanted to avoid the topic.


“ok then, well do you like Mr. Styles then sappy?” I asked wondering if the math teacher is what she was hoping for in a teacher.


“ what, no that’s gross, I bet he is like 20 or something and probably has a girlfriend anyway.” She replied sounding flustered

“How could you tell that I like him?” she asked me

“Um, number 1 I meant do you think that he is a good teacher, and number 2 YOU LIKE OUR TEACHER?” I whisper shouted at her, I’ve got to admit that Mr. Styles is pretty cute, but he is still our teacher.


“Oh my god, you didn’t guess and I just told you, stupid, stupid me, this is so embarrassing.” She gushed

“Ok, ok clam down I would have found out eventually anyway, and I think that he is kinda cute as well you know.” I admitted knowing that if my brother found out that I was interested in older guys he would probably ground me for life.

“you do? that makes me feel not so bad then.” She told me

“But you just wait until I tell liam that you are in to older guys, you are going to be eternally grounded” She teased, I knew that she would never tell him anything.

“you know sappy, Li probably knows Mr. Styles since he teaches here too.” I reminded her.

“your right, I wonder if they are friends, we should as… without being creepy or anything.” She suggested

“yeah” I agreed “ you never know he might have a hot friend as well” I joke  

“you realize how bad this sounds right, we’re talking about how attractive we find our teacher and if he has any hot friends.” She said

“Well actually sappy, you’re the one who likes our teacher all I said was that he is kinda cute.” I told her

“Oh shut up Troian” she answered knowing that I was right.

When we finally got to our lockers and got out our books for period 1&2 which happened to be double math we started walking to homeroom.


Sapphires POV


As we were walking past the year 7 locker area, which was virtually empty I saw him,   Mr. Styles was walking in the opposite direction as us. I looked at him and smiled, being polite and noticed that he was looking at me. Embarrassed I looked down again and kept walking. When I thought that he would no longer be looking, I looked back up at him only to find that he was still staring at me, when I looked closer his eyes had gone very dark and he had that look in his eye again. Desire.

We got to class just as the bell went and took our usual seats at the back of the class next my other best friend Niall

“Hey sappy, hi Troian” he greeted us as we sat down

“Hey Niall” we both replied

“I was thinking since it is going to be so hot today, what do you think about starting a water fight with the whole of year nine? Sound good” Niall asked in a hopeful voice

“Sounds like fun were in” I replied for both me and Troian

“I will pass a note around in math and tell everyone” I whispered as the teacher yelled at the class to be quiet

The rest of homeroom went as usual, the teacher got angry at as, and then marked the roll and then let us leave.


As we got closer to the math room I started to get nervous, I’ve got no idea why, maybe I was just anxious to see his gorgeous face again, after that intense moment we shared earlier. Once we got to the room I calmed down and sat at the back and started to write the note to pass around the class. Just as I was folding up the piece of paper telling people to meet on the oval at lunch, Mr. Styles started to speak

“Good morning class, Today I am going to give you an option of what we are going to do in the lesson.”

There was a flurry of whispers that followed his comment  

“The first option is that we can continue to write notes and do some theory, or the second option is that you can do a practical activity on the laptops.”

Troian and I looked at each other knowing that everyone would choose working on the laptops. I passed the note that I had finished writing to Troian and she passed it along.

“So class raise your hands if you want to do book work” Mr. Styles instructed , awkward for him, but not surprising not one person raised there hand

 “Ok then I take it that you all want to work on the computers, well then you all beter go and get one each from the trolley. You can talk while your working and feel free to ask me if you have any questions.” He told us as he walked back to his desk at the front of the room.


Just as we were sitting down someone placed the note that we had passed around back on my desk and everyone had ticked the paper showing that they would be there at lunch. As I was logging into my computer I turned to Troian and Niall who were sitting on either side of me

“how old do you guys think Mr. Styles is?” I asked them both

“I’m not sure sappy what do you think?” Troian asked me

“I think he would be about 21” I answered

“Yeah I think your right, he looks about 21” Niall agreed

“I think he’s 23 but what ever.” Troian added

“Mr. Styles” one of the girls also sitting in the back row of the class said. He walked over to the back row and I noticed that as he did he looked in my direction making me blush

“ Yes Darcy, how can I help you?” He asked, oh god he is such a gentleman

“Um we were wondering how old you are” She said and then turning to her friends and giggling

“Well how old do you all think I am” he asked

“Oh god everyone get out your calculators it’s going to be some type of math’s thing to figure it out” I joke  Troian and Niall laugh, Mr. Styles look at me with his big georgous eyes

“Not quite Sapphire” He says

“Go on then, how old do you all think I am he said

Troian starts “Um 23 I think”

“I think your 21” I say




“24” the rest of the girls in the back row add

“Well, actually Sapphire and Troian are the closest, I am 22”

“Still young enough to have sex with” Darcy said under her breath

“WHAT?” Troian and I both said at the same time rather loudly snapping our heads around to look at her

“What? All I said was that my computer is logging into the web site” she explained

“That’s not what it sounded like” I said laughing uncontrollably

“Yes, that’s what I thought, it sounded quite inappropriate actually” Mr. Styles said looking at her in shock  

“There is no need to repeat what you think she said Sapphire, I think we can both forget what we thought we heard, and move on.” He told me

“Y-yes M-mr. Styles I stuttered because I was still laughing.

Hmmm only 22 that’s not too much older I suppose, that’s if he liked me too.

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