Addictive maths teacher *harry styles love story*~ permanent hiatus

When Sapphire first sets eyes on her year 9 math teacher she is instantly attracted. She knows it’s wrong but you can’t help it, there is something in his eyes. Desire. Can she ignore him and concentrate on her studies or will she be drawn to him like a moth to a flame


12. chapter 12

Saphires POV


It had been a week since my kiss with Harry and we had been texting almost non-stop ever since. Math’s class was interesting since we couldn’t make it obvious that we knew each other outside of school, so I normally just sat in the back and stayed quiet.


Since it is Friday Niall Troian and I decided to walk to my place after school. When the final bell of the day rang everyone made their way out of the classrooms. I headed for the teachers car park at the back of the school to wait for niall and Troian, we always met up here because we had to walk this way to get to my house.

Finally after what seemed like forever I saw them both walking towards me

“where have you two been?” I yelled across the car park with a pathetic attempt at an angry face

“Sorry, we got stopped to talk to Liam for a minuet, to tell him that I was going to be at your house tonight, and then he told us that he was going to Harry’s anyway” Troian explained to me

“ok then you both forgiven for making me wait here all alone” I said as we walked towards the back gate.



“So what are we going to do tonight” I asked the both of them as we walked along the unusually empty streets towards my house

“I have no idea, what about the usual movies and pizza” Troian suggested

“Sounds good to me” I agreed

“Wait a minuet, remember Liam said that they were all going to be at Harry’s house tonight yeah?” Niall said addressing Troian and I

“Yeah” we both replied in unison confusion plastered across our faces

“Well how about we crash their house, we could get all dressed up and take water pistols and scare them all” Niall suggested in his own little world planning the great attack already  

“Yeah that’s a fantastic idea, they will probably be watching another one of their scary movies that they love so much and they will never expect it.” I said looking at Troian and Niall with a devilish sparkle in my eye.


We spent the rest of the walk home planning how we were going to scare them. We didn’t need to organize transport since Harry’s house is only about a 10 minute walk away.

As soon as we arrived at my house, we rushed inside to start rummaging through the house looking for old Halloween costumes that we could wear Troian settled on a sexy Alice in wonderland  costume and I chose a sexy Mad hatter costume. After Niall decided to go as a ghost, we all went to get ready. After fixing our hair and make up to make us look as good as we possibly could for the men who were going to be in the room we went to gather our weapons including 3 massive water guns and 6 cans of silly string we were ready to go.

top is Troian and bottom is Sappy both obviously with brown hair







ok so i am seriously sorry for how long this has taken but school is crazy at the moment and i get the feeling it might stay that way for a while so i will do my best  i hope you will all keep reading thanks and love you all

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