Addictive maths teacher *harry styles love story*~ permanent hiatus

When Sapphire first sets eyes on her year 9 math teacher she is instantly attracted. She knows it’s wrong but you can’t help it, there is something in his eyes. Desire. Can she ignore him and concentrate on her studies or will she be drawn to him like a moth to a flame


11. chapter 11

Sapphires POV


“Ok you ready” Harry asked after we had taken a few steps inside the clubhouse.

“Yes, let me see” I replied wanting to see what was so special that he needed to blindfold me. Slowly he lifted the blind fold from my eyes; I blinked for a few seconds before my eyes adjusted to the dim lighting. I looked around the room that was being lit by small candles.

“What’s this about” I asked confused looking up at Harry. 

“Well, you know how we kissed in the detention, well I feel like we didn’t really know each other at all then and it wasn’t a proper first kiss and didn’t count” he told me looking into my eyes the whole time.

“So I wanted to make the real one really special for you, even though I know that you would have kissed other guys before so it won’t be your first kiss” he said sweetly, he placed his hand on my cheek and gently traced my lips with his thumb. He leant down slightly as his eyes flicked from my eyes to my lips and back to my eyes.

“I wanted it to be perfect” he whispered his lips brushing against mine as he spoke.

Gently he placed his soft lips to mine moving them slowly, as I started to move my lips in sync with his; he ran his tongue along my bottom lip asking for entrance which I gladly gave him. His hands moved to the back of my head, his fingers intertwining with my hair that was now falling out of its braid, while my hands were placed at the back of his neck in an attempt at pulling him closer to me. Our tongues explored each other’s mouths while fighting for dominance, which he eventually won.


Finally, we both pulled away needing air, I rested my head on his chest and wrapped my arms around his waist, and he placed his arms around my shoulders and his chin on the top of my head.

“That really was perfect” I told him looking up at his lit up face, smiling

“And you actually were the first” I admitted slightly embarrassed at my lack of experience.

“What, you mean you’ve never been kissed?” he asked in a soft voice sounding genuinely surprised, pulling me into a closer hug.

“Nope that was my first proper kiss, since our other first kiss didn’t count” I said pulling away slightly to look up at his glowing face, the face of an angel.

“Well then I’m glad that it was perfect” he said as he stroked my cheek with the tops of his fingers.

He pulled me in for another tight hug and he pressed my body to his I breathed in his scent.

“I think we should get back to the others now, they might start getting suspicious” I suggested after a minuet.

“Yeah you’re right, you wanna help blow out the candles?” he asked giving me puppy dog eyes.

“Of course” I replied walking over to the back of the room and started blowing out the candles.


Once all of the candles were out Harry grabbed my hand and we walked to the door and then locked it once we were out the door. As we started back towards the gate that Harry had locked behind us on the way in he grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers again, rubbing small circles on the top of my hand with his thumb. Once we were through the gate he locked it again.

 “How did you get this place to yourself anyway?” I asked looking up at Harry as we were walking back towards where we left the others playing soccer.

“Well, I’m actually a trainer here on the weekends, so I have a key and also a roster of when people are using it” he told me which only intrigued me more.

“That’s cool, what type of classes do you teach?” I asked hoping it wasn’t going to be those middle aged women who were only there because they have a ton of money and too much time on their hands.

“Actually I teach the net nippers class” he replied confusing me.

“What are net nippers?” I questioned as we neared the big hedge that we had to walk back through. Harry lent down and gave me a quick peck on the lips before letting go of my hand and moving a bit further away from me so the others wouldn’t think anything was going on.

“The net nippers are the little kids, like between 5 & 7 years old” he told me.

“Awwww that is so cute, I wanna come meet them, it sounds so cute” I replied as we came up to the big tree that we were all sitting under before.

“Maybe you could come and help out next weekend; you could bring Troian with you if you wanted” he offered.

“That sounds great, I’ll text you when I know if we can make it” I said as the other all came running towards us off the soccer field. 

“Hey guys where have you been, we were starting to get worried” Louis greeted.

“You had no need to worry, we just went for a walk through the park to have a look around” Harry replied taking a couple of steeps towards the mats and sitting down, and everyone else followed sitting in the same places as before.

“Who won the game?” I asked not directed at anyone in particular

“My team did, we won because we are the best in the world” Troian announced proudly like a child that had just won a board game, throwing an arm around Louis shoulders and patting Liam on the head.



After about an hour of idle chatter it was completely dark, the only light coming from the flickering fairy lights that hung above our heads giving off a soft glow. Troian was almost asleep with her head on Louis lap as he was running his fingers through her hair. They would make such a cute couple. Liam, Niall and Zayn were all standing in a circle kicking the ball to each other and arguing about which soccer teams were better and who was going to win next weeks match, but I couldn’t be bothered listening to any details.

Harry and I were sitting on opposite sides of the rugs, he was leaning against the big tree and I was lying on my stomach with my phone in hand. I noticed that Harry also had his phone out. I decided to send him a text

“Haz, tonight really was magical it was so much fun, thank you for making my ‘first kiss’ with you so special, this will be a night that I’ll never forget XOXO sap”

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