Addictive maths teacher *harry styles love story*~ permanent hiatus

When Sapphire first sets eyes on her year 9 math teacher she is instantly attracted. She knows it’s wrong but you can’t help it, there is something in his eyes. Desire. Can she ignore him and concentrate on her studies or will she be drawn to him like a moth to a flame


10. chapter 10

Sapphires POV


Troian and I were getting ready in her bed room for the picnic, we had told Liam when he came home this afternoon that we’re all going on a picnic tonight and he seemed happy to spend more time with his friends since he works all the time and hardly gets to see them even on the weekends.

We had both decided that even though it’s still summer that it was a bit cool this afternoon so we both put on skinny jeans, mine where light acid washed blue and hers were black. Since I was staying at Troian’s house and I wasn’t planning on seeing the same people twice I had to borrow one of her shirts. I picked out a slightly flowing, dark blue tank top with white marbling through it, and Troian picked a gray T-shirt with purple stitching and mini mouse on the front. Once we we’re both dressed we walked down the hall way to the bathroom and pulled out our make up we both decided to have winged black eye liner on our top eye lids, and then I put a light amount of silver eye shadow above the straight black line. When I turned to look at Troian, who was using the other mirror she had applied a small dot of white in the inside corner of both of her eyes and then a light shade of grey to the rest of her lids. We had both applied mascara to our top and bottom lashes. Finally we both did our hair, mine in a fish tail braid to the right side and then I did a waterfall braid around Troian’s head.


Just as I Finished securing the braid with some bobby pins the door bell rang. We both ran down the hall racing each other to the door, as we were running down the stairs I tripped and fell down the last 3 stairs

“SHIT” I Yelled

“What the hell did you do” Troian asked turning around as she pulled open the door and looked at me at the same time

“Oh hey Niall how are you” she greeted Niall who was now just inside the door

“Oh, don’t mind me, I’m just the one who you know fell down the stairs and hit my head” I said sarcastically, gingerly lifting a hand to my forehead

“Ouch” I whimpered quickly removing my hand

“That was a bit bloody stupid wasn’t it?” Niall said to me as he reached down and grabbed my hand and helped me stand up

“Well it’s not like I meant to do it” I replied feeling slightly stupid

“Yeah well, it doesn’t matter if you meant it or not your still going to get a bruise there before tonight, that’s going to be a good look” Troian said as we all walked the short distance into her kitchen

“Yeah true, but hopefully nobody will notice” I reply

“Here you go” Troian said as she gave us a can of coke

“Thanks” I said pressing the cool can to my head hoping to stop it swelling

Niall and Troian both opened their can and had mouthful of their drink, while I was still holding mine to my now throbbing head

“So who are all these friends of Liam’s that are going to be there tonight?” Niall asked taking another gulp of his coke

“Umm well there is Zayn, I think he is studying English Literature at university and Louis, who I think is a drama teacher at another local high school” Troian informed Niall

“They are both 22 same as Liam” she added

“And then there is also Harry, who just happens to be our math’s teacher” she said finally

“W-What?” Niall coughed and spat out some of his coke

“We are hanging out with one of our teachers?” he questioned not believing us

“Calm down Niall, he’s actually pretty nice, not what you would expect a teacher to be like.” I reassured finally opening my drink and taking a sip

He looked unconvinced but stayed quiet

“Oh my god, look at the time” Troian almost yelled pointing at the clock

“Liam, hurry up and get your but down here now, its already 6:45 and we are meant to have left 15 minuets ago” Troian bellowed up the stairs

“I’m coming meet me outside at the car and I’ll lock up” Liam called back as he ran around trying to find his keys and phone

 “Ok, well we’ve got the chips and drinks so you don’t need to grab anything” she instructed him as she was handing both of us two big bottles of coke and lemonade each and grabbing about 6 packets of chips herself

“Umm Troian do we really need this much food for a picnic?” I asked while trying to concentrate on not falling over the door step as we walked out to the car

“Did you see how much pizza they all ate the other night there was none left from that massive order, and we’ve got Niall with us tonight as well and everyone knows that he can eat his weight in food” She replied opening up the boot of Liam’s car for us to put all of the drinks in, which he apparently left unlocked in the drive way.

“I call shotgun” Niall screamed as he ran to the front of the car and pulled open the door on the black Range Rover and jumped into the front seat  

Just as Niall disappeared into the car Liam walked out the front door locking it behind him.

“Ok ready to go, are you two going to get in?” he asked looking at Troian and I who were still standing at the boot of the car.

“Yeah, we’re coming.” Troian said reaching for the door of the boot and slamming it shut and walking around to the driver’s side so I went to the passengers side and we both hopped into the back seat.


The short 15 minuet drive was quiet and uneventful, Liam was talking to Niall about this weeks Soccer match, while Troian and I where both on Facebook on our phones.

When we arrived at the park we all jumped out of the car and went to the boot to grab our share of the food and drinks that we had brought, when our arms where full we set out trying to find the others. We soon found that they had picked a spot right next to the soccer field and under a tree.

“Great” Niall exclaimed, obviously approving of the close proximity of the soccer field

As we got close we saw that they had set out three big rugs for us all to sit on

“Hey guys” Liam called out to his three friends

“Hi Liam” they all chorused

I couldn’t take my eyes off Harry, he looked even More attractive than usual wearing black skinny jeans and a fitted white T-shirt

“Hi Sapphire” Harry said walking towards Troian and I 

“Hey Troian” he added

“Let me take those thing for you girls” he insisted grabbing all of the food and drinks from Troian’s arms and then from mine, his hands lingering on mine while keeping intense eye contact.

When we got over to the blankets I noticed that the other boys had made a variety of different sandwiches and some fruit salad. It was only as I sat down leaning against the big old tree that I noticed that they had hung up a whole lot of small fairy lights that you could faintly see glowing because of the sun starting to set in the distance.


Once everyone was sitting down we began munching on the sandwiches that where actually really delicious, and it didn’t take long for them all to be finished.

“Well I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m ready for a game of soccer” Niall said stretching his arms above his head

“Yeah that sounds like fun” Zayn said standing up and brushing crumbs off his pants

One by one all of the boys except Harry stood up ready to play

“Come on love, you can be goal keeper with me” Louis said to Troian reaching for her hand and helping her stand up

“You going to play” Troian asked looking down at me from her standing position

“Nah, I don’t really feel like it today, but you go I’ll watch from here” I replied not wanting to make a fool of my self in front of all of Liam’s friends

“Do you want me to stay with you?” she asked not wanting to leave me alone

“Don’t worry about it Troian, I’ll stay with her, I’ve hurt my ankle any way” Harry interjected

“ok then, just call out if you want me to come back” she said looking at me to signal that I was ok staying alone with Harry. I gave her a small nod, and she turned and walked off with Louis, not able to wipe the smile off her face.

“How do you feel about going for a walk” Harry asked taking my hand and intertwining our fingers and then pressing the back of my hand to his lips sending shivers down my spine

“Y-Yeah sounds good” I say stuttering slightly.

He chuckled lightly and pulled me to my feet and grabbed his black jacket and putting it on.


We walked back towards the way we came and through a tall hedge that surrounded the multiple playing fields blocking them from view from the rest of the park. Once we where out of view of the others Harry reached for my hand and again intertwined our fingers

“I’ve been waiting all afternoon to spend time alone with you” he admitted squeezing my hand slightly

“Really? Your not just saying that” I asked still not fully comprehending that a beautiful creature like Harry wants to spend time with me.

“Really” he said letting go of my hand and wrapping his arm around my shoulders pulling me closer into his side, placing a small kiss on the top of my head

“come on, I want to show you something” he said looking excited and childlike, grabbing my wrist and dragging me behind him as he jogged along the path until we reached a gate that lead into a tennis club

“You better not be making me play tennis” I warned him in my attempt at a serious voice as he fished around in his pocket for the key to let us in.

When he found the key he opened the old squeaky gate enough for both of us to get through and then closed it behind us and locked it.

“Nope, we’re not playing tennis” he assured me reaching down to hold my hand again

“What are we doing then?” I asked

“Your just going to have to wait and see” he answered coming to a stop outside the club house. He turned me around so I was facing away from the building and pulled a blindfold over my eyes

“What are you doing?” I asked

“Just wait, it’s going to be a surprise” he said taking my hand again and pulling me back in the direction of the building. I heard him opening the door

“Watch you steep here” he warned me as I steeped into the building carefully


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