Addictive maths teacher *harry styles love story*~ permanent hiatus

When Sapphire first sets eyes on her year 9 math teacher she is instantly attracted. She knows it’s wrong but you can’t help it, there is something in his eyes. Desire. Can she ignore him and concentrate on her studies or will she be drawn to him like a moth to a flame


1. chapter 1

Sapphire’s POV


“Do you think that this Mr. Styles guy is going to be any good Troian?” I asked as we walled down the hallway from homeroom to our first period class, math. I just don’t get it, I was good at it until they decided to put the alphabet into it.


“ Honestly Sappy I have no idea who this teacher is, I think I might have seen him around like once,” she replied


“ I hope he is good.” I tell her


“ I know that I hate math but I really need to get all good grades this year” I say to her quietly as we walk into the class room.


“Who knows, he might even make math interesting sappy.” She said in a sarcastic whisper as we took our seats. I laughed under my breath as I got my books out while waiting for the mysterious Mr. Styles. Then I saw him, he hurried through the class room door wearing a fitted suit that showed off his amazing body, looking slightly confused and relieved at the same time.


“Sorry I’m late class I got slightly lost on my way to the class room.” He apologized in a very deep Cheshire accent. I try to hide my attraction from Troian, because let’s face it how embarrassing would it be if people thought that I was attracted to my math teacher.


“ Ok well since I’m here now, I think that I should probably mark the roll, when I get to your name could you please raise your hand and say something interesting about yourself, so I can get to know you all a bit quicker.” He instructed in his deep voice.


As my last name is rose I’m quite a way down the list, and so I decide to occupy my self by listening to Mr. Styles’s beautiful voice, lulling me into a day dream, I am so caught up in my own thoughts that I only come back to reality when he is calling out Troian’s name, she raises her hand slightly and he looks in our direction


“ Here Mr. Styles.” She says with confidence as though she is immune to his good looks “ and one interesting thing about me is that I ride horses.” She stated as though it was the most obvious thing In the world.


“ Sapphire?” he calls, suddenly nervous I raise a slightly shaking hand


“ H-here Mr.Styles” I say, and then without thought I continue


“ And one interesting thing about me is that I hate Math.”, I can’t believe I just said that


“ Really Miss. Rose you hate math.” He said his eyes visibly getting darker, turning to what looked like desire


“well then It is going to be my personal mission to make sure that by then end of the year this is your favorite class.”  He moved his eyes away from me and back tpo his sheet of paper and continued to call out the remaining names.



Once he had finished he looked back up to the class and he began


“Well class since this is your first day of year nine and most of you don’t have all your books and stuff yet I’m going to loan you each a calculator for the week so that we can all get started on some work, once I hand you the calculator please get started on page one of the booklet that you should have received on the summer holidays.”


I mentally groaned and decided that my day dream about the amazingly attractive Mr. styles was much more interesting and so went back to doing that.

Just as I was completely zoning out I noticed that someone was standing infront of my desk, it took me a second to realize that it was Mr. styles


“ Sapphire are you ok?” he questioned sounding genuinely concerned

“ do you need to go and see the school nurse ?”


“Mmmmm” I almost moaned enchanted by his beautiful voice


“ um… no sorry im just ahh….. really tired,yeah I need some sleep sorry.” I appologised again I am feling very stupid right now.


“ well that’s  fine but would you mind if you chose someone else’s class to sleep in, remember I am trying to get you to love my class I can’t really do that if your asleep now can I?”


“ no, sorry Mr. styles it wont happen again sorry.” I apologized not wanting to disappoint the charming man that was my teacher


“ good, well then you should probably get on with your work now I will stop distracting you now.” He said as he walked away


“I wish you would stop distracting me” I whispered to me said as he walked away


“I wish you would stop distracting me” I whispered longingly to myself . Troian elbowed me in the ribs


“ow, that hurt” I whimpered loud enough that I earned an odd look from Mr.styles


“ sorry but I wanted to know what all that was about” Troian whispered so quietly that it was barely audible


“ I’ll tell you later” I whispered back at the same volume

How am I ever going to make it thorough this year alive I think to myself  







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