Writing Techniques & Tips

Writing techniques are one of the most important aspects for whatever you write. Used correctly, they can make the story more interesting , whether that by by using descriptive words, or adding in punctuation to add just the right effect. In this , I will demonstrate how to use those two aspects, and other various things, to make your story more appealing and interesting for the reader!


2. Tips-Capital letters

Capital letters are extremely important. They are used for many different things in any written piece.

These are:

 -Starts of sentences.

-Beginning of speech.

-Names of people and places.

-Titles and subtitles.

-To stress something important.

I will demonstrate these in context, by writing a paragraph without them. I will then explain each point, explaining why they are needed. Afterwards, the paragraph will be shown with capital letters.


the fire

one friday night, amy and her friend rebecca were sitting on the sofa watching 'tom daley-we all know why he's famous'. amy's mum was making pancakes, and they smelled delicious."mmm, those smell delicious' amy said. "not as delicious as toms abs, of course!" rebecca said. they laughed. they watched the tv for a while, but then they could smell something. "is that the oven i can smell?' amy asked. suddenly amys mum came in. "the house is on fire. run for it!". they all ran for it. a man came out of next doors house. it was no other than the fit guy next door. "do you want to borrow my phone?" he said. "please" amys mum said. he gave them the phone, and went back into his house. he saved the day. they were forever grateful to him.


Okay, so we have potential for a story, but immediately you can see it needs improving , this factor making the reader not want to read the story.


Starts of sentences

Capital letters should ALWAYS go at the start of a sentence. It helps mark the point between the end of one sentence, and the start of another, along with the full stop.


Beginning of speech.

The next words to put capital letters on are words at the start of someone speaking. Again, it helps mark something; this being the start of someone saying something.


Names of people and places

When you write your name, you write it with a capital letter, right? The same thing applies for any name in any story, whether it be a person or a title. On that note, our next point has an introduction.


Titles and subtitles.

Titles and subtitles are names, therefore they need to have a capital letter at the start.


To stress something important

If a character is shouting something, they are saying it loudly, which is the bigger version of normally speaking. When you write, putting capital letters in speech is the bigger version of standard letters, so this applies when a character is shouting. When you want to emphasise something, using capital letters are used to emphasise the author's (that's you!) voice, like you are shouting, so that also applies when emphasising something.



So now I have explained why capital letters are needed, lets have a look at the paragraph WITH capital letters:


The Fire

One Friday night, Amy and her friend Rebecca were sitting on the sofa watching 'Tom Daley-We All Know Why He's Really Famous'. Amy's mum was making pancakes, and they smelled delicious."Mmm, those smell delicious' Amy said. "Not as delicious as Tom's abs, of course!" Rebecca said. They laughed. They watched the tv for a while, but then they could smell something else. "Is that the oven I can smell?' Amy asked. Suddenly Amy's mum came in. "THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE. RUN FOR IT!". They all ran for it. A guy came out of the house next door. It was no other than THE FIT GUY FROM THE HOUSE NEXT DOOR. "Do you want to borrow my phone?" he said. "Please" Amy's mum said. He gave them his phone, and went back into his house. He saved the day. They were forever grateful to him.




That's better, isn't it? But of course, it's still Titles and subtitles. something. The words used are a bit bland, don't you think? Using different words meaning the same thing stops you repeating yourself, gives a better insight on the characters voice in replacement of 'said', and it improves the story. But that is for another time.

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